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NEAR NFT Club – Issue #23

online🥳YAY!! Since the year has started with excellent improvements and news occurring across the marketplace ecosystem, we would like to share some spectacular updates of NEAR NFT Week with our followers since the year has started with fantastic upgrades and news going throughout the marketplace ecosystem.
Marketplace Edition
🌚Naturally, you’d have forgotten to check for NEAR Ecosystem updates at some time. 🚀So saddle up and get ready for NEAR NFT Week Update 23.1 Marketplace.
Mintbase Weekly Highlights
🤝Ownership Transfer💸Ownership of your smart contract may now be transferred. 👛Simply go to your store’s settings and add the new owner’s $NEAR wallet before clicking “Transfer ownership.”
👥Putting the Team Together👥The Team is being minting by Mintbase. Till Friesewinkel is now featured. 🏫Till Friesewinkel earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Potsdam and went on to get a master’s degree in computational biochemistry.👉Till, who is originally from Nümbrecht, a tiny German hamlet, and has lived in Berlin for the past six years, has just relocated to Lisbon to work at Mintbase’s headquarters.🏬Mintbase is this week’s Store of the Week.🦍Gorilla Shops is Mintbase’s Store Of The Week, a project that the whole Mintbase crew is really thrilled about.🦍Mintbase recognises, however, that this label falls short of defining what the Gorilla Shops team is working on – a true Shopify for NFTs.
Paras Weekly Highlights
📚The Paras Comic – Comic Festival is an annual event that takes place in Paras, Greece.📅Submissions are now being accepted for the Paras Comic – Comic Festival. Please send us your finest one-shot comics. The deadline to submit is February 28th, 2022.
It Howls when you hear it.🐺On Paras Comic, Chapter 13 – “Meat Hooked” is now available for just 0.3N. Check it out.🤝SPIN x PARASSoon, you’ll be able to mint and trade #FreakyElves on the Paras Platform.✨Tiktok’s parasFollow Paras on Tiktok to view a variety of interesting and entertaining information regarding the Paras marketplace and NFTs.
🏦Benefits from the Marketplace.📅From February 14th through March 14th at 00:00 UTC, PARAS stakers will receive not just $PARAS but also $wNEAR as part of the marketplace rewards programme.And in the end as always Paras onboarded new verified artists!
Naksh Weekly Highlights
😉This week, Nakash put in a lot of effort, and it’s worth reading about.
🤩Naksh’s NFTs 101.🚀From the fundamentals of blockchain to what NFT owners may do, Naksh’s NFTs 101 is a compendium of some of the most significant concepts and subjects relevant to the #NFT ecosystem.🤷‍♂️Who is Kiran Sherkane?👦Kiran Sherkane is a modern #artist from Hubli, Karnataka, who has been using watercolour for over ten years.🤔What is the significance of NEAR?
💭They believe in not just talking the talk, but also living the walk at Naksh. Working with the NEAR ecosystem is a natural extension of their efforts to create a conscientious marketplace.👏Naksh would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts with them.✍Engage with them, offer your thoughts, and ask them your questions as they prepare to launch if you are a #Artist, #Collector, or just excited about establishing a foundation for artists communities in India.🤨So what do you wait for?🤝On Telegram and Discord, join the Naksh Community.🔥The Naksh community continues to expand!🛨 📰⬆️On their Telegram and Discord channels, you can stay up to date on the newest Naksh news and communicate with your favourite artists.
🎭️Become a collector of Naksh NFTs.🤔Are you interested in being a #NFTcollector for Naksh? Simply follow these steps:▪️Go to the Store Settings page.▪️Add the new owner’s NEAR wallet.▪️Select “Transfer Ownership” from the drop-down menu.In the Naksh NFTMarketplace, there is new art.In the Naksh NFT Marketplace, there’s a fantastic piece of art. Deepak Joshi is the artist’s name. “Hitchcock” is the name of this type of art.🕛︎Naksh will be performing at ETHDENVER 2022.Naksh will be in attendance at EthDenver 2022. From February 15th to February 17th, Team Naksh will be exhibiting artwork at NEAR Lounge events.
