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NEAR NFT Club – Issue #16

NEAR NFT Club – Issue #16
By NEAR NFT Club • Issue #16 • View online
Hola Amigos!!👋
🥳YAY!! We are still left with the final weeks of NEAR NFT Week Update that we would want to share with our followers since we have made it to the end of the year with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the ecosystem.
🌚Naturally, you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR Ecosystem at some point. 


🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 16th edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.
Mintbase Weekly Highlights
😃It’s commendable that Mintbase has always made days more meaningful and productive by providing excellent and realistic updates and news, such as Mintbase’s recent discussion about green NFTs (yes $NEAR) and how Mintbase’s tools may be utilized to strengthen such initiatives.Mintbase has requested all of our community’s artists to produce a 1/1 NFT with a Christmas theme.🎄
🎖️The Community Prize of 5 $NEAR was awarded to the Mintbase user with the most likes+upvotes. The MintbaseDAO council picked 2nd place and awarded 3$NEAR.
👏 Both wins were promoted on Mintbase’s social media channels. The deadline has been set for 5/1.
🥸 Oh YEAH!!Check out the MIntbase Utility NFT tutorial to discover how to use it and how to redeem collectibles.
🌚☺️ For the record, they didn’t miss any of the festivities!! They marked the occasion by awarding 10 deadmau5 NFTs to ten fortunate winners!
🚍Gambiarra is a Brazilian term that refers to the skill of making do with what you have.
Bus service provided by Mintbase
🚍If you’re in Miami, look for the mintbase bus, which has Goat Lord’s and Portugal the Man’s artwork.
🚍For Miamians, this is fantastic news!!
Paras Weekly Highlights
That was all about coming to a purposeful and effective conclusion. 
🖼️ARTISTIC Destination:PARAS is the next stop on the tour.
🧾📕 Comic-Targic
💥Ground Zero’s chapter “6 of Mice and Men” is now available on paras comic.
New chapter “6” of “When You Hear It Howls” On Paras Comic, the cabins are currently available.
💸The total volume recorded by Paras is $40552. Artists created 2811 cards, while our users transacted 3830 times.
🔹MEXC Global has listed the $PARAS token for the first time.
🔹Paras comic’s new chapter 12 of “Apogaeum” is now available.
🔹As is customary, new creators were welcomed aboard the PARAS with their incredible art and inventiveness.
NxM Weekly Highlights
🎼NxM is giving away a limited number of NxM themed Christmas Card NFTs produced by 🎼BANGbro ibro over on ParasHQ to commemorate the season.
🎼NxM was able to sponsor a growing community of Web3 musicians and artists to the tune of over $80,000 in $NEAR thanks to the help of MintbaseDAO and CreativesDao.
🎼Inside The Playground cryptovoxels metaverse, on December 22, NxM staged StrictlyBallein with netunoblu and WUULFTEAM.
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
🎼Prepare to control the metaverse with the C1 Foundation. Music Competition in the Not-So-Distant Future For a chance to win $250 in $NEAR, compete for a chance to win.
HypeDAO Weekly Highlights
⚔️Hype Battle Feild is the next station.
NEAR & HYPE was given as a reward to the winners!!!
⚔️1st 75 HYPE & 10 NEAR! 
⚔️2nd 50 HYPE & 7 NEAR! 
⚔️3rd 25 HYPE & 3 NEAR!
TheClanDAO Weekly Highlights
🏴‍☠️Lets find Treasure:
👉NEAR artworks are being purchased by the DAO clan. Rules:
NEARProtocol,theclanDAO,brazildao,NearNft art2adNEAR Treasure trove tags
🎖️The winners of the Treasure Chest of The Clan draw have been announced! ElectricNeonNFT,SkyHarbourNFT.
OnboardingDAO Weekly Highlights
NEAR Onboarding DAO in an AMA with staRpauSeso of AstroDAO on 28th of December at 2 pm EST – Hosted by symbolik and NatalieCrue.
MUTI Weekly Highlights
🥳The Ride Ends with Party Vibes:
Meet Muti in cryptovoxels on December 21st at 8 p.m. GMT for a set of CXC! & log in with Metamask to be eligible for itsmarmaj’s sponsored wearables.
MutiCollective’s second artistic residence will take place in Parede, Portugal, in January. Artists from all genres who are based in Portugal are invited to apply.
Nativo Weekly Highlights
🧾Last But Not Least Announcing NEW NFT COLLECTION:
  • Beyond the Mists”
  • “Flowers give happiness”
  • “Las Catrinas”
  • “Taking Pictures in the Neighborhood”
  • “Beyond the Fog”
  • “Ambrosio Plaza”
  • “Alma”
Stay Tuned for further Rides.!!
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