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NEAR NFT Club – Edition #24

Hola Amigos!!👋🥳YAY!! Since it is the first week of the year with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT Week that we would want to share with our followers since the year has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the marketplace ecosystem
Marketplace Edition
🌚Naturally, you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR Ecosystem at some point.🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 24.1 Marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week Update
Mintbase Weekly Highlights
🚩Milestone for Mintbase -: Milestone achieved by Mintbase. 1000 smart contracts deployed on Mintbase.
🎯Exhibition by Gambiarra -: This exhibition was at Cryptovowels. The collection was put together in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Brazilian Week of Modern Art of 1922.🏪NFT Discover Weekly -: Mintbase introduced #NFT Discover Weekly. For the 1st edition, we asked Carolina from Gnosis and our office neighbours, to pick her favourite works from Mintbase’s marketplace.⚠️Exchange NFTs for physical goods. Mintbase redeemer allows you to burn assets IRL w/ cheap transactions.📅Mintbase: Store of the Week -: Mintbase is featuring Save The Clan as our Store Of The Week, ne of the dearest projects in the Mintbase community.
Paras Weekly Highlights
🎦Paras team records $2000618 in total volume. Paras artists minted 20986 cards while our users conducted 40727 transactions.
🧠Paras x NEAR Future Another exciting partnership of Paras with the NEAR Future.Paras is now officially part of the #FutureTribe🎁2ND FREAKY ELVES GIVEAWAY Freaky Elves hosted another Giveaway. Winners of this Giveaway will be able to mint #FreakyElves NFTs for free.🔦KAIZO FIGHTERS – FLASH GIVEAWAY Paras hosted Flash Giveaway for 10 Whitelist Spots
Naksh Weekly Highlights
🫒Naksh NFT Marketplace is live .15th February 2022 marks the official launch of Naksh #NFTMarketplace.
🪖First NFT sold! **.**Naksh sold their first #NFT to Gyanlakshmi(Tag @gyanlakshmi). The Creator of this special art was Rajini Khatokar.🖼️A great piece of art in Naksh NFT Marketplace. The name of the Artist is Kanchan Jha. This Art is called “The Law And The Creator”.The artist has portrayed Krishna as a nature lover, who has the ability to hypnotize the entire living world
Endemic Weekly Highlights
📲Endemic AMA .Endemic AMA with thier artist Daniel Zezelg on Feb 17th and 18th oh their official discord server at 6Pm CET
🤔How to Became and Verified Endemic Artist.It has social network integrations such as likes, comments, and blogging helping you make deeper connections with art collectors and the Endemic community🚀Endemic Launched.Endemic is an NFT marketplace on AURORA and is finally launched on Feb 22nd after a long wait
Community Edition
Now let’s Jump on to Community Edition🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 24.2 Community edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.🗓️As we start the new year with amazing news from the NFT community
NxM Weekly Highlights
💔Break My Heart As I Break This Drum with COMANDO_BURRITO inside The Playground cryptovoxels
Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights
🗺️C1 Abhuja Tour If you missed C1 abhuja Tour then do check out their youtube channel
👨‍🎨“Nobody” is an Afro-fusion song by a Nigerian artist, KEZEE.📟C1 Community Call tomorrow! You know the drillEvery Sunday, we gather in the C1 Discord to update & support our fellow artists!🛸C1 Artist Showcase & Auction.Tweet about C1 showcase and tag #C1showcase for a chance to win your fav #NFT at the event
HypeDAO Weekly Highlights
⚔️Hype Battle -: THE BATTLE FOR WEEK 23-24 IS HERE!!!!
MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights
🎙️Marma J DAO Weekly Call -: oin Marma J every Sunday at 12 PM EST on their weekly calls where they will be discussing proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more.
TheClanDAO Weekly Highlights
🐯The Year of the Tiger -: Do check out the clan DAO roadmap on the NEAR forum their they have described the work in 2022
MUTI Weekly Highlights
🪙Muti collective Metaverse Thursday is metaverse day! Join us at 8pm GMT for DJ Nebraska in cryptovoxels & Twitch!
📦NFT Drop -: Happy Friday everyone! New NFTdrop incoming! ~🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Astrea Welcome -: Let’s welcome sophiatheastre4 to the muti family! Founder of maesolteirarecs , DJ & producer, based in #lisbon, #portugal, and soon in the muti #metaverse!🎗️Ouriço. -: Muti organized a beautiful #artistic residency nearby #lisbon, Parede, in a wonderful place called Ouriço. captured the vibe for us, have a look & leave a <3
NFT Collections, Artists & Giveaway Edition
🚨NEAR NFT week has started a new section to uplift the artists working on NEARNEAR NFT week will mention exclusive NFT art, collection, and giveaway in their new and awesome edition 24.3
PotTori -: This cool duo Red and Blue Oni still available for sale.🧑‍🎨NEAR CHIBIVERSE this is a collection of generated unique styles of Cute Chibi girl that enjoys being a cosplayer. Residing in the NEAR PROTOCOL BLOCKCHAIN.🐸SKELETOAD SOCIETY – NOW AVAILABLE!🐸 Standard type of Traits : Backgrounds, Eyes/Eyewears, Skulls, Shirts, Headwear & Mouth Accessories.🦸Little Pixel Hero is Collection Heroes from Marvel Studios DC Comics **** etc. This Collection is Handmade NFT created by Me (naard.near), Little Pixel Hero👽Aliencolony, The lovely alien 3D characters with various weapon, Every alien have a unique Traits. There are only 999 units in the first phase.
🖼️NEAR DOODLE #1 HODL! Get ready for passive revenue to our holders.🐊Crazy Crocs is a collection of crocodile that have a lots of design and different clothes.👺PCG0010 -: A collection pixel cool goblin NFTs stored on the NEAR blockchain.🥱“Bar Bored” in English is pronounced the same as “Bar Bor” in Thai, meaning “crazy”. Hence, the true meaning of “Bar Bored” is not a boring place but a place full of “crazy” people
🐕Scratch the belly’s Jimmy .My Jimmy likes me to scratch his belly. I think the dog owners enjoyed this moment as much as I did. Both Jimmy and I are very happy.
Activities on #NEARNFt
As we say new year brings new beginnings but here we also apply it NEAR NFT week started one more new edition from this week 24.4 in which we will add exclusive arts and collection from the #NEARnft and promote it on our latest edition to encourage the community
👧LATTE LATTE Bob Girl #43 LATTE LATTE Bob Girl ♡ #43minted by jeantorikoma.near🎨PIXSOTIC #001 minted by tatdio_art.near .Welcome to the world of the “ PIXSOTIC ” Collection.🦆51 – DuckStudent 51 – DuckStudent minted by nxdesign.near🐈Cat in LOVE minted by gateaux.near .where there is love there is meowww
🎗️Anomaly collection by just_a_pourboy.near .Fluid abstract art derivative of “Mysterious Radio Wave”☠️Nomad #308 #1 minted by puunboy.near .#308 of Near Nomad.🪄Weird witch #14 minted by intheicewetrust.near .Introducing our lovely witch with mysterious power🐶CRYPTO DOGZ#25 minted by maxzeinly.near .Crypto Dogz is a collection of 5,000 one of a kind handrawn nft pixel art that you can collect and use as a profile/avatar🕷️SquidPixel #105 #1 minted by squidpix.near .One hundred five SquidPixel. His name is Wood.🐩Cool Dogs Club #969 minted by cooldogsclub.near .Cool Dogs Club is the algorithmically generated collection of 3,333 Pixel art NFTs on NEAR Blockchain!
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