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NEAR NFT Club – Issue #18

Hola Amigos!!👋🥳YAY!! Since it is the first week of the year with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT Week that we would want to share with our followers since the year has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the marketplace ecosystem.🌚Naturally, you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR Ecosystem at some point.
Marketplace Edition
🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 18.1 Marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.
Mintbase Weekly Highlights
🏪Mintbase started their year with some awesome reviews and challenges to know in detail stay tuned 
🎗️Mintbase furnish their 2021 Review Blog which includes one of the major events at NEARCON as follows🎟️Mintbase went live on NEARProtocol, redeemed beers at Wildeverse1 and tickets at NEARCON, hosted a live on-chain auction party, dropped 1.000.000 NFTs w/ deadmau5😀As the new year brings new opportunities Mintbase hackathon challenge brings exhilaration to the community by providing 2 challenges as follows🧠Create an application that enables mass minting 🎭Create and mint a VR ready 3D space to be used as a template for 3xR for deadmau5’s single📅At the end of the week, Mintbase announced the winners of 1/1 NFt Holiday Themed🏆The winners of the Community prize is alemacieira OneNFTaDay#1 and the winners of the MintbaseDAO prize is 3one92’s Santa SAC’s Bobblehead
Paras Weekly Highlights
🏬Paras started their year with some amazing record-breaking Analytics in volume and with the teaser of their new comic release 
🎨Ladies and Gentlemen, NEAR NFT, welcome you to PARAS: Market of Art.🔖PARAS COMIC: PARADIGM, Ground Zero, And When It Howls has been updated with new chapters with some amazing stories so do check out their new chapters on paras comic available for just 0.3 N✅As part of the same Drill, PARAS has added a few more verified artists to the roster.🗓️This week Paras set down $168801 in total volume and artists minted 6599 cards while Paras users conducted 8134 transactions.📒Paras recorded more than 700k $ volume of transaction and more than 15k number of transactions per day which is the highest volume recorded till now🤝Paras Collaborated with Reality Chain🌐 The Paras NFT Marketplace on NEARProtocol is now part of Realitychain exclusive angel investors list, and the Paras Metaverse is going live with a kick-off🦊NEARFOX One of the Paras’ creator origins, Luda NFT will drop her new comic on paras coming this month
Naksh Weekly Highlights
🗓️At the start of the year, Naksh describes its aims and goals for the new year
🚨Naksh aims to establish an ecosystem that can positively preserve the rich history of Indian art, which appears to be actively fading away — and at the same time, catering to the betterment and larger progress of traditional artists along with it
Nativo Weekly Highlights
🏪Nativo elucidate the advantages of the NFT to the NEAR community
💬The main advantage of NFTs is their reliability Double exclamation mark Blockchain technology allows knowing the complete provenance of the work and the details of the copyright.What can I do with NFTs❓They can be used to represent virtually any type of tangible or intangible item.
Community Edition
Now let’s Jump on to Community Edition🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 18.2 Community edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.🗓️As we start the new year with amazing news from the NFT community
NxM Weekly Highlights
🎗️NxM started their year with the NxM January funding proposal where people can ask for a funding grant from NxM to improvise and promote their content 
🎵NxM kicked off the 2022 Season of StrictlyBallein with netunoblu from djDAO featuring M WaldronHyden aka momjokes throwing down a DJ set!🎉Near Mixtape launched on January 9th inside the cryptovoxles with NxM live
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
C1 started their year with some awesome challenges and AMA’s
🎹 The Future is NEAR Music challenge, headed up by itshawwal on Beacons C1 have received 20 submissions so far🎙️Join C1 and NearprotocolNG for an AMA on January 8th about Minting NFTs, NFT marketplaces The Creative community of NEAR & more
HypeDAO Weekly Highlights
With the start of the new year, the HYPE of the Hype Battle has started⚔️THE BATTLE FOR WEEK 15-16 is Here
MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights
🎀Marma J started their year with a Birthday celebration and Weekly calls 
🎂 This piece represents MarmaJchan’s Birthday, as well as the values of the Marma J Foundation: love, support, and positivity. minted by nicolesuria.near📟Join Marmaj every Sunday at midnight EST on their weekly calls! Marmaj will be discussing their proposals, bounties, answering questions, and more
