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Edition #27 : March 7 to March 13


We are Welcoming you back…. Amigos!!!

HELLO!! Since it is March, with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT week that we like to share with our beloved followers this month has started with fantastic upgrades, new Giveaways, and news happening throughout the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (27.1)

Naturally you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem at some point.

So, buckle up and get ready for our marketplace edition of NEAR NFT week update.

This week on #NEARNFT space we have covered the highlight news from marketplaces like-

This week Mintbase has amazing interview, they shared best store, best team announcement.

AMA – Mintbase new technical in depth interview on sharding with ilblackdragon and AlexSkidavon

Twitter Spaces – Mintbase will be Speaking to about their journeys in the web3 space

Store of the Week – Mintbase store of the week: The InaDAO

 Minting the Team – Mintbase Minting Team: Marcelo Kunze, Meet Marcelo, Mintbase product Designer

Celebrate International women’s day with Paras. This week paras has organized Charity Auction for Ukraine. Here is a new update of Paras. 

Paras Weekly Recap – in weekly recap paras says about their transactions of week and valuation.

Celebrating Happy Women’s day – Paras celebrating Happy International Women’s Day and displayed women creators.

Nearmonkey x paras – EARMonkey x PARAS25 Funklist Spot

New verified creators – Paras Added new verified creators on their Marketplace

Charity Auction for Ukraine – Paras has Organized the “Charity Auction for Ukraine”

March Giveaway Time – 2 Punk Monkey giveaway by Paras

20 WL giveaway – 20 WL Spots Andywarlord for Paras Community

This week Naksh has shared many new projects. And introduced Godna.

New Project in February – What makes Naksh Stand Out among the crowd?  Many projects are live in February on NEAR. Naksh is one of them. It’s been two weeks since our NFTMarketplace doors opened and we went live! 

Godna – In the current Indian art studio, some of the most popular art forms that have found popularity amongst art Collectors

Endemic invites everyone to participate in their compassion and announce their NFT superstar launch their new AMA plan.

Invite Competition –  Grab the last spot in our “Bring a friend”

NFT Superstar – NFT suparstar Ali Sabet decided to stay close to Endemic as our verified artist, advisor and collab partner in multiple Projects.

Launching AMA – As a celebration of our recent launch on FEB 2022, Endemic are starting March with AMA a little bit different than what you’re used to.

Trail 3 Quest – Endemic Meme & Sticker contest 

This week nativo also shared information about NFT and Cryptocurrency.

What is NFT? – NFT, Non Fungible Token or Tokens are a digital certificate of authenticity

What is CryptoCurrency? – Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that do not have a base metal, and their value is primarily determined by free market mechanisms.

Community Edition (27.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week as we covers updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Muti, NEARNuts

Strictly Ballien – On march 9th 12PM EST/ 5PM UTC strictlyballein with Oniicham!

Live in the Meraverse, Cryptovoxels! 

C1 has announced their Artist Feature and their onboarding feature.

Artist Feature – Andre Dinuth – Guitar Base [beat attack] Music made live on Beat Attack Show.

C1 Clubhouse AMA – C1 Clubhouse AMA on Saturday, March 12th at 3:00 PM.

C1 x NxM – C1 x NxM  bringing AMA about NEAR Protocol NFT creation, DeFi, #blockchain, and web3 applications!!

C1 NFT and Onboarding Workshop – C1 NFT &Onboarding Workshop w/ Showboy showbeat7 on March 20th, 3 PM WAT.

C1 x Shiny Gloves Club – C1 foundation, in partnership with Shiny Gloves Club, will provide a year of funding to a classroom & lessons plans for art classes and blockchain education. 

Marma J organized a stupendous weekly call where they discussed proposals, bounties, answering questions, & more. And organize a Storytelling contest.

Marma J Dao Weekly call – Join Marma J every sunday at 12 PM EST on their weekly calles where they will be discussing proposals, bounties, answering questions and more.

MarmaJchan – MarmaJchan story contest Led by Marma J Foundation’s Director of Lore, the MarmaJchan story contrast invites storytellers and creatives to help develop our body of lore

This week MUTI shared some #defi tips and announced a new Muti Artist.

Muti Defi Tips – Muti just want to remind you that we had the pleasure of learning some fun #defi tips from the Great NEARProtocol Boy David Mo himself.

New Muti artist – Next Muti Artist : Tempura the Purple Boy -soon to be seen in the muti-metaverse! Bass player and long time music producer.

