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NEAR NFT Week – Issue #22


Hola Amigos!!👋🥳YAY!! Since it is the second month of the year with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT Week that we would want to share with our followers since the year has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition

🌚Naturally, you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR Ecosystem at some point.
🚀So buckle up and get ready for our 22.1 Marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week Update.

Mintbase Weekly Highlights

🏬This week Mintbase went through amazing Twitter spaces and also Mintbase explain their smart contracts

💭MintSpace -: Mintbase had organized a Twitter Space on February 4th. In this event, GorillaShops and SaveTheClan creators discussed their projects and their work.

🥼Understanding Smart Contract -: Mintbase has enabled you to mint NFTs on your own smart contract. But, whether you’re new to the blockchain space or not, sometimes it isn’t easy to understand why you should care (or what a smart contract even is!).

Paras Weekly Highlights

🔥Paras came up with some new integrations and achieved an unbelievable milestone

🤝Paras x NearWolves -: NearWolves was listed on Paras on February 3rd
🏆Milestone achieved by Paras -: Paras has recently reached a $5M+ volume trade in January 2022
🗨️New chapters of the comic “When you hear it Howls”, “ Ground Zero”, and “NEAR Fox” are out on paras
🎯This week Paras team records $883818 in total volume. Paras artists minted 18130 cards while our users conducted 29452 transactions.

Naksh Weekly Highlights

📅This week Naksh describes their aims and goals and also mention their new creator

🛄Aim of Naksh Community -: Naksh Community aims to help you to discover unique Indian art.
🧑‍🎨New Creator at Naksh -: The name of the Artist is Rudragowda. This Art is called “Mother and Son”.
Through the artwork, the artist wants to showcase how the mother embraces her son with all her warmth and love.

Community Edition

🌟There have been some perplexing updates from the NFT community this week As we cover updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Hype, Muti, and Codame

As we move to the community edition our first station is NxM: A music NFT

NxM Weekly Highlights

🎦NxM Intoduces their febuary month Strictly Ballien

🎵StrictlyBallein live DJs was held in the metaverse with djDAO that was Featuring Electrobro alongside resident netunoblu into cryptovoxels at 12 PM EST / 5 PM UTC
🎹Beat DAO: Last Friday, live beat-making show on our YouTube channel with thetruebigm.

Chapter One (C1) Weekly Highlights

C1 was busy this week with their NFT drops and weekly calls

✉️NFT Drop -: C1 NEAR HOODIE SWAG ( Physical wearable by Dedeukwushryne ) From the C1 / Dedeukwushryne wearable collection
📲C1 had organized a weekly community call every Sunday there discuss upcoming projects & opportunities, answer any questions, and offer support to our fellow artists!
🪞C1 NEAR Tour -: Chapter 1’s very own Dedeukwu performed and represented at the C1 x NxMlive event

HypeDAO Weekly Highlights

⚔️Hype Battle -: 1997 Fuga Da New York
This battle is a collaboration featuring vandigital

MarmaJDAO Weekly Highlights

📟Marma J organized a stupendous weekly call where they discussed proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more.

MUTI Weekly Highlights

🎯Muti Collective had a staggering NFT drop followed by a magnificent workshop

📦NFT Drop -: Friday is not dropped day! Check out those beauties from the Nigerian artist Bembeoro Tomiwa and read more about the history behind them. Available in our mint base store
💼Defi Workshop -: On February 3rd Muti Collective had an event “The Duddzzelz “ has prepared something extra special for this muti.on session. See you at 8 PM GMT in cryptovoxels

Codame Weekly Highlights

🧑‍⚖️Codame describes about their judge at Rawthentic
🏦Codame are so excited to have AnoukWipprecht judge our RAWTHENTIC
Build-a-thon with Twilio Feb 11 + 12!! Come create art together with us!

NFT Collections, Artists & Giveaway Edition

🎀This week in 22.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaway

🦊The VHS Generation -: Hollywood cinematography got its way into the homes of ordinary people, the popularity of VHS-format videotapes increased sharply thanks to the dramas, action movies, and comedies.
🐶Cryptonian Fox -: This is a collection of digitally illustrated fox characters with distinct and unique attributes residing on the NEAR blockchain. Target no. of cards: 500
🎨CRAFTONIC is a collection of different types of Terrains and Maps put in a little box. Each one of them has its own unique Characteristics, Mood, and Attributes. Grab yours Now!!.
💀Pretty Skunkz#12 [UNCOMMON] -: A finger-drawn collection of pretty with various traits and quirks. Follow her journey as she rocks the world of nft.
🐩NSI#12 -: This is one of the creations of mikel08.near, a collection of numerous type of NEAR SHIBA INU NFTs that lives in the Near Protocol Blockchain.

👦Boy Cutie Mustache -: This is my project with 2003 jpeg file pictures.
It’s a cute picture of me with different accessories and outfits drawn to dominate my cuteness on the Blockchain.
🦏Rhino_Baseball_#1 -: The story of a boring-looking rhino who has a dream, he could be many things with infinite potential. The dream becomes only one goal he determines to accomplish
🧑‍🎨Lucien -: The story of a boring-looking rhino who has a dream, he could be many things with infinite potential.
👽FLIPPING ALIEN -: CRAZY ALIEN GANG is a collection of art and unique. Digital collection of diverse NFTs laying on NEAR Blockchain. In our survey
🆒Cool Jimmy 27 -: Another good day. Today Jimmy chooses to wear glasses in a relaxed way. Today he choose to stay at home.

Activities on #NEARNFt

⚠️In this awesome edition 22.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance

So let’s start with stunning collections of artists
🐲[Rare] Yorick the Bonkers Dragon minted by yorickyoh.near
🤖Goliath Valentine#001 minted by yakinart_1980.near Goliath Kingdom, These Goliath are the despair of giants that live in the Kingdom, full of gigantic odd creations
🐵The_Bearded_Monkey #012 minted by steinz.near he bearded monkey is one of my characters that I created and I changed it based on the idea I would come up with
🤖HHH_019 minted by naitl.near .Rabbit Edition RGB Neon
🆒Cool Jimmy 31 collection by kouplenft.near.Jimmy land to Pepe trend He definitely doesn’t miss having the Pepe the Frog fashion glasses

🐈ICONIC CAT #038 minted by manytle.near.Tungmeng wears a pink t-shirt and pleated cream skirt
the couple set with ICONIC CAT #039 for Valentine’s day
🎨ND#38 minted by derpy.near .Derpy Collection of Derpy 2D Characters you can only find inside Near Protocol Network
🧑‍🎨Nomad #087 minted by puunboy.near .#087 of Near Nomad
💀NEAR Skull Monkeys #0995 minted by herogranada.near .NEAR Skull Monkeys is a collection of 3,000 unique randomly generated stylish skull monkeys residing in the NEAR blockchain
🐱Granny’s Cat #0036 minted by tiffany_blue.near.Granny’s collectible crypto cats, every collectible contains different styles and colors

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