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Edition #45: July 10 to July 16

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back, Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the second week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (45.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • Apollo42
  • Tamago
  • The Auction
  • UniqArt
  • Nifty Comedians
  • Few and Far
  • On July 11th, Paras Team announced yet another giveaway for the community, ‘Castle Overlord’. List of the winners:
    • @suraj081, @obaf2000, @RizkiMayendra, @Maxiilab, @MielsNB, @agungxyz, @lhee_yownn, @privet7777, @nuk3gh0st, @rasitcoin1.[8]
  • Paras team organized an AMA with AMBER on Jul 12th at 12 UTC and in this AMA AMBER’s team had picked the three best questions, and congratulations to @Coin_Travolta, @nathanndife, and @Nyenyenyee88 for winning free NFTs.[9]
  • A delay in announcing the upcoming features and DAO of the Paras Team has been announced on NEAR Coin. check the weekly report here:
  • Great five new collections were mentioned by Paras Team.: Japanese Sushi Restaurant Meta Town(@ppsuri) Reflection(@mojito1965) Hi BLUE (@Artofpphongyok) Demon Guardians Club @bangji_nft MIMI (@RSiritus).[11]
  • The winners of the giveaway, which was organized with AMBER, were congratulated by the Paras team. List of the winners:
    • @amislwplmacd, @freeleadersart, @cadetson22, @shaunart19, @Joko89772952, @Chainguys, @0xnagatoshi, @Jeremiah952020, @anr_creations, @Setiawan_145, @eeozkok, @VadymAlfa, @3uslu3, @edicrasetura27, @sgartsypix.[12]
  • On July 15th at 1 PM UTC, the Paras Team organized an AMA with Castle Overlord.[13]
  • All new verified creators were congratulated by Paras Team and told to check their verification using this
  • At the C4C event, Paras Team declared the most popular cards and the highest number of minted cards and collections. checkout here:
  • On July 13th, Paras Team announced a giveaway event with Cyclo Clan. List of the winners: -Buzzea (@buzzeaisnear) -Putri Kinanti (@bsc_crypto).[16]
  • A new feature was announced on Paras in the July edition. checkout here: -Mint Calendar Launchpad Integration with @EnleapNear.[17]
  • The meaningful artwork NFT was praised by Nativo Team.[18]
  • Kirk Larm (@KirkLarm) was the special guest on Nativo Team’s NATIVE SPACES on Jul 12th.
  • A NATIVE ART ROOM with @LULAvsBolsonaro was conducted by Nativo Team on July 12th.
  • The roles of the NTV token were announced on Nativo Team.
    1. It is part of the decision-making of the Native DAO
    2. Mina $NTV s when buying or selling in Nativo from July 21
    3. Soon IDO and release on Exchange.[21]
  • SACRED SHULLS’ amazing artwork was praised by Nativo Team.[22]
  • An AMA with NearVenezuela was organized by Nativo Team on telegram on July 16th.
  • Apollo42Team announced that they added new services to the Apollo42 marketplace.
    1. Manage personal & collection settings
    2. Set e-mail notifications
    3. Apply for verification as an artist or collection
    4. Manage your offers
    5. Track marketplace activity on mobile
    6. Transfer NFTs.[24]
  • Apoolo42 Team and kenzeroart. near(@kenzero14) have announced that the banner collection is soon to come and that users should stay tuned.[25]
  • Apoll42 Team met $NEAR people on Jul 14th.[26]
  • Apollo42 Team Announced list of the winners of Traders Week:
    • @Camel_NFTs, @dutravascorj, @blade2runner, @zetsue01, @Roro999f, @0xTayfun, @AndreaPN7, @Cryptovn211, @sxweb1, @_veiman_, @EV3RETH, @Vinarts01.[27]
  • The Apollo42 Team announced a giveaway of 3 The Undead Army NFTs by @SecretSkellies.
    • Link:[28]
  • Apollo42 Team applauded the fantastic artwork created by the artists. List of the arts:
    1. My Eyes …70 #1 by @MyEyes_NFT
    2. Caramel Ghost by @KONOGATARI
    3. NEAR Future #2470 by @NearFutureNFT
    4. expression” by @arki_bootzz
    5. MR. BROWN #1000 by @MrBrownNFT
    6. frez by @jaypehranez
    7. Near Misfits #1196 by @NEARMisfits
    8. P.E.T. 011 by @Samtoshi_F_Baby
    9. Tiger_Punk #5 by (@Art_of_Nanashi
    10. Queen Nandi by (@TillerDcreator
    11. Holistic Pilgrim #816 by @NEARHolystic
    12. NEAR Meerkat Kingdom #2527 by @NearMKingdom
    13. Look at ME by @dyzz_an
    14. El Café Cartel – Gen 1 #1143 by @ElCafeCartel
    15. Root of Life #004 by @blade2runner
    16. NPunk #8352 by @near_punks
    17. Astro Travelers #6 @AstroTravelers_ by @kenzero14
    18. Kaizo Fighters #4463 by @KaizoFighters
    19. FB727 by @arki_bootzz
    20. Apollo Kitty Heads #3 by @TanyaArt_
    21. Meta Fox #829 by @Metafoxonry
    22. Freaky Elf #345 by @FreakyElves
    23. BABY KONG #60 #1 by @near_kongz
    24. Mara #65 by @MaraNFT_DAO
    25. Grimms Army #677 by @SecretSkellies
    26. Alien Bear #13 by @alienbearcrew
    27. Survival Boy #2 by @Vinarts01
    28. Secret Ghost by @KONOGATARI
    29. The Dons #281 by @TheDonsProject
    30. SOL #0894 by @FetusSquid
    31. Tiger_Punk #8 by @Art_of_Nanashi
    32. MR. BROWN #939 by @MrBrownNFT
    33. Near Tinker Union #1308 by @NearTinkerUnion
    34. The Undead Army #4256 by @SecretSkellies
    35. NEAR Future #3351 by @NearFutureNFT
    36. SPY Salo by @BoysTrixs
    37. NPunk #6109 by @near_punks
    38. vslf by @jaypehranez”
    39. Not Stonks Kitty Head #NEAR by @TanyaArt_NFT
    40. NVD #04 by @zetsue01.[29]
  • The cutting-edge decentralized audio streaming platform ‘Cue Tamago’, which works to create transparent revenue sources for artists and part of the quote, was announced by Tamago Team.[30]
  • On July 15th, Tamago Team reported that the Auction for Parami daa’s track “Kalitya’s Theme” was finished.[31]
  • Tamago Team launched the first in its series of 1 of 1 music NFTs with partnered @Paramidaaa, one of the biggest names in the dance music industry.
  • The Tamago Team organized a Twitter Space on July 15th with @realitychain for a deep dive into the metaverse.
    • Link:[33]
  • @zeirwarps‘ Fractal Grooves 1 – D Minor III auction was organized by @the_auction on July 12 at 5 PM UTC.[34]
  • An AMA with @NearVenezuela was organized by Nativo Team on telegram on July 16th.[35]
  • JasonForever8 has collected Natan Badalov’s Comedy NFT “Uzbekistan’s Greatest Export” and he is now able to book a private show with one of our comedians or receive a spot on the homepage of[36]