NEARNUTs has announced massive Giveaways this week and announced a new partnership.

Farfight WL giveaway – The Farfight_ team has generously donated 15 WL spots for us to giveaway to our community. The team at mutanttiger_nft made us a 1/1 to giveaway to our amazing community!

NEARNauts x NEAR shadow order – NEARNuts are happy to announce that NearShadowOrder Will be utilizing AstroGen for their Collection! Lunch is planned for early early April, stay tuned for more details.

NEAR Nauts Flash Giveaway – FLASH GIVEAWAY Any NEARNauts purchased on parasHQ within next 8 hours will receive a free AstroPup, which will serve as an APY booster for our staking!

NEARNauts x Exxaverse – NEARNuts are excited to announce our partnership with Exxaverse. They are building the first 3D AAA quality game on $NEAR Protocol!!

NFT Collection, Artist & Giveaway Edition 

This week in 27.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaway

Meerkat #3565 : This baby loves to bask in the sun, eat scorpions, and also change homes often, but we hope that in your hands he will be happy! All you need to know about this miracle is that it loves to stand on its hind legs and has incredible immunity from poisonous snakes.

OLLIEN #0001 : A collection of unique, randomly generated Skateboarding alien NFTs Stored on NEAR blockchain.

DMC #0060: Dumbo Mushroom club is a collection of uniquely handmade cute Mushrooms, which are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles/avatars only available at blockchain of NEAR PROTOCOL Network.

Cute Boy #2: This is my character, a very cute boy. I took from myself. So, don’t hesitate to get it! Let’s get this character!!!!

Octo Kid #41: This Collection s a series of undead octopus wanting to be reborn again and obtain human form.

Blue’s Among: This is a character from the video game Among Us. The game takes place in a space-themed setting where each player gets one or two roles.

Starry Night #1: “Starry Night” by markoeth.near is a collection designed to represent the metaphor – the vortex of life.

Fantasy Girl #008- Ulti: Fantasy girls is a unique NFT collection that consists of magical girls residing in the “Near Protocol Blockchain” only!

Crypto Radihead Punks #41:Crypto Radihead Punks is a kind of NFTs collection that can be found in paras! Each figure is designed in a unique way.

Chill Monkey  #0055: Chill Monkey Society is a blockchain-based NFT protocol with an expected supply of 100 chill monkeys every season.

Activities on #NEARNFT

In this edition 27.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance

[Naughty Cat] 0.49Near 1/1 :-

These naughty cat are all create in 3D which each of them are unique, they are purely made from scratch and you wouldn’t find these elsewhere, the artist carefully craft these one by one so that you can enjoy and feel the quality of the art, the total number is limited at 500

The world’s most handsome man collection !! :-

A collection of 3333 unique, randomly generated images of the most handsome man’s selfie NFTS stored on the NEAR blockchain. Last Listing Mar 20th, 2022 [80/3333]

Trix 3 Card Left!!! :-

Trix is a monster in form of human

 Trixxx: 03/05 [5 Editions] 0.5 N

Normal Trix: 02/02 [.PNG Version] 0 [15 % Royalty]

Mr. BRRR NFT Voucher:-

After months of building, testing, and auditing since the initial announcement, we are excited to share that Burrow, the first lending protocol on NEAR, is finally ready to launch on mainnet.


ATMA, tells the story of a country boy, Kheelan. Living everyday life with contentment, surrounded by those he loved and closed to him. When Kheelan’s neighbor and long-time closest friend, Sukma, goes missing, his life takes a dramatic shift.

Marker Kingdom together :-

This collection make by hand painting with marker color. The first season will have 300/300 items (Special card not count). Every character card can be collected to get the building card to become Sono Landlord. Let’s Build the sonoson kingdom together and become the king at the end of the season !!


Cyber-Monk is a futuristic evangelist. Created to spread religion in 2099. They come with unique abilities adapted to the climate, toxicity, atmosphere, and war. Cyber-Monks are everywhere on every planet.

Moon Head is Back :-

Project Moon_Head is a collection of 2,222 NFTs. This collection is inspired by our own Moon D. The project Moon Head is a one of a kind nft collection that you can apply as Digital collectibles or avatars and many other things, and it’s only available on NEAR BLOCKCHAIN

Crypto Eve#011-015:-

These digitally hand drawn collections of CryptoEve will give you a unique different taste of interstellar overdrive. You can choose your cosmic digital female archetype to embark in your collections! Collect now and stay tuned for more!




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