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Edition #33 : April 18 to April 24

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week


We know that you can’t stay away from us so here We are Welcoming you back…. Amigos!!! HELLO!! YAY!! We know that you are very eager to know about this week’s updates. We promise you that you will be satisfied after knowing this week’s highlights. This week with some mind-blowing updates of NEAR NFT week that we like to share with our beloved followers, this month has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (33.1)

Naturally, you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem at some point.

So, buckle up and get ready for our marketplace edition of NEAR NFT week update.

This week on #NEARNFT space we have covered the highlight news from marketplaces like-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo

This week Mintbase went through amazing Twitter Spaces and also Mintbase explain its new features.

Learn how DAOS on NEARProtocol deploy and manage smart contracts & mint and trade NFTS with Mintbase

How can DAOS leverage Mintbase’s toolkit?

Mintbase Announcing $7.5M Series A + Up to $5M NEARProtocol Grants Program

Scaling NFTS adoption: Alex Shkor and Nate Geier from the Mintbase

paras team came up with some new chapters and recaps of the last few weeks and an amazing announcement .

World Creativity and Innovation Day this year’s theme is Collaboration. Write any artists’ names inside or outside Paras that you secretly want to collaborate with.

Paras’ team records the total volume of $822,313. Our artists minted 7,561 cards while our users conducted 7,561 transactions

A new chapter in Paras comic

Back with our GIVEAWAY! Today we have Meta Foxonry 5 WL spots + 5 NEAR for 5 lucky winners!


This week Naksh talked about their artists and announced their next Naksh special guest.

Artist: Archana Gokhale Lord Krishna playing his flute amidst the beautiful gardens of Vrindavan, spreading love and joy through his soulful music.

Naksh’s special guest is Abhrodeep abhroernesto

His passion for painting shines through like a diamond

Artist: Shivaprasad KT This artwork is part of a series. The artist has expressed various incidents from his childhood, which he spent in a village in Mangalore, and his experiences as an adult who lives in a city.

Endemic introduced its new mascot!! And announced the winner of the Endemic Mascot contest and also announced the guest of Endemic next AMA.

Endemic NFT -: “Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.”

Promote your #NFTartwork before it’s released

Spreading the word and creating hype so other artists and NFTcollectors can get involved is crucial.

The most important part is to keep your audience updated with what’s going on.

A conversation about NFTs: Leslie Spurlock

Leslie Spurlock is a huge inspiration to the whole NFT community and our last week’s AMA was proof of that!

Endemic collect smart art

This week nativo also has shared their thanks to nativers who participated in their contests and joined their community and they are going to announce the winner of nativo spaces. And they also announced the date for their next workshops. 

Enter our next NFT Workshop in conjunction with NearNft this Thursday, April 21st and find out

Nativo Thursday NFT Workshop highlights

Community Edition (33.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week as we cover updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Muti, NEARNuts

NXM Music clinic was arranged at discord on April 21st

C1 Blake Harden Mik Seminar

C1 Foundation discord Discussion

Check out this beat making session with ELKHUSHOFFICIAL Love seeing artists at work

Marma J DAO Weekly Call – Join Marma J every Sunday at 12 PM EST on our weekly calls! They will be discussing our proposals, bounties, answering questions, and more.

Proposals Bounties Answering Questions Providing Updates

Want to earn rewards in $REF, $PXT, and $marmaj? Stake your $marmaj a $stNEAR on finance_ref

On April 21 at 8pm GMT Charlie Mancini will delighted Collective Muti in the metaverse! Join us for a concert straight out of the Alentejo in Portugal in our NEARHub_online space!

Happy Friday everyone! open call for artists: We are looking for artists who want to do a stream in our metaverse next Thursday.

Original content (no DJs atm) | 45-60min | open to all art forms | 100 USD in DAI

Congratulations Near Nauts on 15k Followers on Twitter

NEARNauts are the second NFT project in NEAR history to achieve this milestone of 100k@ volume

NEARNauts have entered into a staking partnership with Terraspaces

Terrascapes is a full-suite staking for utility service that introduces NFT analytical dashboard gated via staking.

