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Edition #47: July 24 to July 30

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back, Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the fourth week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (47.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • Apollo42
  • Tamago
  • The Auction
  • UniqArt
  • Nifty Comedians
  • Few and Far
  • The Mintbase Team released their latest newsletter, which discusses what’s new with the Mintbase ecosystem and what’s new with their latest tech updates.
  • We drew this beautiful artwork with @plutoviewxyz and @GambiarraNear at a Mintbase drawing party last week.
  • By using Mintbase Team’s new QR builder feature, you can print a QR code directly from your thing page and set up your IRL redemption system.
    • Link:[3]
  • The Mintbase Team announced that they describe Mintbase as the @Shopify for NFTs after meeting with @SieversJakob & team.[4]
  • Mintbase Team gave a shout-out to Hawwal E. Ogungbadero🇳🇬🇬🇧(@itshawwal) for the winner of the TELEPORT ANIMATION CONTEST.[5]
  • With Mintbase, you can deploy your own smart contract and start minting and selling NFTs – no technical skills needed – or build your own app on top of Mintbase’s infrastructure:
  • The Mintbase Team announced that @gorillashops, the Shopify for NFTs built on Mintbase’s infrastructure, now allows you to customize your store.[7]
  • The Paras Team hosted an AMA with Gita (Community Lead) and John Vu (Battle Boar’s Team Member) on July 25th.
  • Check out the Paras Team’s weekly updates here:[9]
  • Five collections from Paras Team’s great creators have been highlighted:
    1. Killer-Mask Club by @55kmclub55
    2. HIGANBANA SOCIETY by @LoganAchira
    3. Kuy Ape Club Gen 1 by @Kuy_ape
    4. Tales from The Electric Paradise by @Lixion5
    5. Panic Cute Club by @ppsuri.[10] 
  • On July 26th, Paras Team organized a 2nd Castle Overlord AMA session on Twitter Space. List of the winners:
  • All new verified creators were congratulated by Paras Team and told to check their verification using this
    • Link:[12]
  • Paras’ community received 5 Free Mint Mints the Castle Overlord on July 29th. List of the winners:
    1. @JoelTemiloluwa
    2. @mirkoo777
    3. @NustSam
    4. @iambardzz
    5. @Wayan_Wpd.[13]
  • Nativo Team congratulates 3Force for uploading the new collection ‘Visual Moods’. checkout here:
  • Nativo Team gave a shoutout to PakoPerkin’s NFT Camels of the Future.[15]
  • Nativo Team announced the availability of $NTV farming through the purchase or sale of NFTs.[16]
  • Nativo Team hosted a Twitter Space with Chio A A (@ChioAA3) on July 27th to discuss licensed NFTs and their future usability.[17]
  • On July 28th, Nativo Team organized a workshop for everyone interested in learning about NFTs and crypto mounted on #NEAR.[18]
  • ART ROOM event was organized by Nativo Team in conjunction with Panda Editor17 on July 26th.
  • The Nativo Team announced that the number of tokens $NTV to mint is defined as 3 times the value of the NFT token and can be revised by the community.[20]
  • Nativo Team announced that meet the “Heart of Venezuela” Typical Venezuelan costumes inspired by the national tricolour.
  • On July 30th, Nativo Team organized a giveaway NCB event.[22]
  • Nativo Team organized a workshop on July 28th on everything you need to know about #NFTs and #crypto in the near future.[23]
  • On July 30th, Natativo Team organized a Twitter Space with GINO about NCBs
  • It was explained how you can view and add NTV tokens to Nativo Team.
  • $NTV token holders will have voting power in Nativo DAO, be able to vote in community polls, approve treasury fund dispersals, and update contracts.[26]
  • On July 27th, Nativo Team organized a NativoSpaces with @ChioAA3 about licensed NFTs and their usability in the future.[27]
  • Team Apollo42 gave recognition to the artists for their outstanding work. Visit their platform to check out
  • The Apollo42 Team organized an NFT art gallery event with @NEARProtocol x @SailGP in London on July 26th.[29]
  • kenzeroart.near(@kenzero14) is being recognized by Apollo42 Team for his self-made artistry, photography, and filmmaking.[29]
  • At the @NEARProtocol x @SailGP #NFT gallery in London, Apollo42 Team’s CFO Alex (@Tigarrian) was very happy after talking to Marcus (@marcusr_NEAR).[30]
  • The creator page of Apollo42 Team is now live. Check it out:
  • During the week of July 29th, @StarryNightNFTs #664 and @nearnauts #6084 NFTs will be given away by the Apollo42 Team.[32]
  • An amazing 3D art was created by Arki (@arki_bootzz) that received a shout-out from the Apollo42 Team.[33]
  • On July 26th, Tamago Team organized their weekly OPEN MIC event on Tama Island.[34]
  • The Tamago Team announced that they love their Friday hangs in the #metaverse on @NEARHub_online.[35]
  • Nifty Comedians will integrate Lens Protocol on in late September, and until then they will be posting their comedians’ amazing content on[36]
  • The Nifty Comedians were thrilled to do their @lensterxyz genesis comedy content post on Lenster with (nifty) comedian Espi Rivadeneira!.[37]
  • On Auction, the team loaded a few exciting #nearNFTs and told users that they could create their own project profiles.[38]
  • A new bounty for the #Artists is available from the Auction Team, ‘TheAucti*ano’.
  • Artists were told to shill their #NFT listed on auction, and the Auction Team will bid on 2 of the favourite #NFTs.[40]
  • In an AMA organized by Auction Team, @DAOrecords_ discussed the latest Fono root on The Auction, as well as some music #NFTs on July 29th.[41]
  • Few and Far Team announced that they were launching their NFT marketplace on July 29th.[42]
  • It was announced that the beta version of Few and Far Team is now live, with a full-access marketplace for exploring and trading #NEARNFTs.[42]

