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Edition #51: Aug 21 to Aug 27

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back, Amigos!

HELLO We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the fourth week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers, as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (51.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So, strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo
  • Apollo42
  • Tamago
  • The Auction
  • UniqArt
  • Nifty Comedians
  • Few and Far
  • It has been announced by Mintbase Team that #NEARCON tickets holders will also have access to @ClubeeoOfficial’s private club & more (there are so many things you can do with #NEARCON tickets).[1]
  • The Mintbase Team thanked everyone who submitted their applications and if you have not yet done so, you can do so at
  • The Mintbase Team has announced the release of their latest newsletter.[3]
  • @nategeier and @microchipgnu will discuss what’s the purpose & vision for Mintbase grants program in an AMA on Sep 1st.[4]
  • If you want to join Mintbase Team in building the next evolution of #web3 platforms, check our @github for instructions on how to apply
  • We’ve all been there – wasting time dealing with different technology options instead of creating and shipping innovative products, Mintbase Team provides dev toolkits & a nocode contract manager for you to easily build your own minter, market & redeemer on @NEARProtocol.[6]
  • At 4 PM UTC on Aug 26th, Mintbase Team joined NEARVERSE with @within4d45, @ParasHQ, @nearnauts, @playatrium, @RealBirdsGOV, @LacroveNFT & @BEExperience_.[7]
  • The Paras Team announced information about Svara DAO’s Indonesian Batik Bounty.
  • All new verified creators were congratulated by Paras Team and told to check their verification using this
  • Paras Team organized a giveaway event with @Web3Mon on August 24th. List of the winners:
    1. @BanBam1111
    2. @CandyMaxell
    3. @luahai391
    4. @chelin1996
    5. @hadwinwen.[10]
  • Paras Team announced list of the name of the 16 amazing collections: @BearverseGame,@COverlordGame, @LacroveNFT, @ParasComic, @ASAC_NFT, @MetaNEARton, @NearTinkerUnion, @MrBrownNFT, @NEARMisfits, @MaraNFT_DAO, @SecretSkellies, @StarryNightNFTs, @blitzstein1125, @D0PE_KIDDO, @TaiternNFT, @SevenStudio11.[11]
  • Paras Team is asking everyone, have you got your tickets for @CoinfestAsia yet?[12]
  • The Paras Team announced that a lot of fun was had at #CoinfestAsia at Paras Gallery.[13]
  • On Aug 24th, The Naksh Team invites all artists working on physical mediums to showcase their work.[14]
  • Naksh Team collaborates with @kaarikollective to showcase #NFTs and #artwork created by traditional artists from Naksh and artists who have not yet registered. Registration
  • Nativo Team thanks all buyers that bought NCBs from @SmartraderInc via[16]
  • In Nativo Team’s ART ROOM event on Aug 23rd, torrezmancha.near discussed his collection and creative process.
  • The Nativo Team congratulates Meta Pool on its 23rd anniversary on the Mainnet.[18]
  • During a meeting with @eliandecrypto at 6 pm on 24th August, the Nativo Team discussed the different communities of #NFTs.[19]
  • Nativo Team gave a shoutout to nastyinfinity.near for their great Art.[20]
  • Nativo Team announced that listen to the RECAP of ETH MEXICO with Elian Huesca in this
  • The @Homies_nft drop on August 21st was already sold out, according to the Apoll42 Team.[22]
  • Interview with A42 CEO and Founder Dan with @ready_layer_one is finally out, Checkout here:
  • On Aug 25th, Apollo42 announced they were happy to partner with @SenderWallet and build together.[24]
  • The Tamago Team asked the artists on August 22nd, if they were stranded on Tama Island, what album would they bring?[25]
  • The Tamago Team held an #openmic session on TamaIsland on Aug 23rd at 2 p.m.[26]
  • During this year’s #NEARCON, Tamago Team has partnered with NEAR’s legendary open project incubator, @humanguild, for a special sunset beach party.[27]
  • The Tamago Team announced that the event will be held at Azul, a beautiful beach venue close to the conference, and promoted by @chilibangs, one of Lisbon’s finest web3 and community organizations.[28]
  • In addition to @clarianmusic, @DJJeffGold, #Momüs, and @beatdaonear’s chief beat director, @vandigital, the Tamago Team announced that a scenic beachy evening will be lit up by their sounds and grooves.[29]
  • The Tamago Team cannot wait to be a part of the amazing and talented NEAR community at @nearprotocol.[30]
  • On Aug 22nd, Auction Team organized a friendly AMA with @TenkDAO about #NFT_Community and @the_auction_io marketplace.[31]
  • On August 25th, the Auction Team organized a giveaway event for seven Laclist spots.[32]
  • Now you can mint your NFTs on Auction, but the feature is still in the testing phase and will be live soon.[33]
  • The UniqArt Team announced that their Big Bounty program is back and they have some $NEAR for you as well. Participation
  • The UniqArt Team invited you all to their Metaverse Concert on Tama-Island on August 25th.[35]
  • Metaverse Concert organized by UniqArt Team in collaboration with Indian Indie Music Guild on TamaIsland Gatherings @NEARHub_online.[36]
  • At 5 PM EST, the Nifty Comedians Team joined Twitter Space organized by @LensProtocol for our Genesis @lenstubexyz launch of Comedy NFTs featuring @KhalidNYC, @KeithCcomedy83, and @teejfrancis.[37]
  • On @lenstubexyz, comedy fans have already collected 7 of the 10 available @KhalidNYC genesis Comedy NFTs “Picture Day”.[38]
  • Nifty Comedians announced that all 10 @KhalidNYC’s Comedy NFTs “Picture Day” sold out, 30 of our @lenstubexyz Genesis Comedy NFTs have been collected and 4 out of the 5 of our Genesis @lensterxyz Comedy NFTs have also now been collected on @LensProtocol.[39]
  • On @NEARProtocol, the Few and Far Team announced new features and improvements to make it easier to create, launch, and build communities.[40]
  • The Few and Far Team organized a weekly Twitter Space with @MINDGames_io, @play_ember, @Playible, and @AMBER_metaverse to talk gaming and NFTs.[41]
  • The Few and Far Team announced that the next episode of FEW AND FRENS would premiere in 30 minutes on August 25.[42]

