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Edition #36: May 8 to May 14

Community, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back… Amigos!!! 

HELLO!! We know you’re excited to hear about this week’s updates. We guarantee that you will be pleased with this week’s highlights. Since it is the second week of the month, we would like to share some amazing NEAR NFT week updates with our beloved followers as this week has begun with fantastic upgrades and news occurring across the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (36.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we’ve got you covered with new information.

So strap in for our marketplace edition of the NEAR NFT week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

Store of the Month:

  • Mintbase congratulates Gambiarra Near for heading their top stores with the highest transaction value on Mintbase this month. [1]

New Feature of Mintbase:

1) You can now see the TokenID on token and thing pages. Find individual tokens, check different token owners, or search for different buying options. [2]

2) Mintbase reduced the manual curation of top stores & latest listings on [3]

3) Rolling auctions are back! In a rolling auction, you set a minimum price and buyers can then place multiple bids on your NFT. [4]

Mintbase Store

  • Mintbase store will show only listed tokens. [5]
  • Take a look at Gorilla Shops’ shop builder on Mintbase. [6]


  • Mintbase getting ready for NFTBERLINteam, they will be giving a workshop there on how to use mintbase in the best way at the event.


  • Mintbase is celebrating because they have now officially deployed more contracts on SNEAR (1.121) than on $ETH! [7] 
  • Mintbase has officially deployed more contracts on $NEAR (1.121) than on $ETH! 
  • In their old times on ETH, they had already deployed 1.110 smart contracts. Then, they re-wrote the whole code onto NEAR.

#Lisbon Workshop

  • Mintbase #Lisbon workshop is next week. Join them at the beautiful Mercado de Santa Clara for a workshop on all things #NFTS [8]

The fact of the day of Mintbase

  • 25% of DAOS on AstroDao are either minters or owners of Mintbase stores. [9]



Paras x Paca: 

  • Paras is excited to announce the Paras x Paca collaboration, the release date of Pacas, and the availability of adoptable Pacas on social media. [10]
  • 10 Whitelist spots for Paras and 1 lucky winner will be airdropped with a random PACA! [11]
  • The winners of the giveaway for ten whitelist spots and 1 lucky winner of random Paca have been announced… Congratulations to all of the winners! [12]

Paras x Bearverse: 

  • Stay tuned for something BIG from Bearverse! [13]

Paras Giveaway of the day! :

  • One Free Wacky Dudes NFT and five WL spots for all of you guys to participate in the contest.[14]
  • Winners are announced. CONGRATULATIONS to 1 lucky winner who gets the Wacky Dudes NFT. The 5 other lucky fens who get the WL Spots. [15]

New Verified Creators

  • Attention to Paras artists to check their verification submission on & congrats to the new verified creators! [16]

Paras Giveaway

  • Paras is given away a Monke Demonz NFT! [17]
  • The winner is @Jakefrbs, congratulations. [18]


Naksh Contest Alert: 

  • Naksh is excited to bring a contest for you all – where the winners will get a chance to showcase their #NFTS at the Namaste #NFT event! [19]

How to build  #NFTCommunity on Naksh

  • – Create a community survey
  • – Retweet the artist’s work
  • – Have fun
  • – Give artists support
  • – Spread the love of art
  • There are a lot of people that would be more than happy to help and support you. Don’t be afraid to reach out. [20]

Naksh x NEAR NFT Club: 

  • Another incredible partnership with NEAR NFT Club.
  • Naksh is planning to reveal it soon. [21]

Naksh is ready to collaborate with all artists, Don’t be shy, they are waiting for you all. [22]

Naksh x Minting Music: 

  • Music Meets Art, They have some exciting news coming your way. [23]

Endemic Giveaway: 

  • SNAFU Collective& Bored David FREE Mint WL Giveaway!
  • You will need this code to enter the form: Endora 
  • Deadline to participate: 22 May 
  • Participants will be whitelisted for the Bored David FREE MINT Collection
  • website: 
  • The Bored David NFT Collection is composed of 25K unique generated NFTS, minted across multiple EVM compatible chains and airdropped to the communities of those chains. There is a set of RARE Bored Davids that will make their owners become curators of the SNAFU NFT Drops. [24]


  • Nativo has announced a huge giveaway. Community people participate in this giveaway. Winners will be announced next week.