Community Edition (44.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, GoaDAO, TenkDAO, Capital Guild, and NEAR NFT Club.

  • On July 24th, C1Guild Team organized an AMA with @NearprotocolNG @NEARProtocol.
  • On July 26th at 7 PM WAT, the C1 Guild Team organized a C1 Creative workshop about unveiling an outstanding work of art.
  • The C1 Guild Team announced that the CTC (July Edition) will take place in Abuja, Nassarawa, and Lagos to discover the hidden talents and creativity among the grassroots.[45]
  • The C1 Guild announced that Near featured c1 and Justin Burkholder in an article entitled: Bringing Web3 to The Fringes.
  • The HypeDAO Team announced that a new utility will be available in August for the token.[48]
  • The HypeDAO Team has announced HYPE BATTLE #4 as live.
  • HypeDAO Team congratulated the winners of the HYPE Battle. List of the winners:
    1. Yoneru’s Tinkerbell
    2. Monosid’s Wall-E
    3. Maxzeinly’s Rapunzel.[50]
  • A 3XR Gallery Curation Event will be held on July 29th by the Marma J Foundation Team.[51]
  • The Marma J Foundation’s monthly community call was held last Sunday at 11:30 am EST to connect and discuss community proposals, upcoming projects, and more.
  • Upon entering the Marma J Beach, you will be transported to a relaxing paradise where you can hang out with friends, perform on stage, swim in the water, and fly through the air.
  • Due to Madama’s ability to create amazing atmospheres during his shows, MutiDAO Team was happy to work with him
  • Check out our mutibazaar on @mintbase if you’re one of the #nftcollectors and are located in #portugal, Handmade artisan redeemable are waiting for you
  • A discussion about creativity and how artists can work together was shared by the MutiDAO Team with @nomadelabel and muti.
  • An event was organized by MuriDAO Team with Júlio Marotta about the need for some digital forest & Brazilian tunes on the 28th of July at 7 PM GMT.
  • mutiDAO was founded by two individuals, and now has an active core of four. Check out their socials to learn more about these humans and their art.
  • As announced by the NXM Team, The Near Music Fest will kick off in less than an hour with performances from @edache_wiz @Larkimolorin_ and many others.[59]
  • Z’keletons(@AdrianKleinRam1) received a shout-out from Filipino Artist Guild for his outlandish ambitions and promising future with NEAR.[60]
  • A congratulatory message was sent by the Filipino Artist Guild Team to the game’s winners. List of the winners:
    1. @louietism_near
    2. @agatha__art
    3. @Mushruetato.[61]
  • On July 25th, the Filipino Artist Guild Team announced a bounty program to celebrate their 6th month.[62]
  • On July 27th, the Filipino Artist Guild Team announced that the @exintrovert2 organized a giveaway event in honor of reaching 1100+ followers.[63]
  • A Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a Biweekly Art Challenge with the theme Integrity | Make a superhero character that represents integrity on July 28th
  • A Twitter raid event was announced on July 29th by the Filipino Artist Guild.
  • NFTs on NEAR are enabling developers to reimagine traditional industries in today’s world, according to the TenkDAO Team.[67]
  • According to the TenkDAO Team, they are the best NFT incubator on the Near Protocol. If you want to know more join them on Discord:
  • Join #NEARProtocol’s best skill-shared incubator to save yourself headaches.
  • NEAR NFT Club supported highlight updates from:
    • Apollo42(@apollo42world)
    • The Auction Secondary Marketplace
    • Mintbase NFT Marketplace Factory
    • Paras Marketplace
    • Paras Comic Marketplace
    • Naksh Marketplace
    • Nativo NFT Marketplace.[70]
  • Near NFT Club announced that if you want to know what they are cooking up in the #NEARnft Club Labs then click here: 
  • “NEAR NFT Club shared the new NFT Collection’s minting this week: 🚧NEAR Future @NearFutureNFT.[72]

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