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Edition #40: June 5 to June 11

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the second week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Market place Edition (40.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • #Mintbase NFTs are forging a new creative economy for musicians and artists of all kinds.[1]
  • NEAR Blocks @nearblocks hosted an AMA with @mariamagneu sharing about the Mintbase’s Vision for the NFT space on @NEARProtocol.[2]
  • Dont miss Mintbase last week’s updates, major changes, and new features built this May!.[3]
  • Jakob Sievers (@SieverseJakob) shared about the Gorilla Shop NFT Marketplace building on Mintbase and  why they have chosen Mintbase.[4]
  • Mintbase Team shared that the tech updates on the Mintbase Store can be bought as NFTs from their store.[5]
  • You can now search for a specific token ID or owner on the Multiple Token pages.[6]
  • Mintbase featured Store of the Week – Andrea Grows by @Serste2 -Blog Post:[7]
  • Mintbase New Update store settings allow Multiple minters to be added or removed in batches.[8]
  •  The # Paras Art Competition came to a close on June 5th, at 23:59 UTC. The Winner’s were announced on June 10th .[9]
  • The Paras Team organized an AMA on Twitter space on June 8th  at 13:00 UTC with @BearverseGame.[10]
  • # ParasHQ published the first weekly recap of the month of June. Link:[11]
  • The Paras Team gave a shoutout to the 5 best collections this week. @YUSANGSAMA, @eille_h, @zombiesevw, @sonoson12, and @mp_artlady are all on Twitter.[12]
  • Paras HQ announced the SECOND and FINAL Whitelist Giveaway for the @CattyverseNFT Collection on June 6th.[13]
  • Paras Team announced  the Check-out verification updates released on June 7th at 3PM UTC.[14]
  • Paras Team announced Whitelist Spots Giveaway of the Greedy Goblins NFT Collection on 8th June for 20 Spots.[15]
  • On June 10th, 2016, NEAR Nature NFT Collection announced the Digital Tree Physical Seed Giveaway for 1NFT and 20 Whitelist spots.[16]
  • The Paras Team announced the Winners of the Paras Art Competition. Take the winners list from the post.[17]


  • The Naksh Team gave a shoutout to the newly minted NFT art named “A HUG” created by @ktarun.[18]
  • The Naksh shared the article by @NEARProtocol showcasing them and other NFT Marketplace on NEAR talking about the future.[19]
  • The Naksh Team published their first newsletter, showcasing the milestones they have achieved during this time.  Link:[20]
  • The Naksh Team gave a shoutout to the NEAR Stars Guild (@NearStarsGuild) for explaining ‘how Naksh wants the traditional #NFTartwork from our #marketplace to be known throughout the world!.[21]
  • The Naksh Team did an AMA with @abhroernesto on June 11th .[22]
  • Nativo NFT Team is looking for artists who are encouraged to be part of the Nativer Family.[23]
  • Nativo NFT Team collaborated with NEAR Venezuela for an Art contest where you can win 50 $USN price.[24]
  • Nativo NFT Team organized an AMA Space with @NEARVenezuela for the new Art Contest on June 8th.[25]
  • Nativo NFT Team gave a shoutout to ‘The CATRINAS’ NFT Collection bringing the, 10th collection of Crypto Catrinas to their platform.[26]
  • Nativo NFT Team organised an AMA with NEAR Hispano on telegram on June 11th June.[27]
  • Nativo NFT Team congratulated the Winners of the Native NFT Giveaway! Winners are:
    • @NearMultiverse
    • @HolaNFT_
    • @jesusbelcam
    • @JenniferLEX.[28]

The Apollo42 Team shared the Art created by @adrianklein26.[29]

  • # Apollo42 held another massive giveaway of an NFT designed by @maxzeinly.[30]
  • Apollo42 updated their Profile pictures for #PrideMonth.[31]
  • Apollo42 dropped another amazing giveaways from @MaraNFT_DAO NFT’s.[32]
  • Apollo42 Banner Contest is Live!, Join the Discord Channel to be eligible to win $500 in NEAR!. Link :[33]

  • Tamago Stream Votes opened on June 5th June. Users can vote for their favourite Open Mic Track and win up to $100 in cash!.[34]
  • Indie music is the music genre of the week.[35]
  • The Tamago team organised an AMA with @realitychain on Twitter spaces on June 7th  at 10 AM EST chatting about music NFTs in the metaverse.[36]
  • Tamago Team congratulated Open Mic Winner @TAGRsa song “MISERY” being listed on Tamago /Stream. Visit :[37]
  • Tamago team shared about their community partnership with @daorecords_ for #SoundSplash which is a series of amazing web3 events going on in the metaverse. Link :[38]
  • Tamago Stream is looking for musician, singers, poets and sound artist to Sign up and promote their tracks on the Open Mic playlist. Form :[39]
  • Tamago Team thanked @humanguild for being an early supporter of them in the #NEAR Ecosystem.[40]
  • Tamago team streamed a live show of Monophonics at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA 💒💃 on Tama Island on 10th June. Link :[41]
  • Tamago launched a new Discord Server! Invitation  Link :[42]

