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Edition #46: July 17 to July 23

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back, Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the third week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (46.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • Apollo42
  • Tamago
  • The Auction
  • UniqArt
  • Nifty Comedians
  • Few and Far
  • The Mintbase Team told us that they want to build your own minter, market, and redeeming system for NFT instead of just being a marketplace.[1]
  • The Mintbase Team organized a drawing party on July 21st where we will create a collective artwork on @plutoviewxyz and share the revenue and royalties with all the artists involved.[2]
  • Mintbase Team announced a new feature a QR Builder for Transactions. checkout here
  • Mintbase Team hosted the twitter spaces with @AMBER_metaverse and @waka_cool_app talking about the animation competition on July 21st.
  • Those of you who attended NEAR Pavillion in London last week should check their wallets, as Mintbase Team has just sent you your POAP.
  • Users can create their own custom spaces and mint them as NFTs using Mintbase’s 3xR platform, which powers the autogenerated galleries in every Mintbase store.[6]
  • CyCloClan and Paras Team held an AMA on July 21 at 1 PM UTC.
  • On July 22nd at 10 AM UTC, the Paras Team conducted an AMA + giveaway with Battle Boars on Paras Twitter Space.[8]
  • See Paras’ publication for the full article about the newest product update and Paras Weekly Recap #71 for the highlights here
  • All new verified creators were congratulated by Paras Team and told to check their verification using this
  • Check out these great collections from Paras’s great creators:
    2. Kettlr @TheKettlr
    3. Red Lighting Live Show @Melloland
    4. ShySkullBors Collab Week @skull_shy
    5. Johdian: IJO @mojohdian
  • On July 20th, Paras Team organized an AMA with CyCloClan at 1 PM UTC. List of the AMA winners:
    1. @celeng556/Vitozacky#5238 – 5 NEAR
    2. @tan70061142/ketong#7612 – CyCloClan NFT
        1. Link:[12]
  • Naksh at NEAR space during #ethcc week in Paris!.[13]
  • NFT COLLECTION PARTY extended until July 28 by Nativo Team. Check the rules here:
  • On July 19, Nativo Team organized a Native Artroom with ms blue sky (@brenloustaunau) about her Skin Impressions collection.
  • On Thursday, July 21, 2022, the Nativo Team organized an event in GUADALAJARA from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.[16]
  • The Nativo Team hosts a Twitter Space with LULAvsBolsonaro (@LULAvsBolsonaro) on July 20.
  • The Nativo Team celebrated their $NTV TOKEN lunch and thanked the entire Nativo community for their support.[18]
  • Team Apollo42 gave recognition to the artists for their outstanding work. Visit their platform to check out.
  • The Apollo42 Team announced a giveaway of 3 The Undead Army NFTs by @SecretSkellies. List of the winners:
    1. Datmap(@datmap_9596)
    2. KDV(@KDVmonster)
    3. jughead.usdc(@0xjughead).[20]
  • Apollo42 announced that over 700 projects are now part of our ecosystem, and we are still counting. It’s so exciting to be on this journey with you as we grow bigger and bigger.[21]
  • Apollo42 Team announced a giveaway event of Near Tinker Union (@NearTinkerUnion) on July 23rd.[22]
  • Apollo42 Team announced their new onboarding page: * Featured NFTs:
    1. expression by @arki_bootzz
    2. Apollo Kitty Heads #1 by @TanyaArt_NFT.[23]
  • Trending collections right now:
    1. @MrBrownNFT
    2. @nearnauts
    3. @KaizoFighters
    4. @SecretSkellies
    5. “Lakbay” by @arki_bootzz
    6. “Salo Gen.X” by @BoysTrixs
    7. @near_punks
    8. @Exxaverse
    9. “Astro Travelers” by @kenzero14
    10. @Zomland_Game.[24]
  • A Twitter space was organized by the Apollo42 Team with @MyNearWallet and @Nightly_app to discuss the wallets on $NEAR and what’s coming up on July 22nd.
  • On Apollo42, more than 1,000,000+ NFTs have been created and/or listed.[26]
  • Here is Tamago’s AMA with @realitychain, in case you missed it:
  • The Tamago Team has announced a bounty of 100 $Near for voting on your favourite Tamago Open Mic track.
  • @NEARHub_online had built an incredible environment for us to celebrate the talent of the community on Tama Island on July 19th at 2 PM EST.[29]
  • In an AMA organized by Tamago Team, @clarianmusic discussed Disney & the Metaverse on July 19th at 11 AM EST.[30]
  • On July 21st, Tamago Team hosted an AMA with @beatdaonear about web3 music & community building.[31]
  • The Auction Team is seeking two outreach and marketing support Nearians. Learn more about the position if you are interested
  • The Auction Team announced that Thugsy @NearTinkerUnion is up for the auction. Checkout details here
  • The auction Team announced the winners of the giveaway event organized on July 19th.[34]
  • On July 22nd, the Auction Team organized an AMA with the Near NFT Club about the sustainability of the #NFT Ecosystem at 4 PM UTC.[35]

