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Edition #28 : March 14 to March 20

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

Welcome back…. Amigos!!! YAY!! Since it is the th month of the year and third week of the month with some mind-blowing updates of NEAR NFT week that we like to share with our beloved followers since this month has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (28.1)

Naturally you would have forgotten to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem at some point.

So, buckle up and get ready for our marketplace edition of NEAR NFT week update.

This week on #NEARNFT space we have covered the highlight news from marketplaces like-

The Gaming NFTs space is growing ever so quickly NFTs can unlock and add value to gameplay

Mintbase minted carolinadamo_’s fav works on Mintbase as a threexr_ gallery

 This week, Mintbase invited the one and only Philosopher_ from GambiarraNear & cryptovoxels to share his top 5 works on Mintbase

Mintbase IRL workshop on March 24th 15:30 UTC

Mintbase Store Of The Week: O Benefício

Paras Weekly Recap records in total volume $722202.

Chadson NEAR X PARAS 25 WL Spot

Shinto Society x PARAS 25 WL Spot

Paras Added new verified creators on their Marketplace

Paras has organized the “Charity Auction for Ukraine”

Near Nauts and NEARpunks are ready to stake on Paras

Naksh x NEAR rise and grind podcast held on 16th March

Easy collecting rare NFT art for users

Naksh share their future Roadmap

Naksh x NEAR NFT CLub

Every week you can find a new artist feature from naksh at NEAR NFT club twitter handle

Naksh NFTMarketplace is open 24/7-365 days

Endemic Meme’s and Stickers Trail -3

How Endemic is different Marketplace for NFTs

Endemic artist AMA with Flavia Mazzanti in the Endemic Ask Me Anything

In Nativo Workshop you will learn what NFT’s are, where they come from

Nativo DAO is ready on mainnet to carry out Nativo NFT governance.

Nativo Workshop is on March 24 at 5 pm CDMX / 7 PM Caracas / 8 PM Buenos Aires.

Community Edition (28.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week as we covers updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Muti, NEARNuts

Strictly Ballien Episode 2 #StrictlyBallein MARCH 2022 / WITH Mythic Creature SineWaveSurfers on 16th March

The Tune – “Save Us” Prod. by Mubzy mubzybeat thetune01

C1 Foundation, in partnership with Shiny Gloves Club, will provide a year of funding to a classroom & lesson plans for art classes and blockchain education

C1 Foundation x #NEAR presents “If You Believe, You Can Achieve” A Book NFTS Presentation by Ozoihuj

C1 Community Call! Sunday in the C1 discord Join us to talk about #NFTS, creating, & community


Here to announce the winners:

1st – Violet_Spades30

2nd – _eu_ni

3rd – JrbeMad

Muti NFT Let’s start the day with some nice tunes in an #nft! First NFT muti ever minted on mintbase, audio by thefalmon & visual by Randalasfuck. “Deeply at home”

Thursday is #metaverse day! in about 4 hours we’ll be opening our new NEARHub_online space with the lovely sounds of Tempura

Friday is #nftdrop day! New 1/1 editions from the ‘motion stroke’ series from Randalasfuck. Available in our mintbase store

NEARNuts Weekly highlights

The fellas at RedCircleMafia have made us this honorary 1 of 1 to raffle off to the nearnauts community!

NEAR Nauts has got a beautiful 420-friendly 1:1 NEARNaut honorary by Angeloclub1 to give away to our amazing community!

The META_ANTIHEROES legends made us this crazy 1:1 hand-drawn Naut x META ANTIHERO and we are raffling it off to one lucky community mem

NFT Collection, Artist & Giveaway Edition 

This week in 28.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaway

NEAR Tiger Academy #751

The Near Tiger Academy is a high-class collection of 2,000 algorithmically generated NFTS, which are comprised of more than 100 traits


A collection of unique generative Kongz conquering NEAR-by jungles.

Crypto Imp Punks #114

CIP or Crypto Imp Punks collection is a unique NFT collectible card. Little devil girls depict fashion, sassiness, and beauty. They can also be used as avatars for fun!

Central District #172

NEARton is the first meta town on the NEAR blockchain

Puspin Crew #13

The Puspin Crew may look Puspin Crew unimpressed (most of the time) but they are fun-loving and happy felines who crave adventures……… and wet cat food. Exclusively here in Paras and in the Near Protocol Blockchain. Take them on a journey with you.


VR Village is a collection of 555 cute and unique 1/1 NFTS wearing their VR glasses living in the Near Blockchain. Each piece comes with a unique design, patterns, clothes and other accessories.


There are 78 Tarot cards in this collection. They are cute skulls. Represents the meaning of each card.

NEAR Skull Monkeys #0983

NEAR Skull Monkeys is a collection of 3,000 unique randomly generated stylish skull monkeys residing in the NEAR blockchain. This collection is the representation of Citizens of Paras’ distinctive individualism striving to make a difference in the NEAR verse. Show off your skull monkey from vast different traits available; hand-drawn and specially created to suit your liking.

SAGE #217

SAGE is a limited collection of NFT characters that are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles/avatars/characters.

DEGEN Lizards #646

DEGEN Lizards is a collection of 1000 lizards DEGENING around the NEARverse. We’re building NEAR’S first casino and sharing all profits with our holders.


Activities on #NEARNFT

In this edition 27.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance

Crypto Badboy (Monster) 058 # :

Crypto Badboy (Monster) 058 #1 minted by tua7ong.near



MSN#111 X MAKI CAT minted by thepompidoo.near

Drawing Unique “META STRONGEST NEKO”  1/1 Collectible series “345 strongest neko “


DOPE KIDDOD (Nomad Edition) :

DOPE KIDDOD (Nomad Edition) minted by christiannn.near

Nomad Edition is inspired to all kiddos around the world to empower beliefs their and pompidoo.near respective cultures.


T A I L S #10 :

T A I L S #10 minted by mikiiel_oc.near

A “Miki-Tails” is a combination of two distinct races of cat and fox in one body with each card having a unique background, tails, ears, appearance, and so on.


Granny’s Cat #83 :

Granny’s Cat #83 collection by tiffany_blue.near

Granny’s collection of cat friends was in some of our galactic, some are fantasized some are mutated, and so on.


BoogeyBoyy #145 :

BoogeyBoyy #145 HURT Skeleton BoogeyBoyy #1 minted by komoriland.near

Boogey Boyy is a lonely boy. He wants to have friends and wants love.



0129 – EARLY MORNING FOG II minted byofsuburb1a.near

Still, roaming the untamed uncharted sea of imagination.



NEAR BABY MSNS #2 minted by jinjinxmsns.near

HAND DRAWING 69 UNIQUE Child devil has MISSING NOSE Born to destroy the world


Arrietty #1 :

Arrietty #1 minted by naena.near

When the flowers bloom There will always be hope.


xiaolongbao #F001:

xiaolongbao #F001 minted by pangnopstudio99.near

xiaolongbao Collection

Name: xiaolongbao #F001

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