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Edition #32 : April 11 to April 17


Hello!!…. Amigos!!!

Welcome back!!..YAY!! We know that you are very eager to know about this week’s updates. We promise you that you will be satisfied after knowing this week’s highlights. This week with some mind-blowing updates of NEAR NFT week that we like to share with our beloved followers, this month has started with fantastic upgrades and news happening throughout the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (32.1)

Naturally, you would have not remembered to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem at some point. So get ready for our marketplace edition of NEAR NFT week update. This week on #NEARNFT space we have covered the highlighted news from marketplaces like:

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo

This week Mintbase went through amazing Twitter Spaces and also Mintbase explain its new features.

7Deadstars – 7DeadStars are now available on Mintbase. 7deadstar is a sci-fi comics series about a band of unlikely heroes protecting survivors of an alien war and it is really very famous among youth.

Mintbase custom function – Mintbase custom function calls a blog. Using this custom function users’ difficulties are reduced and we can easily customize our work on Mintbase.

Mintbase open bounty for 3xR text Galleries – Have you noticed that each smart contract on Mintbase automatically gets a VR & AR compatible multiplayer gallery?  MintBase allows you to make custom galleries but if you want to create a store for one of your stories you can also do that.

Gorilla Shops – gorilla shops are starting to become a growing community of artists

paras team came up with some new some new chapters and recaps of the last few weeks and amazing giveaways .

Weekly Recap – Did you know that 2 weeks ago paras launched the NFT Trading feature that allows you to trade one NFT with another NFT? Paras team records a total volume of $571.352. Our artists minted 8.765 cards while our users conducted 8.779 transactions.

New chapter in Paras comic – paras has introduced that there will be added new chapters in paras comic sections.

Near NFT Lottery 100 tickets Giveaway – woohoo !! yes, you read it correctly paras will giveaway Nerd NFT lottery tickets..!!

This week Naksh came up with the historical part. They introduced one of the oldest Indian art forms and an ancient artist.

Warli is the oldest art form – Warli art is one of the oldest forms of Indian art and one of the most popular ones too. The art form derives its name from the Warli tribe which has been practicing it for centuries now.

Artist: Chetan Parshuram Gangavane – Chetan Parshuram Gangavane Janak was an ancient ruler of the Videha region of the Mithila kingdom.

Endemic introduced its new mascot!! And announced the winner of the Endemic Mascot contest and also announced the guest of Endemic next AMA.

Meet Endemic – Meet Endemic’s new mascot!

Endy Design – Endy design by NighttimeStudio is the winner of our Endemic Mascot Contest, after our community, By enabling quality local artists to present their work worldwide without high commissions, fees, or any barriers.

Endemic April lineup for AMA – Endemic April lineup for AMA is out now.

LeslieASpurlock – LeslieASpurlock is the guest of Endemic next AMA!

ZoA x Endemic – Contest Winner Endy becoming a gameplay character

Snafu x Endemic – Snafu and Endemic are joining creative forces

This week nativo also has shared their thanks to nativers who participated in their contests and joined their community and they are going to announce the winner of nativo spaces. And they also announced the date for their next workshops. And last but not least nativo has a winner of  NFTDCON!!!

SDNFTon – Has successfully concluded and we thank you all for your participation and interest in joining our community.

Nativers Madness – this weekend was nativers madness! See you Wednesday to announce the winner of the NFT by Nativo spaces

Native Workshops – Nativo offers you totally free to participate in their workshop next April 21, be part of the future.


Community Edition (32.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week as we cover updates from NxM, C1, Marmaj, Muti, NEARNuts

Join us on NxM and BeatDAO as we learn Music Production techniques, read music scores and play the guitar.

When: April 21st, 7 pm UTC.

Where: NxM Discord 

C1 Foundation Presents “Conquer Addiction A Book #NFT presentation by Ozoihuj

Join us on April 17th at 4:00 pm WAT, in the C1 Cryptovoxels Gallery • C1 Foundation was mentioned in the Nigerian Corporate Affairs

Commission newspaper, The Pilot

C1 Foundation Discord Discussion

Marma J DAO Weekly Call

Join Marma J every Sunday at 12 PM EST on our weekly calls! They will be discussing our proposals, bounties, answering questions, and more.

