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NEAR NFT Club – Issue #19

🛩️Welcome aboard Edition19.1, with service from NEAR NFT WEEK, ladies and gentlemen. We are now in line for take-off for the January Second edition and will be in the air for quite some time.
MarketPlace Edition
🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 19.1 Marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.
Mintbase Weekly Highlights
You receive your own 📷 VR/AR gallery, powered by threexr.When you install a shop (smart contract🧠) on Mintbase. Plus, you may mint your threexr_ gallery as an NFT! Then, when one is sold 🤑, the proceeds and royalties are split equally among all of the featured artists.Isn’t that amazing!!🌚
📅This year, mlibty’s Cryptoskateboards is mintbase’s first store of the week! An actual board will be sent to your house if you purchase a skate NFT from mlibty’s Mintbase shop.🏬NEARMisfits are now being traded on Mintbase, and Mintbase tech is open-sourced – calling all developers! – so you can simply incorporate the collection into your projects! .🌉San Francisco’s Mintbase bus Scan the QR code to get your deadmau5 x Portugal the Man NFT if you see it.
Paras Weekly Highlights
🎉It’s fantastic that PARAS was able to reach over 1 million volume trades in 30 days.
New chapters were added to the following Paras’ comics:When You Hear it Howls: “Hunters” for 0.3N🦊NEAR fox: “That Happy Day”0.75NGround Zero: “A Grain of Truth”0.3NParadigm: “ Slave”0.3N📆Weekly Recap – 🏬Paras team records 💰543638 in total volume and artists minted 🗂️5615 cards while users conducted 9361 transactions.
Naksh Weekly Highlights
🎨Chitrakathi art derives its name from commonly used Hindi words — ‘Chitra’ meaning 🖼️picture or drawing and ‘Katha’ meaning a story or narration, which makes it easy to understand that this art form is about narratives and depictions.🎨Abstract art is a way of looking at the 🌍world — from a different perspective. Just like 👨‍🎨artists from most traditional mediums and art forms have found their ways of depicting stories and creating narratives.
Nativo Weekly Highlights
📷 Taking Photos in the Neighborhood – The Collection “Taking Photos in the Neighborhood” was mined by Continuous1 from Venezuela.
Community Edition
🛩️Welcome aboard Edition19.2, with service from NEAR NFT WEEK, ladies and gentlemen. We are now in line for take-off for the January Second edition and will be in the air for quite some time.
NxM Weekly Highlights
Strictly Ballien
☑️Do check out NxM January monthly schedule of Strictly Ballein in which they are featuring artists like 🧑‍🎨🗓️05/01 – Momjokes🗓️12/01 – Dj Teezy🗓️19/01 – Vandal🗓️26/01 – Hyperfine TransitionSterryO x Haekins – Trance✔️Do check out NxM Mintbase store to get a copy of this dope NFT music 🎵 ”Trance” by SterryO and Haekins 🧑‍🎤
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
🎨C1 is Featuring artist “The Tune“ who is A songwriter, drummer, versatile singer, solo dancer and optimist from Ondo State, living in Lagos City, Nigeria🇳🇬, The Tune is an open-minded and expressive individual who makes music in Afro-fusion, R&B, and Reggae genres 🥁✏️🎗️join C1 Sunday the 16th at 9 AM EST / 3 PM WAT to discuss upcoming projects & opportunities, answer any questions, and offer support to our fellow artists!📲
HypeDAO Weekly Highlights
🏆THE HYPE BATTLE IS OVER!!! Today is Sunday and Hype is here to announce the winners:1️⃣ JrbeMad2️⃣ arki_bootzz3️⃣ alixiaLilith
MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights
🚨Join Marma J every Sunday at midnight EST on their weekly calls where they will be discussing proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more.📟
TheClanDAO Weekly Highlights
📅This month The Clan DAO has opened a bounty to Create a Font for The Clan! Submit samples of your work to The Clan DAO 💼
OnboardingDAO Weekly Highlights
Onboarding DAO AMA with Nifty Comedians , symbolik , NatalieCrue , CransPaul , Chloethedev , vandigital , BonePolice and NxM Live
MUTI Weekly Highlights
🥂 Muti Collective is back to the Metaverse! Tonight at 8 pm GMT Larkim is bringing some vibes from Nigeria 🇳🇬
Join Muti in cryptovoxels & log in with Metamask to get some digital wearables 🎭
Endemic NFT Weekly Highlights
🤝 The Endemic team is thrilled to announce that they have entered a new strategic partnership with the Spartan Group that will help grow into a project hoping that become with many benefits for endemic communities and artists.🧑‍🎨
📣ENDEMIC AMA ANNOUNCEMENT Another great AMA is coming this Thursday with starpause Find out about his NFTs, career, codame art&tech festival 2022., BIG plans and more!:
NEAR Misfits Weekly Highlights
🏆Misfits Giveaway -: The Winners of the Uncle TangDAO Giveaway are🍷SoetrisnoEvan and artaholic_near⛰️Mountain&Sea Metaverse is launching on NEAR soon!! 🎁 Win Mountainsea_nft NFT airdrop!
