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Edition #37: May 15 to May 21

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

We know that you can’t stay away from us, so here we are welcoming you back! Amigos!!!

HELLO We know that you are eager to know about this week’s updates. We promise you that you will be satisfied after knowing this week’s highlights. Since it is the start of the month, with some great updates from NEAR NFT week that we would like to share with our beloved followers and, obviously, now family. Since this month has started with fantastic upgrades, new giveaways, and new happenings throughout the blockchain marketplace and ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (37.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we are here to present the weekly updates.

So, buckle up and get ready for our marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week update.

This week in the #NEARNFT space, we covered the top news from marketplaces such as-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo

Mintbase spoke to @ambroshia01 about their journey through Web3 and their experience using our toolkit. Read the blog here.[1]

Mintbase hosted an IRL workshop in #Lisbon on the 18th of May! It was about utility #NFTs and setting up your smart contract on the Mintbase ecosystem.[2]

On Mintbase, Redeemer got a new, fresh UI look. Check that out.[3]

Mintbase is hiring new faces for its ecosystem. Check out all our open roles.[4]

@threexr_ is raising the bar for innovation again. They created the last four custom galleries and 3D models in stands integrated with Mintbase listings.[5]

The Forever Royalties and Split Revenue feature just got an update on Mintbase. There are a lot of new things in this update. Read the full information here[6]

Mintbase’s homepage also receives an update. Now you can get featured on the Mintbase homepage by simply posting a link here on Twitter. Do not forget to tag @mintbase and add #MintbaseStore. [7]

Sir John Kirwan is dropping his first NFT on Mintbase, and when you purchase 1 of the 14 John Kirwan’s NFTs, you will also receive a case of 14 bottles of Amarone wine.

For more updates, register here.[8]

Paras launch teaser of the first-ever art competition.

You can submit your art and get a chance to win 2000$. for more updates, and stay active on the social handles of Paras.[9]

Congratulation to all the creators who got their verification this week, and for others, you can check your status on[10]

These five great collections got a shout-out from the Official Paras Twitter handle.

  •    Noos Club @FetusSqui
  •    Animal Friends @imaakimNFT
  •    City Night @EcarrossNft
  •    Abstract Art @pangnopstudio
  •    Cyberkids Project @PixiedotsNear.[11]

The Paras team recorded a total volume of $985,471, where artists minted a  total number of 9,288 cards while users conducted 9,779 transactions. 

Congratulations to all the artists! For more information, please visit[12]

3 NearDungeon LootBox mint codes with champion equipment were the prizes of the giveaway held by Paras and @NearDungeon

Here is the winner’s list:-

  • @nathwuthisupha8
  • @MikiArtNFT
  • @hikoheihei.[13]

At the end of five days, @FreakyElves organized a charity auction, and all the funds will be donated to @savethechildren in crypto through @TheGivingBlock, Get the Elves and contribute to a good cause! [14] 

NEARKits and Paras collaborate to giveaway a NEARKits Access Card (333 supply).[15]

Congratulations to @NatalyaBelogub, who was the lucky winner of this giveaway.[16]

Paras and ZomLand unite for a giveaway, which includes a large, two medium, and three small NFT lands. Six lucky people in total  [17]

Near Protocol wrote a blog about Paras and NFT. Do not forget to read that awesome blog.[18]

Naksh took part in the Namaste #NFT event. I hope you attend this amazing event and explore the other NFT communities.[19]

Artist Arpita and the Founders of Naksh met each other. It’s great to be able to connect with fans past and present.[20]

Naksh wants to help artists and show the world good quality art. Each #NFT is unique in the eyes of Naksh. If you are a talented #NFT artist,  try to explore the Naksh community. [21]

Naksh’s doors are always open for talented NFT artists. [22]

Naksh has collaborated with Minting Music for the giveaway. It was held from May 18th to May 21st, and the reward was one music NFT and 1 Naksh NFT. Congratulation to all the winners of the giveaway.[23]

Naksh had organized an AMA with NEARnft on Twitter. Check this out[24]

Apollo42 will participate in one of the biggest Twitter Spaces on NEAR and Aurora Protocol. To join, click here:[25]

Apollo42 is all set for the launch of the Social NFT marketplace on $NEAR and Aurora Protocol. They will be officially live on May 30, 2022.[26]

Check out this amazing AR app by Apollo42 featuring Kaizo Fighters in Paris, 2022.[27] 

The Auction has organized an #AMA on the NEARProtocol’s official Discord Server. There was a contest and some amazing prizes for the winners.[28]

From now, @the_auction_io is open to all people. Now you can start placing bids on your favorite #NFT.

