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Edition #44: July 3 to July 9

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back, Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the fourth week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (44.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • Apollo42
  • Tamago
  • The Auction
  • UniqArt
  • Nifty Comedians
  • Few and Far
  • Mintbase Team attends the launch of Raiz Vertical Farms’ concept farm at @ArrozEstudios, raising awareness about the potential of vertical farming in urban areas on July 3rd.[1]
  • Mintbase Team gave a shoutout to Content Designer ‘Luis Infante for living in the world of aesthetics and being passionate about the plant.
  • Mintabse Team announced that #MintbaseSunday(vernissage & exhibition) is a regular activity of theirs which Mintbase community artists create.[3]
  • Mintbase Team invited Isa Denoni(@Isa_Danoninho_) and AlexandreMacieira (@alemacieira) as a host on their weekly ‘vernissage & exhibition’ on July 8th.[4]
  • Mintbase Team organized a Meeting Called ‘Mintbase Ecosystem Call’ on July 6th at 3 PM UTC.[5]
  • Mintbase Team will have been talking about how NFTs are useful for ages in the upcoming event at NEARCON from Sep 11 to Sep 14 in 2022 in Lisbon and Portugal.
  • Mintbase Team gave a shoutout to AMBER(@AMBER_metaverse) game for their new dancing figure art.
  • Mintbase Team is excited to introduce you to their meta-home and they have been working with @NEARHub_online to create three different spaces for all.
    1. mintbase info
    2. exhibition space
    3. community calls & streams.[8]
  • Paras Team organized an NFT giveaway event with Sirens Gallery (@SirensGallery) On Jun 21st. List of the winners:
    1. @asarvide9 ,
    2. @smile143Mythos,
    3. @emilartaddicted ,
    4. @lethopeso ,
    5. @Rikho145_Near.[9]
  • New arrived collection on Paras:
    1. HIGANBANA SOCIETY: The Hiko Citizen Project by @LoganAchira
    2. Little Matsu by @BeBornNFTs
    3. Ghostly.g by jeanhaha.near
    4. The Rabbit Found Love by @WadfanGallery
    5. Everything is Roaring by @3ixPlutoNFT.[10]
  • Paras Team organized their weekly recap on July 4th. check it out here
  • “Paras Team congratulated all the new verified creators and suggested all the artists check their verification using this
  • Paras Team congratulated all the winners of the CARD4CARD event. Winners’ list
    • Link:[13]
  • Paras Team announced that they are integrating with Transak(@transak_) for fiat-to-crypto payment and it will be the gate for Paras users to have easy access to buying $NEAR using card payments & bank transfers.
  • Paras Team organized an AMA with AMBER(@AMBER_metaverse) on July 12th at 12 UTC.
  • Paras Team congratulated all the new verified creators and suggested all the artists check their verification using this
  • Naksh Team gave a shoutout to srilakshmitc.eth(@srilakshmitc) for their take on how important the community at @NEARProtocol has been for the growth of Naksh. Check out the series “NEAR Community in Focus”
    • here: -[17]
  • Nativo Team gave registration links for their upcoming NFT workshop. Register yourself using below
  • Nativo Team organized a Twitter space about the Uses of NFTs in different ecosystems and in the industry on July 6th.[19]
  • Nativo Team announced Noisk8(@noisk8)’s new Collection ‘Cyber Greyhounds’ on Youtube on July 5th at 4:30 PM.
  • Nativo Team organized a Twitter space with an incredible guest Abraham Rivv.dgt (@abrahamrivv) on July 7th.
    • Link:[21]
  • Nativo Team organized Twitter spaces in Blockchain Pressclub (@bpc_dao) with @czamb_ and @alanestrada_mx on July 9th.
  • Nativo Team announced the NTV token (Governance token)in their Twitter space on July 11th at 6 PM in Bogota, 7 PM in Caracas, and 8 PM in Buenos Aires.
  • Apollo42 Team organized NEARCON MEME CONTEST in their discord on July 4th.[24]
  • Apollo42 Team celebrated their partnership with MyNearWallet (@MyNearWallet) by organizing a giveaway event on July 5th. List of the winners
    1. 9_ Kurama 🍭(@SPIDY75595424)
    2. Abbi Chinetti(@AbbiChinetti).[25]
  • Apollo42 Team announced that they are taking over @prooofofpeople in London and a Fantastic panel about Music in Web3 with
    1. @richiehawtin
    2. @agoriamusic
    3. @JoelleSnaith
    4. @prooofofpeople
    5. @verticalcrypto.[26]
  • Apollo42 Team gave shoutouts to the artist for their amazing arts. List of the artist:
    1. arki(@arki_bootzz)
    2. Near Dragon Nation(@NearDragNation)
    3. King Jims(@KingJimsu)
    4. kenzeroart.near(@kenzero14)
    5. Kaizo Fighters(@KaizoFighters)
    6. Mara.NFT(@MaraNFT_DAO)
    7. Anahiz.near(@AnahizNFT)
    8. Marko(@MarkoNFTart)
    9. Zetsue(@zetsue01)
    10. Rylereve.near(@rylereve)
    11. veiman.near(@_veiman_)
    12. jamesbagoart.near(@JamesBago_)
    13. Kokumo KongZ(@KokumoKongz)
    14. TanyaArt(@TanyaArt_NFT)
    15. Holistic Pilgrim(@NEARHolystic)
    16. Smoothie.Near(@NearSmoothie)
    17. NEAR Misfits(@NEARMisfits)
    18. El Café Cartel(@ElCafeCartel)
    19. Freaky Elves(@FreakyElves)
    20. Rein || anrein.near(@anr_creations)
    21. Vexed Apes Club(@VexedApesClub)
    22. Holistic Pilgrim #1504 by @NEARHolystic
    23. chubbless.near(@nerdfoxclub)
    24. NEAR Skull Monkey(@NearSkullMonkey)
    25. EL | MALAMAYA (@ElBonuan)
    26. Secret Skellies Society(@SecretSkellies)
    27. RocketBois NFT By (@NEARverseLabs)
    28. Alvn.near(@Vinarts01)
    29. BullsPad(@BullsNear)
    30. Alien Bear Crew(@alienbearcrew)
    31. maxzeinly.near(@maxzeinly)
    32. NEARNauts(@nearnauts).[27]
  • Tamago Team announced a bounty of 100 $Near for voting for your favourite Tamago Open Mic track. Playlist
    • Link:[28]
  • Tamago Team announced the Genre of the week was “ROCK” and visit their website to discover more amazing new music and artists every day here
  • Tamago Team announced them as a sponsor for a magical musical event at Scenery Roof in partnership with Listed Productions(@areulisted) on July 9th at 3 PM.[30]
  • Tamago Team organized an event with @uniqartnft about #NFTs, music, #Web3, and @NEARProtocol on July 7th at 12 PM EST.
  • Tamago Team announced Paramida(@Paramidaaa)’s 1st audio NFT and the auction started on July 8th on Tamago.
  • Nifty Comedians Team launched the new “COMEDY NFT UTILITY”, Mint NFT at and receive a reward from Jason_Forever(@JasonForever8).[36]