The Nifty Comedian team will sponsor ‘The Broadway Comedy Club’ in the event, which will be organize on 21 June. You can buy tickets from this  Link:[43]

  • The Auction Team recognised @__z1k0 for developing a fantastic Dashboard with Top Bidders, Hot Auction, and top amount bidders features.[45]
  • The Auction conducted the community call on the Discord Server at 10th June at 4PM UTC in partnership with @Fil_ArtistGuild.[46]
  • This week, the Auction Team gave a shoutout to the 6 NFT’s for bidding
    • @NEARMisfits
    • @NEARHolystic ,
    • @nearnauts ,
    • @SecretSkellies ,
    • @TheDonsProject ,
    • @BullsNear ,
    • @NEARSkull_Punk.[47]
  • Check out all the top NFT Collection on NEAR. Start bidding to make it yours! Link :[48]

  • The UniqArt NFT Photography Contest went live for voting on 5th June.[49]
  • The UniqArt team invited NFT artists, collectors, and investors to use their platform to connect and grow with other collectors and investors.[50]
  • UniqArt team shared about the Contest Guide for Charity NFT prepared by @GoaNEARopenweb minting will be on UniqArt.[51]
  • UniqArt Team shared the New Update Like/Favourite social feature addition on the platform, which will be used for the voting updates for the NFT Photography Contest ending on 11th June at 12 PM UTC.[52]
  • UniqArt AMA with @realitychain in Twitter Space on June 15th, 2 PM UTC/7:30 PM IST.[53]

Community Edition (40.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, and the Filipino Artist Guild.

  • The RE-MAKING Show, which started on June 5th is still in progress. Submission ends on the 16th of June and winners would be announced on the 17th.[55]
  • Beat Attack with Wandaomar (@wandaomar21) was organized on Friday, June 10th, at 1 p.m. UTC, with live broadcast at YouTube channel of @nxmlive.[56]
  • Now you can claim the #NEARmixtape as NFTs from the ‘The NEAR Mixtape Vol.1 Official Store’ of mintbase.[57]
  • Beat DAO thanked DAO Records (@DAOrecords_) and NEARnaut Community (@nearnauts) for their help with the 5th SoundSplash week!.[58]

  • The Marma J Foundation team shared an infographic covering “DAO developing and managing projects that support the open web ecosystem” built on Astro DAO.[64]
  • The Marma J Founction team shared the photographs from the IRL workshop conducted on 29th May about “#DAOs, #NFTs, and #DeFi“.[65]
  • The Marma J Foundation Team posted a “Marma J Foundation Introduction” YouTube video featuring Chloe (Founder of Marma J) for the new members. Link:[65]
  • Marma J Foundation shared the blog covering “How To Buy A Paras NFT Through A DAO” via their Twitter Account. Link:[66]
  • Marma J Foundation shared a YouTube video created by them on “Creating a NEAR wallet through Satori NFT QR code.” Link:[67]
  • Marma J Foundation shared the steps to farming $marmaj – $stNEAR on Ref Finance. Link:
  • Log in to @finance_ref with your @NEARProtocol wallet.[68]
  • Wrap $NEAR to $wNEAR Swap from $wNEAR to $marmaj.[69]
  • Swap 50% of your $marmaj to $stNEAR.[70]
  • Add liquidity to the $marmaj – $stNEAR pool and #stake your shares.[71]

  • NxM team shared information about the BEAT Attack organized by BEAT DAO and NxM in collaboration on 10th June Featuring Wanda Omar.[78]
  • NxM team in collaboration with Svara DAO shared plans of June bringing a month full of awesome music and entertainment for you.[79]
  • NxM shared the upcoming list of SoundSplash events in June Month. Link:[80]

  • GoaDao organized a meetup on the 7th of June (Tuesday) at 5 p.m. IST at the Freedom Cafe (Arambol, Goa) for the NEAR Charity-contest.[84]
  • NEAR GoaDao has produced a #guide for everyone to make participating in the #NFT-contest on @uniqartnft a little easier.[85]

  • TENK team organized an AMA for Beguiling Ladies at 8AM UTC on 7th June followed by 5 Whitelist Spots giveaway for the attendees.[86]
  • TENK team gave shoutout to @CattyverseNFT NFT Collection and organized an NFT giveaway  for their 5 NFTs worth $35.[86]
  • TENK team shared that their core Team Members have contributed to the NEP-171 NFT token standard for NEAR.[87]
  • On June 9th, the TENK team launched an NFT Collection Cattyverse.[88]

  • Capital Guild team shared about their YouTube channel, where they post visuals from all of our projects. For updates, like and subscribe to the channel.[89]
  • Capital Guild team recently released the visuals for their MAY project. Link:[90]
  • Capital Guild team gave shoutout to an amazing projects for June, where you have a chance to set a world record on 25th June.[91]

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