NFT Collection Artists and Giveaway Edition
🚨NEAR NFT week has started a new section to uplift the artists working on NEARNEAR NFT week will mention exclusive NFT art, collection, and giveaway in their new and awesome edition 19.3
So let’s start this with some raw giveaways🐒Chill Monkey Giveaway -: Congratulations Apeng NEAR on completing 1k Followers on Twitter On this occasion Apeng has organized a giveaway of 4 COMMON, 4 UNCOMMON, & 4 RARE.🦑Near Octopus Skull -: Near Octopus Skull collection by rubenzmart.near .A Collection of Octopus Skull only in Near Protocol Blockchain.🐐The Crying Goddess -: The Crying Goddess by cavenaghi.near She never cried before. Collection -:ElectricNeon
🤿The Diver – : The Diver by cavenaghi.near Well… something isn’t right underwater.Collection -:ElectricNeon😺NEAR Cats -: Near Cats collection by monosid.near .A (Non-Generative) Digital Art NFT collection by: monosid.near on Paras under Near Protocol Blockchain.🏖️Bored By The Beach -: Bored By The Beach collection by tsuyuzamu.near .Bored By The Beach is a new generative collection of so many skins and assets. It can only be found in Paras that uses a near protocol blockchain.👩‍🎨JELLY HOMIES Giveaway – : Jelly Holy Fruit Giveaway by Jelly homies NEAR .3 LUCKY WINNERS GUESS about what it’s used for? and How? in This Tweet Retweet and Follow JellyHomies Tag your 2 friends
⛰️Mountain Sea NFT AirDrop -: Mountain&Sea Metaverse is launching on NEAR soon! .RT & Tag friends & Follow Mountainsea_nft👨‍👩‍👦NEAR MEME DAILY FAMILY -: NEAR MEME DAILY aka NMD is a MEME community on NEAR to support the activities and announcements by MEMEs🧑🏽‍🎨Axoleton -: The reptiles were subjected to death by scientists, but the next day, the results of the experiments made their hearts and skeletons look at the light.
Activities on #NEARNFT Edition
⚠️NEAR NFT week has started one more new edition19.4 in which we will add exclusive arts and collection from the #NEARnft and promote it on our latest edition to encourage the community 
🐵NEAR Skull Monkey -: NEAR Skull Monkeys is a collection of uniquely generated stylish skull monkeys residing in the NEAR block chain.👨🏻‍🎨Screampunk Universe -: Screampunk Universe collection by odfiftysix.near Welcome to the Screampunk Universe. All works generated by hand-drawn and only 1 edition. Many character styles and crews🐈Cat Dude -: CAT DUDE collection by ozzymac.near CAT DUDE NFTs is a collection of NekoMata, Japanese folklore, Cat Monster who want to be a human dude!
🤼Sumomo Chan -: Sumomo Chan by cryptojoshi.near A racing driver who will actually participate in the race in the metaverse with the number of 5555.🕷️Spider Buddy -: Spider Buddy by nearbuddies.near One of the 10 one of one Secret Cards from the Handmade Near Buddies collection dropped on Near Space👦🏻Goofy Boy -: Goofy Boy by bhigh.near Goofy Boy is a collection of 300 unique NFTs, randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs🕵🏼‍♂️Near Agent -: Near Agent 69 is a mysterious one-of-a-kind digital collectibles Nft card only available at the blockchain of NEAR PROTOCOL NETWORK.
🏴‍☠️Pirate Mummy -: 024 Pirate Mummy by mysinan.near Collection-: IF THE MUMMY WANT TO COSPLAY.👨🏿‍🎨NEAR Reaper -: NEAR Reaper collection by code_black.NEAR Reaper is a set of 1000 NEAR Reaper NFTs Collectibles☠️Lost Space Skull -: Lost Space Skull collection by jrdnft.near Lost Space Skull is a collection of 1500 pfp/digital collectible NFTs.
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