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NEAR NFT Club – Issue #20

Hola Amigos!!👋
🥳YAY!! Since it is the third week of the year with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT Week that we would want to share with our followers since the year has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the marketplace ecosystem.

MarketPlace Edition
🌚Naturally, you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR Ecosystem at some point.
🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 20.1 Marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.

Mintbase Weekly Highlights
🏛️Mintbase started the week with BuleMonday Giveaway and a new feature Store of the week where they feature stores on Mintbase to enhance and motivate the artists 

🎁Mintbase had organized a giveaway of COWABANGERS Cloudy Cow NFT
🏆The winner of the Giveaway was adkrif
🤝This Friday Mintbase had an amazing Twitter Space session about the future plans of the Mintbase in 2022 with Rimberjack, Andres Jorgensen, Open forest Protocol, Claudia art, Afrika fundraising
🇧🇷Cudo DAO is a group of Brazilian artists that are transforming immigrant stories into powerful images while empowering them to create & build their own NFT

🥪Be ready for the amazing updates from Paras as we now move to another destination 
Paras Weekly Highlights
🏬Paras released some fantastic new chapters in their comics and awesome integration and a sneak peek of their NFT staking 

👨🏻‍🎨When you Hear it Howls -: New Chapter 10 – “No man Left Behind“ is out on Paras Comic
🎬Paras team recorded $2235709 in total volume and artists minted 36932 cards while users conducted 61132 transactions.
🎗️Paras partnered with Apollo NFT ecosystem to build the 1st “Collector Ranking”
🦊NEAR Fox -: Chapter 2 “That “Nowhere to Run” of NEAR Fox is out

🎀Paras has now integrated with Near Nauts and you can now trade your Nauts on Paras as the secondary market.
🔖Ground Zero -: New chapter 10 “ Hay in the Needle “ is available on Paras
🧑🏻‍🏭Paras have been working day and night to ensure that they deliver this amazing news with only perfection 💲PARAS & NFT Staking! 💰With the news of token & NFT staking, 💲PARAS holders will now get an incentive and yield more tokens through the staking

🚨Hurry up Squad We have reached our next destination Naksh: An Indian NFT marketplace on NEAR 
Naksh Weekly Highlights
This Week Naksh explains the stupefying Indian art Traditions and Uniqueness of Naksh 

💎Godna — an unrecognized gem -: In the current Indian art scene, some of the most popular art forms that have found popularity amongst art collectors and buyers have been Mithila, Madhubani, etc.
🦄Naksh is a unique marketplace for the artists and artisans of the Mosque 🇮🇳India to showcase their work in the form of NFTs

As we reach our last destination in the Marketplace edition Nativo -: A Spanish NFT Marketplace
Nativo Weekly Highlights
🤖Ubisoft has been one of the early adopters of NFT technology for gaming. The spearhead has been Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but this experience will be coming to new games in the coming months. Video game Joystick
Community Edition
🌟There have been some perplexing updates from the NFT community this week As we cover updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Hype, Onboarding, Muti, Endemic, NEAR Misfits and Codame 

As we move to the community edition our first station is NxM: A music NFT 
NxM Weekly Highlights
🎉This week NxM come up with awesome events like Dreebsby and NxM Live performance which feature some tremendous artists 

🌃Dreebsby -: Keep it local live presents Dreebsby: open to vibing on January 23rd inside the cryptovoxels for a virtual showcase and NFT Drop
🎦NxM Live -: Bomokosound featuring East African Records on January 23rd which includes guests like Lebon Bls Congo, Jahzone Cameroonm, Licious Crackitt Lagos, and The tune

Our second Stop in Community Newsletter is C1
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
🎗️This week C1 conducted plenty of AMA and community calls and also a special C1 Nigeria Tour

🇳🇬Understanding Defi with NEAR -: Looking forward to Nigeria C1 Tour, kicking off next month! The virtual world is great, but nothing beats connecting with creatives IRL****
📲Weekly C1 Community Call -: Join C1 Sunday the 23rd at 9 AM EST / 3 PM WAT to discuss upcoming projects & opportunities, answer any questions, and offer support to our fellow artists!****
⌛On the next OpenWebSandbox AMA, OWS is pleased to welcome the C1 Foundation Sparkles the NEAR guild by artists for artists****
HypeDAO Weekly Highlights
⚔️The Hype Battle week 15- 16 has started 

MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights
🎬Marma J DAO Weekly Call -: Join Marma J every Sunday at 12 PM EST on their weekly calls where they will be discussing proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more.

