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Edition #43: June 26 to July 2

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back, Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the fourth week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (43.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • Apollo42
  • Tamago
  • The Auction
  • UniqArt
  • Nifty Comedians
  • Few and Far
  • Mintbase Team suggests everyone try the waka(@waka_cool_app) dating app for Web3 among 1200+ stores on their platform.
  • Mintbase Team gave a shoutout to Marieke(@mariekeflament) (CEO of Near Foundation) for their interview with @Metav_Insider.
  • Mintbase Team gave information about the internet today as the platform to get the majority of profits from sales and content creation and NFT creators to retain ownership rights on their work, and receive royalties directly.[3]
  • Mintbase Team spent their last weekend discussing the future of Mintbase and at Mintbase’s International Hackathon for different use cases for NFTs.
    • First winner – Marcelo Kunze(@marcelokunze) introduced font licensing applied to anything that has copyright or requires a license.
    • Second winner – µchip(@microchipgnu) and regina(@_reginanogueira) came up with new way of sharing moments like instagram for Web3 ” MINT + INSTA = MINSTA “.
    • Third winner – Luis Infante(@weirdinfante), rui santiago(@sainthiago_) and Eva Patricio(@eva_patricio5) proposed new concept of custmization in NFT and Royalties.[4]
  • Mintbase Team thanked Artshare( to host a workshop at Hub Criativo do Beato(@HCBeato) about NFTs and sustainable, scalable chains on @NEARProtocol.[5]
  • Mintbase Team organized an AMA with the host Maria Magdalena Neu (@mariamagneu) at the @MetaFam discord on July 1st.[6]
  • Mintbase Team organized their next community call about the Introduction to Mintbase, scheduled on July 6th.[7]
  • Mintbase Team published their new Tech-Update of integration with DappRadar (@DappRadar). Upcoming updates and information are here.
  • Mintbase Team added the new feature of adding and removing batches in the store settings.
  • Mintbase Team asked artists if they want any new features and feedback on Mintbase Platform then share them with Team.[10]
  • Mintbase Team thanked Raiz Vertical Farms(@RaizFarms) launched on July 2nd for their involvement in the Near ecosystem and their usage of the mintbase toolkit.
  • Paras Team started their CARD4CARD event on June 27th to end on June 30th with the Prize Pool of $4000 for Creators and Collectors.[12]
  • Paras Team congratulated to all the new verified creators and suggested all the artists to check their verification using this
  • Paras Team organized a giveaway event with NearPay(@thenearpay) and Spin(@spin_fi).[14]
  • Paras Team introduced five collections from their great creators this week.
    1. Lonely Astro Boy @illustratuar
    2. Spongy Cat @SpongyCat_NFT
    3. The Beast Card @kumaigneous
    4. I’m Not a Robot @JSiam11
    5. Race Night First Edition @InMyMin73076719.[15]
  • Paras Team announced their weekly report. checkout here
    • Link:[16]
  • Nativo Team gave a shoutout to TEPIXELIZE (@tepixelize) and NAEN(@nagernavas) at the closing of the Art Contest of Argentina on June 27th.[17]
  • Nativo Team organized a Twitter space where CDMX and BOGOTÁ, CARACAS, and BUENOS AIRES addressed the topic of “Surviving the Bearmarket” on June 29th.[18]
  • Nativo Team arranged ‘Native Art Room’ with the guest cryptocatrina. near (@crypto_catrina) with his Crypto Catrinas Collection on youtube on June 28th.
  • Nativo Team organized Nativo space S@E21.
  • Nativo Team organized a workshop about immersing artists with this wonderful community #NearHispano on June 30th.[21]
  • Nativo Team announced a bounty of 100 $USN for participation in the collection party until July 15th
  • Apollo42 Team announced the winner of the Rocketbois NFT giveaway. @devliegendeturk @SparkyNft.[23]
  • Apollo42 got 6000+ newsletter subscribers.[24]
  • Apollo42 announced one of their community members as their new adviser xana(@xanaa_online).[25]
  • Apollo43 announced Traders Week and decided to not only build a reward system with a $APOLLO token but also to encourage more people to… get more NFTs on $NEAR on June 29th.[26]
  • Apollo42 team announced their partnership with MyNearWallet(@MyNearWallet) on July 1st.
  • Apollo42 Team welcomed new artists on their platform.
  • List of new artists: @AgravanteJlord , @aleksanderrovic , @antossivyh, @arki_bootzz , @ArtofHayme , @BoysTrixs , @calcamonia , @degenghxst , @eizaaa_nearr , @ElinielC , @Ghostly790k , @GiligF , @james_daquioag , @kenzero14 , @kingjimsu , @KONOGATARI , @kurtruss_near , @lazy_and_real , @louietism_near , @maxzeinly , @Mishutkin9 , @Querisaiara , @SergioBlake4 , @stressed_tomato.[27]
  • Apollo42 Team introduced a new update of every user will now be able to use comment sections without additional Twitter verification.[28]
  • Apollo42 Team gave a shoutout to the artist for their amazing arts. List of the artist: –
    1. “Spearmint” by @calcamonia                                                           
    2. “SOL #1701” by @FetusSquid                                                        
    3. “MR. BROWN #2275” by @MrBrownNFT and @Lomakin_   
    4. “The Undead Army #1535” by @SecretSkellies                           
    5. “Hollow Nearman” by @Vinarts01                                                 
    6. “Astro Travelers #9” by @kenzero14                                             
    7. “NVD #09” by @zetsue01                                                                 
    8. “NEAR KONG #773 #1” by @near_kongz                                    
    9. “3100” by @KaizoFighters                                                               
    10. “1475” by @TheBullishBulls                                                            
    11. “1420” by @NEARHolystic                                                               
    12. “The Dons #1122 #1” by @TheDonsProject                                 
    13. “reflections” by @arki_bootzz                                                         
    14. “Root of Life 001” by @blade2runner                                           
    15. ”Ultrafiolet Leeps”                                                                             
    16. Starry Night #775 #1 by @MarkoNFTart                                     
    17. “Apollo Kitty Heads #5” by @TanyaArt_NFT
    18. “Patchwork City” by @_veiman_
    19. Pixacotta Army #13 by @PixacottaArmy
    20. “Astrogazing” by @SaijuroK
    21. NVD #11 by @zetsue01
    22. Holistic Pilgrim #1504 by @NEARHolystic
    23. “Myterious girl” by @0xbatikan
    24. Root of Life 003 by @blade2runner
    25. Astropups #138 by from @nearnauts
    26. RocketBois #691 by @NEARverseLabs
    27. Apollo Kitty Heads #6 by @TanyaArt_NFT
    28. P.E.T. 009 by @Samtoshi_F_Baby
    29. Hollow Nearman #007 by @Vinarts01
    30. “Survival Boy #3” by @Vinarts01
    31. El Café Cartel – Gen 1 #199 by @ElCafeCartel
    32.  MR. BROWN #3913by @MrBrownNFT and @Lomakin_.[29]