NFT Collection, Artist & Giveaway Edition(33.3) 

This week in 33.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaways. Followings are amazing collection made by users –

MG #93

A collection of 100 Mad Guerrillas, only in NEAR PROTOCOL network’s blockchain. Each guerrilla has unique characteristics. One of the collections of different styles, here in NEAR PROTOCOL network’s blockchain.

NFA #0110

It is an abstract image that each piece is different. Unable to repeat or can be substituted. And but different people value work and value work is not the same, depending on their own experience. These abstract images are remnants of the memories of the possessor and will not be lost from the digital system.


This is the story of 4 bears who enjoy dressing up: POLAR, GRIZZLY, PANDA, and YELLOW. So they ran away from the forest in order to realize their dream of creating their own brand, the “BIGBEAR101 BRAND.”

KOBY #0167

KOBY IS A MARTIAN CAT WHO CAME FROM THE PLANET MARS. A Collection of UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND handcrafted collectables that only exist NEAR PROTOCOL BLOCKCHAIN. Each card of Koby has unique and distinctive features.

Rider Bird Faizu

Rider Bird Club is a collection of unique Rider Bird Club NFTS unique digital collectables living on Paras. You can own as many cool characters as you like and build a strong community like no other. This project is for people who like Kamen Rider.

NERD FOX #0012 

The Nerd Fox Club is a collection of various nerd-looking foxes with its own unique fashion statement residing only in the NEAR protocol blockchain. NFC represents all the youth organizations that are aiming for environmental preservation and awareness. 20% of the collection revenue will be going to the selected environmental youth organization.

Classy Kangaroo #108

550 Classy Kangaroos receive 4% of all NEAR flipped on Kangaroo Coin Flip.

TBG #0015

The Bearded Guys is a one-of-a-kind collection of over 1000 unique bearded characters, manually created with different designs, details, accessories, themes and many more! This collection can only be found in Paras and NEAR Protocol Blockchain, so grab and collect them now before it’s too late!


Another Style of Enjel !!! We would like to present another style of our ENJEL. Enjel in this collection is designed for a Profile Picture.


A unique collection of “CRYPTO COW” with different characteristics and different concepts. The digital collections are hand-drawn to assure the highest quality.

Activities on #NEARNFT (33.4)

In this edition 33.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance you will love their work all are so eye catching and mind blowing  :

JPT #9

JPT #9 minted by guaschingmachines.near

Just Pixel Things 2.0 is a collection of 400 cool pixelated NFTS that will be exclusively minted only here in Paras.


Cool girls club is a collection of 100 different and unique girls with interesting characteristics and appearances that is only available in the NEAR PROTOCOL blockchain. Get yours now! Happy collecting

Neargirl #15

Neargirl #154 minted portz.near

Near Girls is a collection of hand-drawn nft with different personalities, theme, concept and aesthetic.


CRANIUM #0039 minted by kaistudio.near Wacky Cranium

Cranium Krew is a unique collection of cranium masks with different themes and personalities. Collect your Cranium and be part of our Krew.


Taiga collection by bridartist.near

is a hero who likes to fight

NOHEAD | 057 #1

NOHEAD | 057 #1 minted by mrnohead.near

You can view your story and character details at Discord Mr.nohead in room-story mrnohead

Traveller life #00

Traveller life #00 minted buddy1985.near

Hand drawing 55 unique traveller in the apocalypse era.

TTM #43

TTM #43 minted by ccyp.near

The Triangle Monster” is • “The created using the technique of overlapping triangles to create interesting shapes and colors. There are characters. a total of 999

Robot 004 #1

Robot 004 #1 minted by jsiam.near

We all have bad times or are robots like people who have to endure different situations.

NEAR Ocean #61 WWD

NEAR Ocean #61 WWD minted by ayeerstudio.near

Free Card for Whale World Day 2022


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