Community Edition (44.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, GoaDAO, TenkDAO, Capital Guild, and NEAR NFT Club.

  • “BeatDAO Team back again for another Flipping Samples episode, partnering with D-Layer Dao.
  • The BeatDAO Team told everyone to never stop working even though hard work sometimes goes unnoticed and never make a commitment unless you intend to keep it.[38]
  • HypeDAO Team announced that their HYPE tokens do not have any monetary value and You will not be able to buy or sell them. HypeDAO Team is looking into the problem of why they appear in your wallet with a dollar amount.[39]
  • The MutiDAO Team has invited everyone to talk about creatives in the web3 space with MutiDAO co-founder tabear and Nomade Label(@nomadelabel) at 5 PM UTC on July 11.[40]
  • MutiDAO Team gave a shoutout to Charlie Mancini(@charliemancini) for their music show.
  • NFTdrop by Randal is now available in MutiDAO’s @mintbase store: 
  • A version of Portuguese tiles was created by MutiDAO’s artist @BernardMailza on their @mintbase store for one of their first competitions:
  • Visual artists are invited to create patterns inspired by nature through a bounty offered by MutiDAO Team..For more info check this
  • For the music video clip, the NXM Team gave a shoutout to Wandaomar (@wandaomar21)
  • The NXM Team announced NEAR MUSIC FEST will take place on July 29th at KM28.[46]
  • The NXM Team announced that Week Ten of #SoundSplash featuring Respect and guest DJ Weed and Fyah was LIVE in Cryptovoxels and Reality Chain.[47]
  • The Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a Twitter AMA with Agni Tribe (@AgniTribe) to discuss projects on July 10th.
  • On July 10th, the Filipino Artist Guild hosted a giveaway event with Near Tribes at 3 PM UTC.[49]
  • The Filipino Artist Guild organizes a workshop event every Sunday on Telegram Channel, where you can learn and earn rewards.
  • Yonakawaii.near (@yonaxkawaii), a 19-year-old traditional and digital artist, has been given a shoutout by the Filipino Artist Guild Team.[51]
  • It has been announced that the ‘Biweekly Art Challenge’ was open from July 11, 2022, to July 25, 2022, by Filipino Artist Guild Team. Theme: Integrity | Create a superhero character that represents integrity. (Keywords: Trust, Honor, and Respect).[52]
  • Filipino Artist Guild gave a shoutout to Z’keletons (@AdrianKleinRam1) for their amazing artwork. Check it out here:
  • Filipino Artist Guild members’ amazing entries ‘The Treasures Collection’ can be seen here
    • Link:[54]
  • Filipino Artist Guild announced a giveaway event from BAD RABBIT GANG (@BADRABBITGANG) on July 14th.[55]
  • The Filipino Artist Guild shared the bounty from their friend @NearTribes on July 15th with a total prize pool of 100Near.
    • Link:[56]
  • A giveaway event was organized on July 16th by the Filipino Artist Guild in collaboration with Zoiku Kafe (@zoikukafe).[57]
  • There was an AMA with @skull_shy on July 17th organized by the Filipino Artist Guild.
  • The GoaDAO Team is thrilled to announce that more talented NFT artists are joining @mintbase from GoaDAO.[59]
  • A collection of real designed clothes designed by Manu from GoaDAO has been minted on @mintbase.
  • The TenkDAO Team announced they will explore the #gaming universe on #NEAR with some important members of the ecosystem.
  • TenkDAO Team is glad to stand among unique projects who are building toward the future of @NEARProtocol & @auroraisnear.[62]
  • NEAR NFT Club supported highlights updates from:
    1. Apollo42(@apollo42world)
    2. The Auction Secondary Marketplace
    3. Mintbase NFT Marketplace Factory
    4. Paras Marketplace
    5. Paras Comic Marketplace
    6. Naksh Marketplace
    7. Nativo NFT Marketplace.[63]
  • NEAR NFT Club shared the new NFT Collection’s minting this week:
    • 🚧Rakkigusu @rakkigusu
    • 🚧Super Koalas @SuperKoalasNFT.[64]

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