Community Edition (44.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, GoaDAO, TenkDAO, Capital Guild, NEAR NFT Club.

  • BeatDAO Team organized a Beat Attack with Samuel Senja on July 8th at 1 PM UTC. pic:.[37]
  • Marma J Foundation announced that they checkout their Marma J Beach on @NEARHub_online
  • Marma J Foundation organized an AMA about Defi for Social Good with @finance_ref x @itsmarmaj on July 7th at 10 AM EST.[40]
  • Marma J Foundation’s guide covers all below topics:
    1. The terminology of #DeFi
    2. Swapping from $wNEAR to $marmaj
    3. Adding liquidity to the $stNEAR x $marmaj pool
    4. Staking liquidity shares in the $marmaj – $stNEAR on[41]
  • MutiDAO Team announced their social media platforms’ new look a little bit different created by Proximo Studio.
  • Gabriela Abreu’s shared their testimony on her artistic residency experience with MutiDAO here:
  • MutiDAO Team announced their metaverse created by @NEARHub_online, NFTs, and Bom Beijo’s set. checkout here
  • MutiDAO Team organized The arte ja Floresta magical event in a remote location with Web3 DAOs.[45]





  • NXM Team will be organized NEAR Musical Fest on July 29th at KM 28, Lekki Area, Lagos.[46]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team did with their 5th session of Artist Workshop hosted by their great mentor runesofuttoria.near(@jerccorpz).[47]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team gave a shoutout to butterchelly.near (@Rochell21659471) for their cute pixel art on the collection Terror.[48]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a giveaway event with Near Tribes. List of the winners:
    1. Zetsue 🇵🇭(@zetsue01)
    2. saii(@Cymaeri).[49]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team featured louietism_Near (@louietism_near) artists for their multiple alter personalities on telegram and also known as a bounty hunter.
  • GoaDAO Team gave a shout-out to Feminu DAO(@FeminuDAO) for their amazing art.[51]
  • GoaDAO Team shared the pure example of UNITY by taking the example of Tibet and Brazil. NO matter where you are they are always connected inside anyone and find their space on #Web3 to become manifested.[52]
  • GoaDAO Team gave a shoutout to INA DAO for the first NFTcollection of Real Unique Designed Things.
  • Capital Guild Team announced that the month of June was super epic and for their vision to provide a theatre platform for recording artists and dancers they uploaded a snippet of their project for June.
  • Capital Guild Team gave a shoutout to P33kay a producer and recording artist, buying his NFTs to support him for hip surgery to make him walk better.[58]
  • capital Guild Team gave a shoutout to RufyLee(@RufyLee) for their new launch of audio NFTs on the Mintbase store.[59]
  • NEAR NFT Club supported highlight updates from:
    1. Apollo42(@apollo42world)
    2. The Auction Secondary Marketplace
    3. Mintbase NFT Marketplace Factory
    4. Paras Marketplace
    5. Paras Comic Marketplace
    6. Naksh Marketplace
    7. Nativo NFT Marketplace.[60]
  • NEAR NFT Club shared the new NFT Collection’s minting this week:
    • 🚧 Free Horses
    • 🚧 Murder Mystery Collective.[61]

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