For more updates, join the official discord of the Auction.[29]

The Auction has started experimenting with the community Chat on #Discord for those users who are tired of using Twitter space. [30]

Here is the list of NATIVE GIVEAWAY WINNERS. Congratulations to all four winners. 

  • @Chito__Del
  • @MiguelMirwe
  • @C0D1G0F4T4L
  • @cryptoreumd

Check out the official Youtube Channel of Nativo for more updates.[31]

On the 18th of May, Nativo scheduled a meetup, Homework Revolution in CDMX, to discuss the project and meet the community. [32]

First mainnet tests for the sale of NFTs for SALE. Check out these ethnic dolls here.[33]

Nativo has organized a free workshop. Sign up and learn everything you need to take your first steps in NFTs and Blockchain.[34]

This month, more and more artists are joining NATIVO NFT to combine art with technology. [35]

All the Nativo NFT news is covered in this twitter AMA! Hear Nativo NFT here.[36]

An NFT by @platohedro, a Nativo artist contributor, is available at[37]

One more NFT masterpiece from Nativo’s in-house team member @alexrubeola is available at[38]

Nativo NFT and @NearVenezuela arranged an AMA on the Near Venezuela Discord[39]

Live show powered by Next Chain Media  STREAMING IN VOXELS at featuring @PolishedComedy with Nifty Comedians @GoshCarter .[40]

@StandUpNY NFTs on incoming. [41]

These are the artists whose comedy NFT got sold out by Nifty Comedians.

@GoshCarter’s Comedy NFT: “Robber’s Moral High Ground.”

@AnthonyDeVito_’s Comedy NFTs are “Older Crowds” and “Serial Killer.” 

@ambercrollo’s Comedy NFT “Reminds Me Of A Guy From AA.”[42]

Tamago is a decentralised music streaming #NFT hybrid built on @NEARProtocol. Also, read this amazing blog shared by Tamago about the near protocol:[43]

The Tamago website just received a fresh and new upgrade. check this out:[44]

Tamago is going to become a partner of 

@DAOrecords_ For Week 3 of # SoundSplash, a # metaverse musical festival and series of # NFTdrops, follow @DAOrecords_.[45]

Tamago arranged an open Tama Island gathering to grove on some sweet #TAMAGO tracks.[46]

Congratulations to Open Mic WINNER @tiazodia for winning $100 in #NEAR for their track “Defender.”[47]

This week the topic of the weekly dig was Algorithmic Stable Coins, and also the founder of Tamago gave some talks on blockchain & music. [48]

This AMA is hosted by @datality in their Twitter space. @ClintTaylor & @clarianmusic join to talk about ‘Defining the Future of Data – Tamago vs. Datality.’ 

Listen to this interesting talk here[49]

Again, It’s time to VOTE  4 fresh tracks. Vote for your favorite Open Mic submission! The winner will receive $100 in Near[50]

#LetTheEarthBreathe Art Contest was organized by UniqArt.

Agnesba.near won the first prize of 2 N in this competition, and the other winners are 

Community Edition (37.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week, we cover updates from C1, BeatDAO, Muti, NxM, Filipino Artist Guild, and many more communities.


BeatDAO organized Rhymes N’ Flow for May. Congratulations to the winners and 

all participants in the competition.

Here is the list of winners.

  • @manutized
  • @kelechukwulive
  • @JahzoneN[52]

The second edition of the “Flipping Samples Show” has already started. Do not forget to send your samples at Submissions will end on May 29th. for more info, please visit[53]

BeatDAO organised Beat Attack on Friday, 20th, with @Djgirinnft on @nxmlive. can check out the video here[54]

Free live workshopsMusic Clinic Live on May 24th with the world-class mixing engineer @blakeblizz was organized by NxM and BeatDAO. 

