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NEAR NFT Club – Issue #21

Hola Amigos!!👋🥳YAY!! Since it is the first month of the year with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT Week that we would want to share with our followers since the year has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the marketplace ecosystem.🌚Naturally, you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR Ecosystem at some point.
Marketplace Edition
🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 21.1 Marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.
Mintbase Weekly Highlights
🎦Mintbase started this week with some stunning charity auction , Minting the team and some Instagram live
🛖Regenerative NFT Charity Auction -: Open Forest Protocol and sota announced Regenerative NFT Charity Auction is LIVE👥Mintbase is minting the Team. Now featuring Luis.🧑🏻‍💻Luis is a fullstack software engineer deeply rooted in the VR space. He is also the coder behind 3XR, the multiplayer metaverse powering Mintbase’s virtual galleries.📺Instagram Live -: Mintbase had hosted an Instagram live for our Portuguese-speaking community on 28th January!****🏬Mintbase : Store of the Week -: NEAR Misfits are one of the first generative NFT collections on NEAR. They’re a diverse bunch, with one thing in common: their vision for the Metaverse and the conviction to make it a reality.****
Paras Weekly Highlights
🏰Paras started the week with some insane news for the artists and also paras come up with the stupefying new comic chapters 
🤩GOOD NEWS FOR NEW PARAS ARTISTS.The verification form is open.Submit the form now.🎫#Card4Card Event -: January #card4card is LIVE!🆕Paras also came with some new comic chapters of comics like -: “When you hear it howls”, “NEAR fox” , “Ground Zero” ,💹Paras weekly recap had some stunning stats this week👥Paras team records $594966 in total volume. Paras artists minted 25365 cards while users conducted 22571 transactions.
Naksh Weekly Highlights
🕧Naksh has started the early access for their users🪶Naksh featuring artists -: Arpitha is a contemporary artist from Bangalore, who has been working with Woodcut print & Abstract painting for over 10 years
Nativo Weekly Highlights
🍽️FlyFish Club -: The world’s first NFT restaurant will open in 2023Tropical fishFish. In FlyFish NFT will only be accessible if you buy a membership in cryptocurrencies. CoinCoin The menu will include sushi prepared with Japanese fish of the day
Community Edition
Now let’s Jump on to Community Edition🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 21.2 Community edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.🗓️As we start the new year with amazing news from the NFT community
NxM Weekly Highlights
🌃NxM started the week with some breathtaking events 
🪙Quintas Paralelas -: On January 28th at 7 PM UTC NxM got a replay of Quintas Paralelas inside The Playground cryptovoxels with wasem_simon & family Party nomadelabel making noise in Brazil and beyond with an NFT drop via mintbase don’t miss it!!!☔NFT Drop -: On January 31st at 2PM CET we’re back in The Playground with keepitlocalasia featuring a showcase and #NFT drop from danielsiddy
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
C1 was busy this week with their community calls and NEAR tour 
🪶Friday’s Feature -: Today’s Friday feature is Mico, an aspiring producer from the Philippines. Challenging themself to produce music/beat for 30 days.📲Weekly C1 Community Call -: Join C1 this Sunday the 30th at 9 AM EST / 3 PM WAT to discuss upcoming projects & opportunities, answer any questions, and offer support to our fellow artists!****🏟️ C1 NEAR Tour -:JC1 presents ELKHUSHOFFICIAL as the Guest Artist at our NEAR Tour event in Abuja!This event has been a long time coming we are proud to work with nxmliveTo celebrate the creative web3 wave
HypeDAO Weekly Highlights
🎓Hype Dao art collection -: Thank you WarrenWowo VelzArtss BonePolice Brotatoes2 for gracing Hype collection with your awesome art!
MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights
📲Marma J DAO Weekly Call -: Join Marma J every Sunday at 12 PM EST on their weekly calls where they will be discussing proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more.