Community Edition (46.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, GoaDAO, TenkDAO, Capital Guild, and NEAR NFT Club.


  • It was announced by the HyprDAO Team that artists could bring their supporters to our community and both will receive a special welcome POAP.[40]
  • HypeDAO told everyone to Know an art totally new to NFTs and help them learn with this blog article and send them a new wallet link from HypeDAO.[41]
  • In collaboration with @IncubadoraDAO, @threexr_, @cudo_dao Demonstra DAO, 55SP DAO & Garden collective DAO, MutiDAO bought NFTs from @mintbase on July 23rd to support #artists & the @NEARProtocol ecosystem.[42]
  • MutiDAO Team gave shout out to CamcatPT & Tribefilms for creating LENS DAO on @near_protocol. A DAO that makes high-quality footage of & for creatives and NEAR projects.
  • The MutiDAO team was delighted to see how they were able to support other #artists within #web3 through physical interactions.[44]
  • The MutiDAO announced that applications for their open call for visual artists are open until February Aug 3rd.
  • MutiDAo Team gave shout out to Thinkforyourelf for their organic Natural art.
  • As part of this rap battle, NXM Team announced that @Fresh__Creative will be sponsoring it. Check the flier for more detail below.[47]
  • The NXM Team’s hosts @NatalieCrue and @vandigital joined @DAOrecords_’s Twitter space to discuss music NFTs and how they’re disrupting the music industry on July 18th.
  • NXM Team announced that tickets for the Near Music Festival are out and selling fast. Click here to get one
  • The Filipino Artist Guild team thanked ShySkull(@skull_shy) and all participants for attending the July 17th AMA.[50]
  • For Session 7 Composition ” Artist Workshop “, the Filipino Artist Guild Team gave a shoutout to runesofuttoria.near(@jerccorpz).[51]
  • A giveaway event was organized on July 16th by the Filipino Artist Guild in collaboration with Zoiku Kafe (@zoikukafe). List of the giveaway winners:
    1. Billy Biocrypt(@BillyBo00971644)
    2. seamerdross(@drossmonster).[52]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a Twitter Raid Event on July 23rd.
  • On July 24th, the Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a Twitter Space with host @sgartsypix and co-host @Jakefrbs to talk about the @TarsierCrew project and shill your collections.
  • sedorikku (@CedrickCusay1) was highlighted by Filipino Artist Guild Team for their Digital Art in the interests of hyperrealism, vexel art, and concept art.[55]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team gave a shoutout to Rein || anrein.near (@anr_creations) for their Nifty Allure Girls collection made by manually.
  • On July 17th, GoaDAO and @Near_mem organized a MEME contest with the topic NEARest future of NEAR and crypto market in general.[57]
  • The GoaDAO team welcomed NEARecosystem genius creators of @crosswordxyz and $SHITZU, a fully community-funded coin.[58]
  • Our @AstroDao features the amazing #NFT from our close friends in #Belarus @bel_dao on @mintbase.
  • The TenkDAO team will soon be recruiting on LinkedIn if you are interested in helping Near’s NFT ecosystem then evolve in this right place.[60]
  • Feel free to visit TenkDAO’s other networks if you want to learn more about the process of launching an NFT collection on Near Protocol.
  • NEAR NFT Club supported highlight updates from:
    1. Apollo42(@apollo42world)
    2. The Auction Secondary Marketplace
    3. Mintbase NFT Marketplace Factory
    4. Paras Marketplace
    5. Paras Comic Marketplace
    6. Naksh Marketplace
    7. Nativo NFT Marketplace.[62]
  • “NEAR NFT Club shared the new NFT Collection’s minting this week:
    1. 🚧CycloClan @CyclooClan
    2. 🚧NEAR Tribes @NearTribes.[63]

  • Near NFT Club announced that their projects were just 1* of 706 exciting things building on $NEAR, $AURORA, and $OCT.

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