Visit this discord server for more information:[55]

Chapter One ( C1 Guild ) congratulates NEAR Protocol for surpassing 10 million accounts. [56]

May 16th is Super Monday for everyone. You can visit the official C1 store on Mintbase to see amazing creations minted as #NFTs.[57]

C1 has started their official newsletter. You can also join the newsletter here.[58]

C1 sold “If You Believe You Can Achieve” by @OzoihuJ. Check the link on Mintbase:[59]

@dedeukwu will be live on @afrofutureai twitter space, featuring @metareespect, a female Nigerian Rap artist, as she tells her story!

@metareespect, a female Nigerian rapper, shared her story on the @afrofutureai Twitter Space, where @dedeukwu was also present. The Twitter space was organized by C1.[60]

On May 20th, an AMA session was arranged with @nearwriters by C1.[61]

On May 22nd, co-founder @_Dedeukwu discussed the C1 community on the C1 discord server. [62]

This month, @exintrovert2 organized two giveaways with the help of the Filipino artist Guild to celebrate their goal of reaching 800 & 900 followers.

Here are the winners of the giveaway.

  • @TwinbladePH
  • @anr_creations
  • Congratulations to both of them.[63]

The Filipino Artist Guild Thank you @quiapogi_art for consistent support, promoting fellow artists, and guiding newbies in the Telegram group.[64]

One more giveaway was held by the Filipino Artist Guild for the community. The prizes were 10 WL spots & 5 special cards for winners. Congratulations to all the winners.

  • @anr_creations
  • @maryrazel_224
  • @rikhoput055
  • @dyzz_an
  • @skull_shy
  • @WarrenWowo
  • @MikiArtNFT
  • @Monosidofficial
  • @jcsdigiarts
  • @10Anhtuan[65]

HypeDAO invites artists to share their collections in the discordant world of HypeDAO.[66]

Marma J Foundation organizes Workshops for NFTs, Defi, and DAOs. The workshop is on May 29th.

Register here:[67]

We hope you have an NFT ticket for the physical event on May 28th from mintbase!! There are going to be many surprises for the community.

For an NFT ticket, visit[68]

In case you missed the last muti.on session in the #metaverse with Umhume, then check out this youtube recording:[69]

Testing of mutinearbot on Telegram has been started by MutiDAO.That bot was created by one of the community members.[70]

MutiDAO collaborated with Motion DAO for the new #defi workshop. The speaker was @chloethedev.

visit this link for more info.[71]

The last Muti session was organized in the digital forest. Here is a glimpse of Foggy’s album launch party. Watch here[72]

MutiDAO hosted a special # nft # Portuguese # poetry reading by Gabi Abreu, a Lisbon-based author. Check out the full poem here on @mintbase.[73]

The next collab from MutiDAO is on the way! This one goes out to all the #beat makers![74]

MutiDAO was in  #Lisbon at the ‘Inner Work’ #NFT exhibition and talked about #DAOs & IRL NFTs.[75]

MutiDAO collaborated with Marma J Foundation and Motion DAO to host a # defi workshop for # daos.For more info, visit here[76]

Listen to this incredible rap journey as she unveils a sensational EP titled “Limelight – Moodswing Playlist IV.”

Listen Here:[77]

Another Open Mic on @tamago_stream’s Tama Island is loading. Check out your favorite tracks and give them bombs (likes). Check out the playlist here:[78]

Visit @Djgirinnft’s youtube channel for May’s Beat Attack.

visit here:[79]

This week, @near_nature arranged a giveaway session of 10 NFTs in collaboration with @NearNft. Congratulations to all the winners.

  • @blockchain_0101
  • @steinznear
  • @luahai391
  • @pvcripto
  • @Hemant143b
  • @TwinbladePH
  • @cjaneartz
  • @pabloju86596526
  • @OsunlakinO
  • @makani_karan[80]

Check out this amazing NFT Collection by @andywarlord, minted on 19th May. This NFT collection is inspired by the art of Andy Warhol. Visit for more information.[81]

NEAR NFT Club presented #AMA on Twitter Spaces with @Freehorses_ and @NakshMarket. The host of this AMA was @PixieSnakes. listen to this AMA here[82]

@MonkeONear, one of the fantastic community members of @NearNft, has organized one spot for a giveaway. Congratulations to @K04516606K for winning this giveaway.[83] 

Check out this collection of 2555 trees by @NearTreesNFT, which was shared by @NearNft.

@NearTreesNFT’s discord here: for more information.[84]


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