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NEAR NFT WEEK | 25th – 31st Oct ISSUE 8



OCTOBER 25TH-31ST 2021

Greetings! The NEAR NFT Club Weekly Update welcomes you to this week’s edition. We have covered highlights from Mintbase, ParasHQ, theclanDAO, Marmaraj, and many more in this week’s edition.

Here’s your weekly news roundup:


This week Mintbase had its auction with the official NEARCON VIP party on the 27th Oct 2021. Ending this party with 130 people having received and burnt at least one NFT, a chance of participating in the real-time on-chain auction, and left with NEARwallet and mintbase account setup and ready to use.

Another auction on 28th Oct saw the participation of 25 artists. This painting auction was real-time and fully on-chain. These artists got their royalties as soon as the auction ended.

In other news, mintbase wild verse NFT is out for rolling auction. Mintbase is taking NFTs to the next level with utility NFTs with NEARBEER NFTs and working on ticketing for the wildverse festival. Check out the beautiful art under the initiative SaveTheClan.


This week Paras recorded 2369 minted cards with 5791 transactions and a trading volume of $21444.

October card4card has ended officially now.

Paras coming with AVADON: the miracle stones series and five elements by Paras will explain the origin of the universe and five elements of matter. Paras is here with a Paras comic built upon the Paras marketplace to add layers to NFTs through a new medium. Check out their first comic.

Hype battle

Hybe battle week 7 has started and will go on till next week. Use the image in your photo as inspiration or reference and submit it before Saturday. With your NEAR wallet address at the bottom.

Each contestant will get 25 HYPE and the winner will take away 25 NEAR and 100 HYPE as a prize.


NxM gave away 50 NFTs to the participants of the NEARCON guestbook.

 Celebrated Halloween with NearcoPalooza and, NxM metaverse got with Falmon Gattraps, waldronhadden, and cryptovoxels.

StrictlyBallein witnessed mulantheory with netunoblu in the playground cryptovoxals on 27th October.

Marma J Weekly

Connect with Marma J every Sunday at 1 PM EST on their weekly calls for discussion, answering questions, and much more. Check out Marma J x fotcop on mintbase.

C1 Guild

C1 Guild sponsored and spoke at the blockchain conference that happened this week at Lagos state university.

C1 weekly seminar got Larkin this week and, C1 minted the phantasm-J. Yaweh on mintbase.

The clan DAO

Clan DAO’s first token called firerune is out this week and the release of SOULvNEAR 001 as NxM’s new piece.

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