OnboardingDAO Weekly Highlights
🤙Onboarding DAO AMA -: NEAR OnboardingDAO AMA with DJJeffGold from NearHub_online Set a reminder for this upcoming Space! Hosted by NatalieCrue and Symbolik

MUTI Weekly Highlights
🤟This week Muti DAO created a Recap of 2021 of their journey also Muti DAO had some bewildering Workshop and NFT Drop 

🗓️MutiDao Recap -: To get a glimpse of Muti last year in one NFT gallery. And support more than 12 artists with it! do check out MutiDao 2020 recap on mintbase
🎁Muti Friday NFT drops -: Friday is NFTdrops day! Portuguese poet Gabriela Abreu received muti funding & minted an episode of her poetic podcast
🏭Muti Defi Workshop -: Come & learn some Defi with David Mo from NEARProtocol on Thursday, 7 pm GMT, via Zoom****
Endemic NFT Weekly Highlights
This week Endemic come with some mind boggling Partnership 

🤝Endemic x Block[0] -: Endemic is pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Block0, combining their industry-leading blockchain solutions with Endemic’s next-gen social network NFT marketplace.
NEAR Misfits Weekly Highlights
🌟This week Near misfits has announced winners of the old giveaway and also organized a new giveaway

🏆Mountain Sea Metaverse winners -: Congratulations to Trieors & MR153477423 for winning the Mountain Sea NFT airdrop
🎁NEAR Misfits #1607 Giveaway -: To participate in Misfits 1607 GIveaway do follow the below steps
Codame Weekly Highlights
🏭Codame has partnered with Twilio and hosting are hosting a free 2-day build-a-thon focused on creating art that incorporates communication technology
NFT Collections, Artists & Giveaway Edition
🎀This week in 20.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaway 

🦍Gorilla NFT Giveaway -: Win 1 of 5 Gorilla NFT by following simple steps****
🦸Meta Antiheroes THE ORIGIN -: A long long time ago….In a Metaverse, we used to have a group of “HEROES” who always protect and take care of Metaverse.

🦒Card4Card: Viking Giraffe -: Card4Card Viking Giraffe minted by Kenny arts .
Collection -: Card4Card Jan.For those who love Giraffe, The tallest mammal in the world
🐈Near Cat #89 -: The 89th RARE piece of the Limited Edition “Near Cats” collection, all individually hand-drawn and designed distinctively.
🐕Happie Doggo -: Happie Doggo minted by smalldog.near for special event card4card
Collection -: Special cards

☠️C4C Crypto skull -: C4C Crypto skull minted by portz . Description :- Crypto skull 💀
💀NEARSkull_Punk #822 GIVEAWAY -: NEARSkull_Punk #822 GIVEAWAY by NEAR skull punk
🧑‍🎨Near Axolotl -: Near Axolotl minted by digi shres.near ****
Description -: c4c card axolotl
👩‍🎨Alice-Chan with special event 01 -: Alice-Chan with special event CARD4CARD.
Activities on #NEARNFT Edition
⚠️In this awesome edition 20.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance  

So let’s start with stunning collections of artists 

🦧Crypto ape punk minted by riri.near
🧧Crypto Ape Punk is a collection of 300 unique stylish bored pixel ape that are residing in the NEAR block chain
🧑‍🎨TrillioNEAR -: TrillioNEAR minted by nhephenx A Trillionaire in NEAR = TrillioNEAR collection of one pixel art item, 1000 editions at initial date.
🎭Crypto GOD -: Crypto GOd minted by cookiiez31 “CRYPTO GOD” is the best PFP Pixel art “GOD WILL BE SIDE YOU!!” – CRYPTO JE$US****
🐻Chief Boss Bear minted by yunayuna.near.Project Near_Chief Boss Bear is a collection of a thousand bears. Every Chief Boss bear has a distinctive trait.

🐈CAT DUDE collection by ozzymac.near.CAT DUDE NFTs is a collection of NekoMata, Japanese folklore, Cat Monster who want to be a human dude!
🐨Chief Boss Bear minted by yunayuna.near.Project Near_Chief Boss Bear is a collection of a thousand bears. Every Chief Boss bear has a distinctive trait.
🤖Soul bot minted by 24nTricker.The real world evolves endlessly. The same is true for the evolution of the spirit world.

🎈Balloon 17 minted by kouplenft.near.Womwom goes on a trip with a Carrot balloon. Of course, he’s wearing a Carrot hat to match his balloon.
👁️NEAR VISION – C4C ONE minted by anoakye .FOR THE NEAR SIGHTED: NEAR VISION’s First C4C! 1/100 Card Series C4C
🃏Tsubaki: The Prankster minted by stargirl.near.A talented athlete and prankster, the past eventually catches up to this tomboy in the form of a previous victim. Does she deserve his revenge?
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