Community Edition
🌟There have been some perplexing updates from the NFT community this week As we cover updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Muti and Endemic 
As we move to the community edition our first station is NxM: A music NFT 
NxM Weekly Highlights
🎵Beat Attack by beatdaonear is coming up on the 18th of Feb! .Join and watch thealternator_ hot skills
Our second Stop in Community Newsletter is C1
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
🎙️C1 NFT Seminars Still buzzing from the first NEAR Tour showcase💭C1 hosted between people, all of which were onboarded 60-70 with NEAR wallets! The lineup consisted of 9 dance, comedy, music performances & web3 / NFT seminars
🎀C1 Friday Feature -: Today’s FridayFeature is Hawwal Ogungbadero, popularly known as Hawwal is an R&B / Afropop artist, actor, and multitalented Instrumentalist.⚠️The future is NEAR Grand Finale -: Join C1 for the Grand Finale event on Sunday @ 9 AM EST, 3 PM WAT to see us reveal the winner of the Future is NEAR Music challenge & show off all the amazing submissions!
MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights
📲Marma J DAO Weekly Call -: Join Marma J every Sunday at 12 PM EST on their weekly calls where they will be discussing proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more.
🇹🇰Token Economics Tonight at the _HerDAO Hacker House, join Chloethedev to learn Token Economics Basics with NEARProtocol
MUTI Weekly Highlights
🧧NFT Drop -: Cabeça na lua – Shaka’s Lo-Fi Experience****Many moons ago mutiDAO organized a beautiful event out in the woods of Portugal- Cabeça na lua. A multi DAO collaboration between NxM, muti DAO and CUDO Dao
⚠️Muti collective Metaverse -: Looking forward to the next gig in the metaverse? Join Muti on Feb 10th , for another muti.on session in cryptovoxels!
Endemic Weekly Highlights
🎗️Hall of fame collab: Ali Sabet and Endemic are joining forces -: Endemic appreciate every single member who recognizes values and follows us
🎉Endemic x Amber -: Amber Group and Endemic are joining hands in a strategic partnership
NFT Collections, Artists & Giveaway Edition
🎀This week in 23.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaway 
So let’s start with stunning collections of artists 
👦NEAR KIDDO-#2 by weirdbear.near NEAR KIDDO_PROJECT is a collection of 1000. These Art works are personal ideas and also handmade (not auto generated).🧧Raffle drop to day -: 3EyE SKULL GANG NO. 90 – 95 Drop on paras today🦊NearFox raffle -: 1/1 LIMITED Legendary fox .“Screaming won’t do you any good, but it’s music to my ears.”🌳LRS #0246 -: A collection of 1777 generated NFTs unique lazy racoon. each Racoon has a different characteristic, only available at the blockchain of NEAR PROTOCOL network🎨 Near Friends #1171 -: Near friends is a highly collectable generative art of 3000.
🐵CRAZY MONKEY #0159 -: A unique collection of “Crazy Monkeys” with different characteristics, different traits and different concepts.🦊Baby Fox Republic is 2499 generated pixel NFT collection in Near blockchain where the token itself doubles as your membership to a swamp republic for Foxes.🕷️Awesome sphinx is a collection of NFTs. The Awesome collector you should have.🦖Dino Troop #1039 -: A collection of 2000 Dino Troopers trying to survive extinction on the $NEAR blockchain☠️DeerSkull_Punk #147 -: Luci Deer is a demon cursed by God to walk around the earth with the head of a deer.
Activities on #NEARNFt
⚠️In this awesome edition 23.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance
🐒Nagmi #183 -: Nagmi #183 minted by nagmi.oldmantrader.near🧑‍🎨CRYPTO ONI PUNK 090 -: CRYPTO ONI PUNK 090 minted by eunique.near
👨The Martian Man -: The Martian Man minted by darkfeline.near🦆#03 – The Duck Dog minted by chachaxlll.near .Poor dog in a yellow duck shirt with a yellow duck peak muzzle.🐲Yorick the Bonkers Dragon #78 minted by yorickyoh.near .The crazy and unpredictable dragon★ UNRAVELED ★ #1 minted by cyntronyx.near .After a full out journey in the midlands, NEARchan set up camp to end the day.🐵BHMC 0312 #1 minted by nuer.near .Box Head Monkey Club is a collection of 1,000 unique Box Head Monkey NFTs, randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs, living on the Near Protocol Blockchain
🧟Zobie #000 .Zobie #000 minted by onghmd.near🐈Fluffy Cat.#27 minted by evaiii.near .Hello, cat slave.✨ Thank you for adopting us.🐱ICONIC CAT #038 minted by manytle.near .Tungmeng wears pink t-shirt and pleated cream skirt couple set with ICONIC CAT #039 for Valentine’s day.
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