Join Discord of NATIVO and form a community of NFT artists in NEAR HISPANO [25]

Activate the reminder on 12th May Nativo will talk about a project that aims to repair the damage to nature in Tulum through NFTS with @RegenTulum [26]

Learn crypto vocabulary with Nativo NFT! [27]


  • The next WORKSHOP of Nativo to learn everything about the NFT world is almost here Sign up and don’t miss it [28]

CDMX Community: 

  • Nativo want to meet the community and let them know about their project so that they can join this incredible NATIVER community [29]

Apollo42 is happy to announce that they are almost done building the Apollo42 marketplace. [30]

Apollo42’s first Discord meme contest is live! Join the community and try to win 10 $NEAR for the best meme. [31]

Apollo42 Twitter Spaces With @MrBrownNFT, @KaizoFighters, and @NEARHolystic, topic: “NFTs on NEAR: What’s next?” [32]

The winner of the Apollo42 giveaway with The Haven DAO is announced! [33]

Check Apollo42’s Instagram for their news and other informative content around NFTS… [34]

Sound Splash Festival

  • Tamago is an official community partner of the Sound Splash Festival. [35]

Tamago Open Mic: 

  • VOTE for your favorite track on the Open Mic playlist! The most liked track wins $100 in #NEAR [36]
  • Congrats to Tamago Open Mic Winner 2.0 @CryptoMuse01 with his song “Love Light and Peace” [37]


  •  The next platform update will allow: Artists to sell their content and Buyers to download the content they purchase [38]

Weekly Dig

  • Join Tamago for the Weekly Dig with @clarianmusic Topic is Sharding vs Consensus Algorithms pt. 2 [39]

Tama Island:

  • Submit your track to Tamago Open Mic on Tama Island! [40]

Tamago x NEARProtocol: 

  • Tamago is thrilled to partner with NEARProtocol on their shared vision to harness the power of #Web3 and #NFT tech to shake up mainstream airwaves. [41]

Friday Meetup

  • Join Tamago for Friday Meetup on Tama Island. They were bumping “Dreamstate Like Grooves/ Progressive Melodic Deep Hypnotic House Techno” [42]

SOLD Alert: 

  • Ja-Ron Young’s Comedy NFT “Gentrification of Harlem” has been collected. [43]
  • @AaaaronWeaver’s Comedy NFT has been collected. [44]
  • Aaron Weaver started doing stand-up in Chicago in 2008, with a point-of-view so specific, so original, and so hilarious that the rest of the Chicago comedy scene quickly took notice…

Saturday Nights:

  • Saturday Nights are for Comedy in @cryptovoxels at Featuring: @PolishedComedy hosted by @GoshCarter from Beauty Bar, NYC [45]

Auction x NEARHUB: 

  • Auctions’ new partnership with NearHub. NearHub Artist Samtoshi F Baby’s HRMS NFT will list on the Auction Beta Platform. [47]

Beta Private Auctions are now LIVE.

  •  Bidding for some of your favorite collectibles has now easier Just 0.1N to start bidding now. [48]

Twitter Space:

  • Auction is Back with a wonderful Friday’s Twitter Space. Join them & hear more about The Auction’s ongoing Beta Updates with @chloethedev @VickyPlashevska and Partnership with @rhymetaylor [49]

Partnership Announcement of “The Auction”

NFT and CryptoSpace

  • “The #NFT & crypto space will transform the day people stop talking about the Dollar they make and focus more on their utilities.” [50]
  • NFT offers artists and creators a new platform to present their art, market them and connect with their fans. [51]
  • By publishing Musicians’ music as NFTs, not only do they make more money on every sale but they can also earn royalties & connect with their fan communities at a deeper level. [52]
  • All Musicians have to do is mint an #NFTCollection which can actually be done with 0 or almost negligible gas fees and then make digital copies of it which can be sold & circulated freely. [52]