What is muti pt 2

a DAO on NEARprotocol

supporting #artists and creativity on tamago_stream

got swag from SWAGGERDAO

on mintbase and ParasHQ part of the CreativesDao

with a multiverse on NEARHub_online

Friday is #NFTdrops day! Check out those beauties by Randalasfuck from the “Collages Of Life”

Next artist in the muti crew: Charlie Mancini. composer and #musician based in Portugal.

NEXT UP ON ASTROGEN.IO @ngeloclub1 is the next project on our agenda

As the Exxaverse mint quickly approaches, Nearnauts would like to do one last small giveaway of 10 whitelist spots

What’s up in the AstroVerse?

AstroMarket Closed Beta April 23, 2022

Message us for listing inquiry

NFT Collection, Artist & Giveaway Edition (32.3) 

This week in 31.3 Edition we have come up with some staggering and extraordinary collections and giveaways – 

CA CLUB #0016

CA Club (Crypto Ape Club) is a non-fungible token collection of crypto apes that are exclusively available on the Near Protocol Blockchain with a variety of fur colors, mouths, eyes outfits, accessories, and other features.

mSDW #991

The time travelers who came from the future to find the smart and delightful thing to make the Smart Delight World. mSDW or my Smart Delight World is generative arts with a total supply of 1,500 different pieces for collectibles and joining the community.


The kindest word my father said to me is ‘women like you are like an ocean of blues and sunset of a precious hour.

Wasted Kidz 6

Wasted Kidz is a collection of NFT that are quite unique, This Collection shows the Citizens of Paras’ distinct individualism seeking to make a difference in the NEAR universe is represented in this collection. The collection is set to have 300 versions and is unique in its own style. Every Art is not generated and completely drawn by hand.

For Me, Love is a New World Always in Pink Ch.1

Danny, who didn’t know what love was before meeting someone who made his heart race, now knows what love is for him. Love is…

Duck Boy – 48

The duck was always sleepy. He does every activity until his eyes are closed, which is the source of the sleepy duck.


Limited Mecha Series of Furr Fighters, Collect yours now!

NSE #19

On a bright morning on a mysterious beach. The curious explorer bent down to catch a strange starfish. Then that starfish jumped into his face, and a strange light ensued. He felt that something was changing in his body. Which made him refreshed like never before.


EXO DEER is a collection of deer evil. EXO>DEER This evil will have different characteristics and also live in EXOVERZE (EXOZIZZ METAVERSE)

Ape Near Club #0878

Ape Near Club is a collection of 1,111 Apes collectibles NFTS living on the Near blockchain.

Activities on #NEARNFT (32.4)

In this edition 31.4, we are featuring some underrated artists on NEAR to motivate and enhance their performance

Street King #67 #1

Street King #67 #1 minted by awakenvisuals.near

A unique and hand-drawn collection of skulls with different traits and concepts.

Nomad #501

Nomad #501 minted by puunboy.near  

#501 of Near Nomad

SNBS #114 #

SNBS #114 # minted sykonearbearssquad.near

A revolutionary #NFT project of 999 unique 1/1 – 3D SYKO BEARS on #NEAR

Baby Vampire X Butt Face #03

Baby Vampire X Butt Face #033 minted by backsine.near

This collaboration with Butt Face

8BIT Society #5

8BIT Society #5 collection by thanimate.near

Gen1: 054/333 A collection of unique 8BIT Society – by thanimate.near


BLAZER #1 minted by senpai_vinz.near

BLAZERS is a collection of Avatar NFT’s with cool and blazing appearances.

Common: Easter #24

Common: Easter #24 minted feraniz.near

A clumsy girl who enjoys cooking a menu with eggs

Void Face #067 #1

Void Face #067 #1 minted by samada.near

愉快愉快。 矜恃も未来もお前の全 てを捧げて俺に寄り縋ろうと何も 救えないとは

Blue Head #82 #1

Blue Head #82 #1 minted by bluesolate.near


Fisherman 9 minted by shinijirou.near

The ordinary man who reincarnated into fantasy world as fisherman.

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