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Issue #26: Feb 28 to March 6

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

HELLO..!!! Amigos! Welcome. As we know that you are here to know Weekly Updates of NEAR NFT week. We won’t let you wait for much… Let’s take a look at this week’s amazing highlight as this week near is full of mind-blowing updates, Twitter spaces, new announcements, and amazing Giveaways. 

MarketPlace Edition(26.1): 

As it may be possible that you would have forgotten to check updates on NEAR Ecosystem.

Now get ready for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week on #NEARNFT space we have covered the highlight news from marketplaces like-

  • Mintbase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic

Store Of The Week

  • Explorins is a spatial story-telling app creating interactive, immersive & locally sourced experiences for brands. These experiences are organized in what they call “Universos”; which are almost like pathways through real stories, people, and places, thus deeply connected to the identity of their audience.

NFT Staking Live

  • Start staking your NFTS now! The first two collections for NFT Staking are “Key to Paras” & “Pillars of Paras”. We will announce one more collection soon!

Paras x NEAR Future AMA

  • After many amazing partnerships, collaborations, and giveaways…
  • FINALLY, NEARBOTS by NearFutureNFT is coming to Paras TOMORROW!

Paras Weekly Recap

  • Paras team records in total volume $1210329 artists minted 27871 cards while Paras users conducted 41304 transactions.

Paras x Mr. Brown Giveaway

  • Follow ParasHQ & MrBrownNFT
  • Retweet & tag your friends
  • 2 lucky winners will be announced on Mar 7, 2020!

Special NFT Giveaway

  • Special NFT Giveaway by MetaNEARton!
  • Follow ParasHQ & MetaNEARton
  • RT, like, tag 3 friends
  • Reply with your NEAR Account ID

New Verified Creators of Paras

What makes art beautiful?

  • As with many aspects of life, such as peace, faith, love, and happiness, one man’s view is vastly different from another’s. Naksh offers a variety of emotive #NFT art.

What is your place of perfect happiness?

  • Naksh found theirs! A surrealistic painting of a mermaid in nature.
  • Atoshi Shyam created this #NFT art to share happiness with the whole world!


  • Nature is a haunted house–but Art- is a house that tries to be haunted.” – Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

NFT collectibles

  • A ticket for future collection Endemicles usability
  • Staking to receive END token
  • Staking to receive whitelist spots on every collectible launched on Endemic

What makes a great photo portrait?

  • Light. Subject. Composition. Simplicity. Balance. Breathing Room. Interconnectedness.
  • Amazing “Witchcraft” portraits by maritabulimbas1 are available on the Endemic NFT marketplace

Free mint giveaway

  • Engage with the Endemic community and win up to three NFTs.
  • No expiration date
  • Different activities

Free Mint Marathon alert!

  • The first activity in Trail is “Bring – friends to the party”
  • To win:
  • Create a Discord invite link and bring friends to our channel.

The first way to get a whitelist spot

  • Requirement: buy at least one NFT for a minimum price of 0.22 ETH on Endemic or combine several pieces until you reach that number.

Community Edition(26.2): 

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week as we cover updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Muti, HypeDAO, NEARNuts

Beat Attack

  • JComing up on the 11th of March
  • Beat Attack with teezyindo
  • Only on our YouTube Channel!
  • The event is being organized by beatdaonear

C1 Clubhouse

  • Subscribe to C1 clubhouse! C1 University Outreach members will broadcast about NEAR blockchain & Web3, and host AMAS, targeting young talents to onboard & mint their content

Artist Feature

  • “OVERWHELMING” from “Moon Feelings” collection of high-quality abstract expressionism art that always has a subliminal message about a feeling

Marma J DAO Weekly Call

  • Join Marma J every Sunday at 12 PM EST on their weekly calls where they will be discussing proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more.

Muti x Marma J

  • Friendly reminder of this nice collaboration: some pretty #NFTs for a good cause! Muti Thanks to marmaj for inviting them!

Hype Battle x NEARNauts

  • The winners will receive NEAR & HYPE as a prize!!!
  • -1st 75 HYPE & 10 NEAR
  • -2nd 50 HYPE & 7 NEAR
  • -3rd 25 HYPE & 3 NEAR


  • THE HYPE BATTLE IS OVER!!! Today is Sunday and we are here to announce the winners:
  • 1st – Oisonine1 Near
  • 2nd – JrbeMad
  • 3rd- mikel08near

Lil Squatch Squad

NEARNauts are excited to announce that LilSquatchSquad will be launching on AstroGen later this month! As a celebration, we will be giving away 10 WL spots!