Community Edition (51.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, GoaDAO, TenkDAO, Capital Guild, and NEAR NFT Club.

  • C1 Guild organized a Twitter Space named “Ask Me Anything” on August 22nd at 8 PM WAT.
  • The C1 Guild has announced a competition for the C1 model 2022. Take advantage of this opportunity and become the C1 model 2022.[44]
  • The C1 Guild Team congratulates the top 10 Finalists for the C1 model 2022.[45]
  • The HypeDAO Team organized a Twitter Space on Aug 27th at 2 PM UTC to discuss Near NFT Art, Share, and Onboarding.[46]
  • HypeDAO Team announces that @nestercity_NFT is hosting a special NFT art show in the metaverse and they want to see your NFT art.[47]
  • A new stipend artist is joining MutiDAO Team – Alexandre Homem, whose wire mesh drawings/sculptures depict the region and its people on IG: @ipsetron.[48]
  • The MutiDAO Team announced that they would be posting all updates and @NEARProtocol on their #dao page on their website.[49]
  • MutiDAO Team gave a shoutout to the most eclectic playlist on #youtube 
  • MutiDAO Team announced that they love #art & #nature & are open to more outdoor activities.[51]
  • The Marma J Team announced that on our blog, we share guides that cover everything you need to know about #Web3 technology
  • NEARCON will be held from September 11-14th and will offer the following opportunities:
    1. Networking opportunities
    2. Ecosystem discussions
    3. IRL hackathon.[53]
  • Marma J Team shared a step-by-step process of how your #DAO can collect a @threexr_ Gallery NFT through @AstroDao.
  • Marma J Team announced topics of Marmaj Hacker House:
    1. Hack at a working definition of “social good”,
    2. Work on solving social good challenges on @NEARProtocol,
    3. Create on-chain sustainable solutions,
    4. Connect local communities to #Web3 tech.[55]
  • In a recent announcement, Marma J Team announced that @threexr_ allows you to create your own gallery of NFTs and mint an NFT of the entire collection.
  • The Marma J Team organized a Community Call on Aug 27th at 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time.[57]


  • The Filipino Artists Guild Team announced the winners of the Raild Event:
    • 1st: @emilartaddicted – 25 DAI
    • 2nd: @AguilaRenzer – 15 DAI
    • 3rd: @joshua_serion – 10 DAI.[59]
  • elvatar02.near (@elvatar02) was shouted out by Filipino Artists Guild Team.[60]
  • The Filipino Artists Guild announced the Avatar Creation Bounty for the week of August 22nd to August 31st.
  • Filipino Artists Guild Team @exintrovert2 was shouted out by Filipino Artists Guild Team.[62]
  • On Aug 28th at 5 PM IST, KalakendraDAO organized a “WEB3 HUDDLE” event with MadrasDAO (@MadrasDAO).[63]
  • The KalakendraDAO Team was pleased to be a part of #web3 Kolkata by presenting a workshop on “Blockchain and its relevance” on 27th August at The Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata.[64]
  • The Capital Guild Team hosted their first community art exhibition on C1 @dum_unu cryptovoxels gallery in the Metaverse.
  • A Creative Night was organized by the Capital Guild Team on their Discord server for art making and discussions amongst their creatives.[66]
  • Team Capital Guild thanks @meta_pool and everyone who joined the AMA.[67]
  • On August 22nd, the TenkDAO Team held its weekly Twitter Space about $NEAR during this one so make sure to come by.
  • The TenkDAO Team announced that the @KaizoFighters have been grinding steadily ever since they minted 1750 fighters.[69]
  • This new weekly series for #NEARProtocol catches up with all the projects that have launched through TENK DAO.[70]
  • Team Near NFT announced the release of the Gen01 membership card from the #NEARNFTClub on the Paras and 15 cards were minted in 15 mins and only 35 cards are pending now.
  • Within an hour, all 50 memberships of Near NFT Club were minted.[72]

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