UniqArt x NxM: 

  • UniqArt’s AMA with nxm live on 13th May. [53]

UniqArt AMA

  • UniqArt AMA with @NearKits_io 12th May at 5:30 pm UTC, live on Twitter Spaces! [54]


  • UniqArt’s good friend @Nearwhal just gave them 3 Whitelist spots to share with you all!! [55]

NFT Growth details by UniqArt: 

  • The growth of the #NFT market has been crazy since 2021. NFT sales were recorded to be over USD 17 billion in 2021 and this trend continued till Q1 of 2022. This lucrative investment option has been spiking up and rewarding creators for their efforts! [56]

It’s time for the artists to take what’s rightfully theirs And #NFTs are here to make it happen. [57]

Community Edition (36.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild.

Twitter Space

  • DAORECORDS in partnership with C1 hosted Soundsplash at the Twitter space hosted by Vandal and Natalie and invited guests Dedeukwu and JCB.Time: 10 AM PST/6 PM WAT, 9th May [58]

Sound Splash

  • Soundsplash drop by Dedeukwu “PUT IT ON ME Prod.” SterryO, Dj set by Dj Thulithulz in the DAORECORDS Metaverse HQ [59]

Sunday Community Calls

  • C1 community calls every Sunday same time. [60]

Beat Attack

  • Beat Attack with @ChrisTheseira is Coming Friday on the @nxmlive YouTube Channel [61]

Announcement of Winner

  • BEAT DAO X NXM “Rhythm N flow” Challenge Winners are [61]
  • 1. Manutized
  • 2. Cot Music
  • 3. Jahzone

Upcoming event on 28th May

  • Folks in Portugal, muti’s next event is on 28th May, in the Convento in Montemor-o-Novo with the falmon, Madama & Puçanga. There was a nice surprise from Mintbase during the event. [62]

New Tunes

  • If you need some new Tunes Check out muti.on the playlist, and for daily delight, start with the set from Meta_! [63]

Artist love

  • Muti did Something to show some love to all artists using 3XR.SPACE sent to Marmaj. [64]

About event

  • Something big is gonna a happen at the mintbase Muti store… Keep track of the May event to get some funky #NFTs and physical artifacts! [65]

Metaverse Day

  • Muti celebrates 12 May as #Metaverse day- Join Muti for another concert in the Mutiverse with Umhume. Be ready for an electronic journey in the “digital forest”. [66]

Collab with CudoDAO

  • The second session of Muti in collaboration with CUDO has invited artists to play the newest tunes from their freshly launched Album. The official video of this can be found on the YouTube channel. [67]

First wallet and NFT

  • Muti requests Photographers to get their first wallet and NFTS. [68]

AMA of UniqArt x NxM

  • Join the AMA of UniqArt x NxM and learn about the latest innovations in music production, promotion, and marketing. [69]

Partnership with Tamago

  • Tamago partnered up with NXM to strengthen the NFT Music Community [70]
  • Now you can connect with NXM on Tamago Link: Live

Recent Upload on NxM account:

  • – The Tune & Paul Crans – Sonic
  • – Reespect – You Think (Moodswing Playlist IV)
  • – Reespect – Limelight (Moodswing Playlist IV)


  • Week 11-12 Art Challenge -“MAKE YOUR OWN STYLE” -Theme/Concept: Vietnamese Culture [71]

Nearvous Ape Collection

  • UniqArt soon launching Nearvous Ape Collection, Nearvous Ape Club from UniqArt Marketplace will give 5 WL spots for Filipino Artist Guild Friends. [72]
  • Winners of 5 WL spots by @nearvousape from @Uniqart Marketplace are announced. [73]


  • NFT GIVEAWAY from Filipino Artist Guild friend @exintrovert2 To celebrate reaching 800 followers [74]
  • Winners are @TwinbladePH, @anr_creations [75]

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