MUTI Weekly Highlights
Muti collective had some next level Defi workshops and events
🏢Defi Workshop -: On January 26th Muti collective had their Defi workshop with David Morrison🌆Maree Lawn -: On January 27th join Muti Collective MareeLawn has prepared something extra special for this muti.on session. See you at 8PM GMT in cryptovoxels
Endemic NFT Weekly Highlights
Endemic was quite busy this week in completing their AMA
👥Endemic AMA: February line-up -: The Endemic “Ask Me Anything” provides firsthand perspectives on the identity, artwork and curiosities of our verified artists. Happening every second Thursday, Endemic AMA gathers our community in asking questions they’ve possibly couldn’t get to ask anywhere else.📟Xylodrone AMA -: Join Endemic on Thursday at 6 pm CET for a community AMA on the Discord voice channel
NEAR Misfits Weekly Highlights
Misfits came up with some amazing Giveaways and Integrations 
🦍Gorilla NFTgiveaway -: Win 1 of 5 Gorilla NFTgiveaway🧑🏻‍💼Mr. Brown x NEAR Misfits -: Mr. Brown collab giveaway time! A total of 40 winners will win a BrownList spot for their upcoming collection! (20 Twitter, 20 Discord)
NFT Collections, Artists & Giveaway Edition
🚨NEAR NFT week has started a new section to uplift the artists working on NEARNEAR NFT week will mention exclusive NFT art, collection, and giveaway in their new and awesome edition 21.3
So let’s start this with some raw giveaways and the awesome collection 
🥱BORED GUY #020 -: Bored Guys Club is a collection of 1000 unique pieces of box-face guys which are handmade collectibles🦣MartyPanther #048 -: Marty is friendly, malleable, but prone to accidents as he lacks critical thinking skills; nevertheless, he is brave in the face of danger and can be very savvy and intelligent.🐁CRYPTO MOUSE STUFF TOY -: Crypto Mouse Stuff Toy(CMST) is a collection of unique mouse stuff toy nft’s living on the NEAR Protocol Blockchain only.🐻SNBS #085 -: A revolutionary #NFT project of 999 unique 1/1 – 3D SYKO BEARS on #NEAR The first NFT Project on NEAR which pays 75% of Royalty Fees back to Community!🐒Punky Monkey -: Punky Monkey is a collection of Punky Monkey nfts. Collect this unique and rare nft that you can only see here on paras.This is a doodle art called Punky
🦸META ANTIHEROES No.062 -: Hand Drawing 100 Unique of “META ANTIHEROES” 1/1 collectible series👨‍🎨NearPunk #6212 -: NearPunks are NFTs on the Near blockchain. Each of these 10,000 NearPunks has attributes that make them unique according to a defined rarity system.🦖#96 Mr.T.REx -: A meat lover who’s the spearhead of People for Ethical Treatment of Plants, an organization that tries to challenge the extremist veganism movement❓WHO AM I ? -: Jimmy I’m a dog , I was on the Open Sea before . I was born from my mom likes to peek at me. So no one can see my face.🃏0077 – JESTER -: “It’s not a punk, it’s not an ape, IT’S A POEM!” Cryptopoems is a poetic experience in the era of Metaverse. It’s a journey of never-ending struggling to find the best artistic and modern way to express ourselves through literature
Activities on #NEARNFT Edition
As we say new year brings new beginnings but here we also apply it NEAR NFT week started one more new edition from this week 21.4 in which we will add exclusive arts and collection from the #NEARnft and promote it on our latest edition to encourage the community
🐻Chief Boss Bear minted by yunayuna.near Project Near_Chief Boss Bear is a collection of a thousand bears. Every Chief Boss bear has a distinctive trait👦Depressed Boy -: Depressed Boy minted by klavklo.near .Know your sin🐨NEAR Jaguar NFT Giveaway -: Follow Vision Comment your NEAR🧑‍🎨MU 000 minted by runape8.near -: monster universe It’s a live drawing without sketching. It indicates the emotions and feelings of that moment.🦧Near NAPES minted by louietism.near -: A collection of manually drawn Non Fungible Tokens inside the NEAR Blockchain.
🤖Z-Force collection by filmpilot.near -: “Z-Force Team” 1/1 Collectible series Spacial event #card4card🐈fUU025 minted by acnat -: plastic toy cat.🦍NEAR_Gorillaz minted by stressedtomato.near NEAR Gorillaz is a collection of unique randomly generated stylish Apes residing in the NEAR block chain.🎨No.#036_Alice-Chan minted by alicechan.near Alice-Chan is a woman can dress up, makeup, hair colors and hairstyles with a variety of different.💀NEAR ALIEN PUNKS #046 minted by Near Alien Punks is a new collection of unique alien punk NFTs which are exclusive only on the NEAR Protocol Network Blockchain.
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