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Edition #50: Aug 14 to Aug 20

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back, Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the third week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (50.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • Apollo42
  • Tamago
  • The Auction
  • UniqArt
  • Nifty Comedians
  • Few and Far
  • @NEARProtocol and Mintbase will be discussing NFTs, sustainable, scalable chains, and Mintbase at hifestival org.[1]
  • Mintbase Team announced that they have been working on video tutorials for you. Mint anything you want – effortlessly, affordably & sustainably.[2]
  • The Mintbase Team announced that we thought the forever media limit was 30MB when we told you that it was.[3]
  • On August 18th, Mintbase Team’s cofounder @nategeier joined @NEARProtocol at 2 pm UTC to talk about NEARCON Expect greatness.
  • At 6 pm UTCchat on August 18th, Mintbase Team’s Community manager @mariamagneu joined @CertiKCommunity with @FewandFarNFT, @metamonapp, @MINDGames_io.[4]
  • The Paras Team announced that time was running out to trade $PARAS at and win exciting prizes.[5]
  • Group B won the Trivia Contest. The Paras Team congratulated them.[6]
  • On August 16th at 12:30 UTC, Paras Team organized an AMA with @RealBirdsGOV.
  • @nestercity_NFT & Paras announced that A+M is an official collaboration event for the NFT Exhibition.
  • Among the great creators of the last week, Paras Team selected their five best collections.
    1. Kontrast by @_modulated_
    2. The 4 Symbols by @the4symbols_nft
    3. Picasso Paints by @yionautark
    4. Amber Key by @melodytransform x @AMBER_metaverse
    5. Hell Academy by @JBdevilNFT.[9]
  • All new verified creators were congratulated by Paras Team and told to check their verification using this
  • Naksh Team would like to highlight two beautiful artworks by Kanchan Jha and Archana Gokhale of Krishna playing his flute in the heart of Vrindavan on Krishna Janmashtami, the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birth.[11]
  • It has been announced by Nativo Team that every August is worth approximately x9 $ntv when purchasing or selling #nfts on[12]
  • The Nativo Team organized a NEAR DAPP MEETUP at CDMX on August 17th.[13]
  • The Nativo Art Room event last week featured ‘WAR DECLARATION’ by Ysc-Rvan(@RvanYsc).
  • The team announced that they would give away 9 times as much as any NFT.[15]
  • The Nativo Team announced that Listen to the news from Lonque will be coming for the event #ETHMEXICO 2022 this week.
  • During yesterday’s #CDMX Meet Up, the Nativo team expressed their gratitude to all attendees.[17]
  • Nativo Team announced that on Aug 19th, they had another #NFTMX talk with their collaborator @czamb about the Nativo NFT project.[18]
  • As part of the Nativo Team’s announcement, if you were to purchase any of the NFTs of ESCAPE PLANTS by VANEMYART, you will receive 45 $NTVs.[19]
  • Team Apollo42 gave recognition to the artists for their outstanding work. Visit their platform to check out.
  • By implementing listings in a decentralized manner, Apollo42 becomes the first NFT marketplace on @NEARProtocol.[21]
  • Apollo42 Team is excited to share news about Near Wallet Transition, an exciting update everyone is talking about.[22]
  • On August 20th, the Apollo42 Team organized a giveaway event.[23]
  • According to Tamago Team, Indie music is what propels the music industry forward. Taking the dance floor to new heights is @patricebaumel, announced Tamago Team.[24]
  • The Tamago Team has announced that @SavetheChildren provides essential humanitarian aid to children and families impacted by conflict around the world.[25]
  • The Tamago Team gave both @BRIANCID and BORELLA a shoutout on the 15th anniversary of Electronic Groove.[26]
  • It is with great pleasure that the Auction Team announces that they now have over 2800 followers on Twitter.[27]
  • A members of the Auction team were ready to take feedback and make sure the user experience was simple and easy.[28]
  • Earlier this week, the Auction Team announced they were migrating from @NearWallet to @MyNearWallet.[29]
  • On Aug 16th at 11 AM EST, the Few and Far Team organized an AMA with @RealBirdsGOV.[30]
  • At 3 PM EST on August 18th, the Few and Far Team will hold an AMA with @playmmc to find out who killed John Norris.[31]
  • The Few and Far Team announced that @playmmc is doing a giveaway to celebrate the AMA.[32]
  • The Few and Far Team will organize an Opening Night event at Lisbon Cruise Terminal on Sep 11.[33]
  • A weekend giveaway has been announced by the Few and Far Team in partnership with NEAR Coin Flip.[34]

Community Edition (50.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, GoaDAO, TenkDAO, Capital Guild, and NEAR NFT Club.

  • On Aug 14th, the C1 Guild hosted a community hangout with the NPK Guild and SHINYGLOVES CLUB by 7 p.m. WAT, 2 p.m. EST.
  • During C1 Guild’s creative workshop, Franklinhartz was hailed as the artist of the week.
  • Models who are interested in applying for the C1 model 2022 can apply now through the C1 Guild Team. Don’t forget that applications are free, so follow the instructions and tag all relevant handles.[37]
  • MutiDAO Team gives a shoutout to Arta Raituma for working with wood burning & exploring relationships between urban and natural environments as a multidisciplinary artist.[40]
  • The MutiDAO Team announced that if you are looking for a space to showcase your event, you can reach out to us.
  • Cabeça an Lua’s concert by MutiDAO Team is out. Check out the mesmerizing Puçanga:
  • The MutiDAO Team received some goodies from @mintbase stores at their last #nft fair, ‘NFTropolis’.
  • A short recap of MutiDAO Team’s last artistic residency (how you blend the digital with the physical )in Portugal is available here
    • Link[44]
  • A great mentor @skull_shy led the second session of the Filipino Artist Guild’s Graphic Design Workshop on Aug 14.[47]
  • Filipino Artist Guild Team announced the Biweekly Art Challenge winners:
    1. @swila_b
    2. @AruAshiya
    3. @elvatar02
    4. @Krizzybellss
    5. @MdsignCo
    6. @CedrickCusay1.[48]
  • On August 19th, the Filipino Artist Guild Team announced a Twitter raid event.[49]
  • The Filipino Artist Guild Team organized a Twitter Space on Aug 21st at 6 PM GMT with @Jakefrbs and @exintrovert2 about your collection.
  • A bounty was announced by GoaDAO on August 16 for #creatives #designers and any #NFT artists.
  • GOADAO asked if transcribing the material and posting it on social media every Saturday as a text would make it more visible.[52]
  • For their activeness and contributions to the Capital Guild community, Capital Guild Team gave a shoutout to p33kay(@p33kay_).[53]
  • ‘Health Outreach’ was organized at Gwarimpa village by the Capital Guild Team on August 17th.[54]
  • Capital Guild Team thanked @NEARNFTWEEK for featuring their delight.[55]
  • On Aug 21st, Capital Guild Team organized an ART exhibition about Physical and Cryptovoxel addresses.[56]
  • the gaming community in the web3 space was organized by Capital Guild Team and @MINDGames_io on August 19th at 6:00 pm UTC.[57]
  • The TENKDAO Team thanks every single person that follows them and has supported the projects they have launched.[58]
  • A person with the name “NEAR Official Announcements” was sent a message about a new version of the NEAR wallet by the TenkDAO Team.[59]k
  • NFT Club announced that you can get featured on our channels when you purchase NFT Feature Passes from our @mintbase store.[60]
  • The Near NFT Club featured @Zahrausman22’s unique Colored Pixel Petal Collection with proof of ownership stored on the @NEARProtocol on August 16th.

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