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NEAR NFT Club – Issue #17

Greetings, Friends!! 👋🥳YAY!! Since we have made it to the end of the year with wonderful updates and news happening throughout the ecosystem, we have waited until the final week of NEAR NFT Week Update to share with our readers.🌚Naturally, you’d have neglected to check the NEAR Ecosystem for changes at some time.
🛩️Welcome aboard Edition17, with service from NEAR NFT WEEK, ladies and gentlemen. We are now in line for take-off for the December Final edition and will be in the air for quite some time.🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 17th edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.
Mintbase Weekly Highlights
😃Mintbase has always made days more meaningful and productive by delivering good and realistic updates and news, and this week Mintbase held an NFT Shilling Event on 📅December 28.😁If you want to learn more about how Split Revenues & Royalties allow creators to create their own business models, follow mintbase on Twitter.
Paras Weekly Highlights
🎨Ladies and Gentlemen,NEAR NFT welcomes you to PARAS:Market of Art.PARAS COMIC:PARADIGM , Ground Zero And When It Howls has been updated with new chapters.As part of the same Drill, PARAS has added a few more verified artists to the roster.:
NxM Weekly Highlights
📅On December 30th, in conjunction with KeepItLocalMY, cryptovoxels NxM will host an unique concert by Malaysian Flag of Malaysia HipHop artist AshtinIV at The Playground.🎵NxMLive 8 was taken place on January 2 at 10 p.m. UTC, including performances by iamTeaFannie, Fregus Quill Trio, King Changa, and Mr Bubble.🎵NxM had music in cryptovoxels with Jumero authorities on December 29th as they released their first NFT on ParasHQ through KeepItLocalMY and performed live.
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
🤝Woops, C1 hosted a challenge and auction over the week.C1 offers a variety of services to the community, including:💥 Recording and art studios for individuals who do not have access💥Expert advice and experience in order to create high-quality works of art💥 Enables artists to monetize their work via the NEAR Protocol and the blockchain.
MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights
👀The Best thing on this Flight of NEAR NFT is METAVERSE.👉Metaverse👉Experience The Metaverse👉Check out Marmaj spaces in:👉NearHub online👉Three xr and👉Cryptovoxels
TheClanDAO Weekly Highlights
☺️The Clan Guild has the Creative Studio waiting for you on board the aircraft.The Clan DOA is constructing a Creative Studio in the Clan Guild. The CLAN DAO is looking for LF professionals like as illustrators, 3D designers, game developers, web developers, videomakers, motion and graphic designers, blockchain developers, pixel artists, comics artists, and animators to participate as freelancers.🏆The winners of the Treasure Chest of the Clan draw have been announced. They are Leandrodazo, virartz, ev3reth, IFreedomz, and akirasanoki, with degenHMsapiens as the winner of the Electric Neon Special chest.
🛬”Please prepare for landing, flight attendants.“ “Please take your seats for landing, cabin staff.”NFT endemicCheck it out. Why is Endemic different from other NFT Marketplaces?🛬Social networks and NFT marketplace are integrated into the same app.🛬 First invite-only NFT marketplace on Aurora, based on the NEAR protocol.🛬Making digital art personal.🛬Supporting local artists.🛬 Going beyond digital.
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For more updates Join our communityWebsite: https://nearnft.clubDiscord: Group: Channel: your NFT with Us!Promote it:

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