  • Tamago Team again started voting for the favourite Open Mic track on the playlist. Link:[30]
  • Tamago Team gave a shoutout to Peter Salomonsen(@salomonsen_p) for pushing the envelope with his music written in Java Script & Web Assembly.[31]
  • Tamago Team announced the first-ever #NFT Auction on Tamago and @Paramidaaa’s new EP will be open for bids from June 27th to July 6th.[32]
  • Tamago Team organized an AMA with Clarian(@clarianmusic) on the telegram channel of Tamago at 11 AM.[33]
  • Tamago Team organized an AMA on Twitter with BeatDAO with the Hosts @CransPaul & @clarianmusic and guests @TheTune01 & @liciouscrackitt.[34]
  • Tamago Team congratulated @cruise_god for the Open Mic winning track.[35]
  • Tamago Team announces bounty of 100N for Open Mic.
  • Tamago Team gave a shoutout to Daedalus(@daedalus_angels) for being an early investor in the Tamago platform.[37]
  • UniqArt Team organized Charity NFT Metaverse Awarding Party with NEAR GoaDAO on June 27th at 4:30 PM.[41]
  • Charity NFT Contest REWARDS🏆.
    • Best Seller •💰2N • veiman.near –
    • Most Likes
      • 3N • veiman.near
      • 3N • thegoblin.near
      • 3N • the goblin.near.
    • @Play_on_Near award (💎3N each)
    • 1. louietism.near 2. goas.near 3. norikoshakti.near 4. mountainpoet.near 5. Thirdside.near.
    • Best Buyer – Goa DAO with 25 NFTs!
    • Grand Prix Reward! 4N – mishuplay3r.near.[42]

Community Edition (43.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, GoaDAO, TenkDAO, Capital Guild, NEAR NFT Club.