  • Don’t miss this space! They will be joining mirlnft
  • and talking about the details of their collaborative partnership, long term goals, and there will be some giveaways too!

MR eyes x NEARNauts Giveaway

  • The team at MyEyes_NFT
  • made the NEARNauts community a DOPE 1of1, and they love you guys so much they will be giving it away!

NFT Collection, Artist & Giveaway Edition(26.3) 

This week in 26.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaways. Followings are an amazing collection made by users –

[Naughty Cat] 0.49 Near 1/1

  • These naughty cats are all created in 3D and each of them is unique, they are purely made from scratch and you wouldn’t find these elsewhere, the artist carefully craft this one by one so that you can enjoy and feel the quality of the art, the total number is limited at 500

Soultizen collection

  • Soultizen is a 555 pieces collection consisting of 1/1 hand-drawn artwork

Skull cyborg from metaverse

  • 100 cyborg in collection
  • 80 common / 10 Rare / 10 Special
  • Common *
  • Rare **
  • Special ***


  • NEAR ICONS is a generative robot art collection with different outfits, designs, effects, accessories, backgrounds, screen presentations, and many more based on their rarity.

Bright Bunny is coming onto Near

  • 1010 Bunnies ready to make vouchers and eat carrots in the $NEAR ecosystem! Grab two bunnies to get airdropped a carrot NFT. This collection is based on fund redistribution: 15% of minting revenues will be given to an organization to help sick children.

Near Doodle for TEAM PARAS

  • Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
  • For the community, from the community, by the community.
  • Cards Now Available!

Weird Proboscis Monkey

In the Saarap Land, far far away, where “Weird Probosci’s Monkeys” are considered the highest form of primates, a crisis occur because of the contaminated chemical leakage that makes the bananas become living mutants and destroy the land and its inhabitants

The breaking point of the relationship

  • Her favorite flower is the orange flower. The orange that used to warm her heart
  • But today it became something that burned her heart.
  • what can she do? Because it’s the orange that loves the most and hurts her the most too.

Cryptopoems: Page 68 of 365

  • Today I was overwhelmed by work. Pitch deck, ideation, briefing. I’m very exhausted.
  • Nothing much to tell either about my work. I’m pretty sure it will bore you right away. Hahahaha

Gradient-SkullZ (SEASON 3) IS HERE

In this season, SkullZ has entered season 3 with the theme “Gradient”. And what is “Gradient-SkullZ”? Gradient-SkullZ is the name for SkullZ with a simple and meaningful color gradation variant. Gradient SkullZ is uniques and has a rarity type: Super Rare Edition.

Activities on #NEARNFT (26.4)

In this edition 26.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance you will love their work all are so eye-catching and mind-blowing  :

Nagmi #346

  • Nagmi #346 minted by nagmi.oldmantrader.near
  • markxoan.near

Puspin Crew #9

  • Puspin Crew #9 minted by ricollections22.near
  • The Puspin Crew may look unimpressed (most of the time) but they are fun loving and happy felines who crave adventures…….. and wet cat food.

Meow Maf*cker #13

  • Meow Mafcker #13* minted by stbenz.near
  • Meow Maf*cker Gang They are everywhere on this planet. 1/1 unique characters

Functions #156

  • Functions #156 minted by betaso.near
  • x = dcos(ax)cos(bx) + sin(a*y)sin(cy)
  • y = ccos(ay)cos(cx) sin(b*x)sin(dx)

Pixel inside lamp#8 

  • Pixel inside lamp#8 collection by cappynj.near
  • Pixel inside lamp in Kamen Rider

# 0004

  • # 0004 minted by cloudd.near
  • Cool Bunnies is a randomly generative NFTs living on the near blockchain.

039 Maid Mummy

  • 039 Maid Mummy minted by mysinan.near
  • “Sand? Desert? Pyramid?… It’s so boring.” “Let’s go out and see the world.”

The BusinessBird #82

  • TheBusinessBird #82 minted by wibble.near
  • European robin -Erithacus rubecula


  • 8 minted by saleh.near
  • Holland’s floating capital, home to hundreds of Van Gogh artworks, Amsterdam is a beautiful and richly historic city.

Shy Kid #0390

  • Shy Kid #0390 minted supseerior.near by
  • Shy Kids is a collection of manually hand-drawn doodled shy kids who wander around the NEAR blockchain.

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