OnboardingDAO Weekly Highlights
💬Join Onboarding Dao on January 8th for the AMA 1 pm EST with BeatDAO beatdaonear and talk with artists who contributed to NEARmixtape Vol. 1. A global collaboration that spans 9 countries
MUTI Weekly Highlights
Muti Collective started their year with Bubble live Act and Fools Journey
📺Something to look forward to MutiCollective next party in the Metaverse in cryptovoxels on Jan 6th, 8 pm GMT with Lisbon’s Mr. Bubble🚋The artists who will be part of “The Fools Journey” Artist Residency that Muti Collective are hosting in collaboration with Ouriço in Parede, Portugal are Camila Dumas, Hannah Ruth Walker, Mario Joao, Nara Rosetto, and Natasha Pinto
Endemic NFT Weekly Highlights
Endemic started their year with a lot of surprises by announcing their launch date and AMA’s
🚨Endemic is launching on January 15👀During Nov and Dec Endemic developed new features published testnet live made first partnerships onboarded first artists organized two AMAs grew their team🎙️Endemic entered 2022 with another Endemic artist AMA was held on JAN 06, 6 pm CET with eugenvarzi
NEAR Misfits Weekly Highlights
Misfits started their year with a fantastic Meme Competition
🏆NEARMisfits has exploded over the past few days (over 11k NEAR secondary sales in the past week), so Misfits are running a competition for a free Misfit to the best Misfit meme.Retweet with your memeThe winner will be announced on Jan 16th🎗️The MisfitsArmy is gaining momentum On Jan 10th, Misfits took the #1 spot as the most traded collection on ParasHQ
NFT Collection Artists and Giveaway Edition
🚨NEAR NFT week has started a new section to uplift the artists working on NEARNEAR NFT week will mention exclusive NFT art, collection, and giveaway in their new and awesome edition 18.3
So let’s start this with some raw giveaways and the awesome collection 
🦸Raffle Event for META ANTIHERO -:5 Lucky guys will get buy slot for the next 5 META ANTIHERO like & retweet this post – tag 2 friends in the post🎁Box Opening Ceremony -: 500 Bad Company Box Opening Ceremony they have so many prizes and “everyone” will get something that can use in our bad stories as Side Story NFTs, New Story System, Special Card reveal, Bad Lotto, Secret Shop, and Bad Coin💻CyberPunk 2077 -: The Samurai is a Bounty Hunter of the Night City. Night City has wide streets and dense urban skyscrapers which are home to millions of residents
👩‍🎨Pretty Punks -: Pretty punks is a unique NFT Collection, stay cool and pretty with these pretty avatars. Each edition is uniquely made, also you can use them as an avatar! Only on Paras!🎭NEAR Punk Chan 064 -: NEAR Punk-chan is a one-of-a-kind project that showcases different punk character designs, depicting each unique card with diverse stylish illustrations.🦧Weird Ape Gang -: The Weird Ape Gang (WAG) is a non-fungible token collection that consists of a group of one-of-a-kind weird apes that live on the Near Protocol Blockchain only.💇Shadow Beauty -: Under the beautiful face of a lady, you never know what real is she? This is the real identity of the beauty collection
👩‍🎨Near-Chan( ◜‿◝ )♡ -: Tried to be creative in every color.👧Neargirl-: Neargirl is a collection of NFT that you use as an avatar.🐰Near Rabbit-: “Near Rabbit” is my first project here in Near, it is a collection of one-of-a-kind NFT rabbits with their very own unique features.
Activities on #NEARNFT Edition
🚨As we say new year brings new beginnings but here we also apply it NEAR NFT week started one more new edition from this week 18.4 in which we will add exclusive arts and collection from the #NEARnft and promote it on our latest edition to encourage the community 
🦸Raffle Drop -: META ANTIHEROES Surprise raffle drop🧑‍🎨NearSlime -: DROP ALERT NearSlime#11-20 here!! 8-bit slime character with different style👧E-GIRL Punk-: A Collection of unique E-GIRL. E-GIRL PUNK is unique in its characteristics, accessories, and clothing.
🐲 Yorick The Bonkers Dragon-: “Yorick the Bonkers Dragon” is a collection of 100+ uniquely generative art of The crazy and unpredictable dragon residing in the NEAR blockchain👽Alien spy world-: It will be my collection of alien fashions. Hope you all like it. Drop 9 alien all week Common 9/500 rare 0/50 super rare 0/5🕵️‍♀️NEARROBBER-: The “NEARROBBER” project is limited to 666 pieces by jobsitior⚔️The Lone Swordsman-: The Lone Swordsman collection is a unique, hand made, and limited series of cards with different design variations made specially in the NEAR blockchain🔥NeonzxXx -: NeonxXx Strangers who want to join us Please come in. xXx 100NeonzxXx to collect by neonzxxx
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