  • BeatDAO Team organized a Music Clinic session with Dr. Franki Raden @frankiraden on June 27th at 7 AM.[44]
  • The BeatDAO Team had extended the date for Rhymes N’ Flow of participants from 28th June to 30th June.[45]
  • HypeDAO Team gave shoutouts to all the artists for their amazing arts.
    • List of the artists:
      • SG(@sgartsypix)
      • quiapogi.near(@quiapogi_art)
      • Naughty Me(@naughtyme_69000)
      • kenzeroart.near(@kenzero14)
      • Mikiiel.near(@MikiArtNFT)
      • zahrah.near(@Zahrausman22)
      • mdsign.near🇵🇭(@MdsignCo)
      • Cyro(@PlanetCyro)
      • Savage Girl Guild(@savagegirlguild).[46]
  • HypeDAO’s HYPE BATTLE #2 was over and they shared all the Amazing Artworks of Near Talented Artis. Check out here
  • Marma J Foundation Team announced round two where their community created #MarmaJchan NFTs which were used to create awesome marmaj Trading Cards with Satori NFT(@satori_nft).[48]
  • Marma J Foundation showed remained four NFTs by artists:
    1. NOIRE(@amszone05)
    2. alcantara_gabriel.near
    3. klaynramos.near
    4. giocuizon.near(@GioCuizon2).[49]
  • Marma J Foundation founder @chloethedev featured the podcast of humanguild (@humanguild).
  • Marma J Foundation showed some information about $marmaj token updates, Rewards information, and Future farming plans.
  • Marma J Foundation Team shared information about farming using Marmaj Token. If you want to learn checkout here
  • Marma J Foundation Team announced on 1st July that the $marmaj – $stNEAR farm is now live for July and You can now earn $marmaj rewards when you stake your liquidity in the $REF – $wNEAR and $PXT – $REF farm on @finance_ref.
  • Marma J Foundation Team invited artists to join their community on @discord by doing simple steps
      • Enter the Tavern
      • Complete quests
      • find ways to contribute to the Marma J ecosystem and more.[54]

  • MutiDAO was happy to welcome Marzia & The SpaceShip Project (@thespaceshippr1) to the realms of #muti and decided to support her with their artist stipend.[55]
  • MutiDAO Team released their new #muti session with @cudo_dao. Check it out Júlio Marotta recently released #newalbum, genres, and #rhythms here:[56]
  • MutiDAO Team organized a concert at Kaya Shanti Beach Café on July 2nd.[57]
  • NXM Team announced that the #SoundSplash and @DAOrecords_ was inviting you to the #Metaverse for the #NFTdrop.
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a giveaway event to support their newly on-board artist ‘mido4bs.near(@Jakefrbs)’ and he is a giveaway this Donald Hype Ducks Squad NFT.[59]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team gave a shoutout to
    • Agatha Art for their collection- The Juncture
    • Zetsue for their collection- Near Voodoo Doll.[60]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a giveaway event with Johanna22 (@Cjaneartz) on July 1st.[61]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team organized voting for the Battle of Champions on June 30th.List of the winners:
    1. @Violet_Spades30 @nard_art jrbemint
    2. @swila_b
    3. @maxzeinly
    4. @elvatar02.[62]
  • GoaDAO Team organized Metaverse Party for #PURITY on June 27th at 10 PM IST.[63]
  • GoaDAO Team gave support to @manoomission to create her NFT- a collection of designed clothes
  • TenkDAO Team announced that the Bull market will come again and this is the best time to collect NFTs because they are extremely cheap.[65]
  • TenkDAO Team gave information about Nightshade. The network runs on Nightshade, a (PoS) Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that focuses on offering stable fees and scalability.[66]
  • TenkDAO Team informed that the Validators earn $NEAR with a static inflation rate of about 4.5% each year, as a reward for producing new blocks.[67]
  • TenkDAO Team informed that the #NEAR uses an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) called $Aurora and anything you can do on $ETH, you can do on #NEARProtocol.[68]
  • TenkDAO Team organized a giveaway event with Hamster Village (@hamstervillage_) on July 1st at 18:00 UTC.[69]
  • NEAR NFT Club supported highlight updates from:
    • Apollo42(@apollo42world)
    • The Auction Secondary Marketplace
    • Mintbase NFT Marketplace Factory
    • Paras Marketplace
    • Paras Comic Marketplace
    • Naksh Marketplace
    • Nativo NFT Marketplace.[70]
  • NEAR NFT Club shared the minting new NFT Collection of the week
    •  🚧 hamstervillage_
    •  🚧 Mr Giggles.[71]
  • NEAR NFT Club Team organized a giveaway event with APE META ERROR (@Apemetaerror). List of the winner:
    • @rutenij
    • @Ger_aldd
    • @AleksandrTolk3
    • @Crypto_MemeGod
    • @GoDRitza
    • @Jeru-web3#0577
    • @smkaiddd#0462
    • @WINEYANG#1256
    • @Poem#6587
    • @Mint🌼#3764.[72]

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