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Edition #34 : April 25 to April 30

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

We know that you can’t stay away from us so here We are Welcoming you back…. Amigos!!!

HELLO!! We know that you are very eager to know about this week’s updates. We promise you that you will be satisfied after knowing this week’s highlights. Since it is the end of the month, with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT week that we like to share with our beloved followers and obviously now family since this month has started with fantastic upgrades, new Giveaways, and news happening throughout the blockchain marketplace ecosystem.

MarketPlace Edition (34.1) 

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem we are here to present new updates here.

So, buckle up and get ready for our marketplace edition of NEAR NFT week update.

This week on #NEARNFT space we have covered the highlight news from marketplaces like-

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo

Mintbase Weekly Highlights

This week Mintbase explains its new features. This week mintbase updated their app and added new features in which users can update their profile pic and more.

Users can now add a profile image to their store and the header. Upload their project’s logo or, if they’re an individual artist, a photo of themselves.

Get immersed in the Catalan tradition & explore the artworks using the Exploring app

Users of mintbase can now customize their smart contract on @gorillashops Get your at & connect to a Mintbase store at

The user owns their smart contract. Interact with it via interface, site, or other dapps, set custom revenue & royalty splits, add multiple minters… or transfer their ownership to a different account.

paras team came up with some new chapters and recaps of the last few weeks and amazing announcements and giveaways.

Paras’ team recorded a total volume of $571,352. Where the artist minted 8,765 cards and the user conducted 8,779 transactions.

Beerpunk has announced two NFT Giveaway with paras Team on 29th April

Digital museum #NFTGiveaway Winner is the luckiest Gojou Wakana. Paras team has Congratulated them on getting “virtual lenses III” from the Digital museum collection.

Request to paras users to check verification submission on & congrats to the new verified creators! The next cycle will be up on Tuesday, April 26th at 3 PM UTC!.

Paras will give users 15 precious Dark Prince NFT Chests with 1 random NFT weapon inside (Axe, Hammer, Bow, Staff / Dual Sword) of diff grades up to Legendary.

ExVerse x Paras: One Free Mint on Near x2, Stand a chance to win one Free ExVerse Pass mint!!


Paras hosted a Giveaway of Panda Millionaires coming into the NEAR space on April 30th!

Win 2 FREE MINTS & 5 WL SPOTS in 12hrs!

This week Naksh talked about Murals and Mithila Tradition and historical traditions.

Murals are the traditional paintings done by exceptional craftsmen on walls. Kerala murals are an ancient form of art where the walls are made using traditional methods and then painted by artists.

According to Mithila traditions, it is believed that the law and the creator come down to earth in the form of birds in order to write the fate of newborn babies.

Sriharsha Sukla was born with a hearing-impairment disability. He was recently awarded first place at the Juried Exhibition of Art and Crafts by the University Medical Center at Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Artist: Sumangala Bhat- A tribal herdsman goes around with his cattle, with wall art in the background.

All traditional artworks on Naksh are crafted manually by the artists and their teams, and in this series, we will try to get a closer look at the lives and stories of the pallbearers of traditional Indian art in modern times.

The artists of Naksh – Kanchan Jha ‘The artist of Naksh’ is a series of interviews that aims at establishing a relationship between the artist and the buyer of the art.

Sadashiva is an eternal form of Lord Shiva. In Shiv Purana he’s described as Ishvara, the complete manifestation of formless Parabrahm. He’s not blue as people believe nowadays. He’s white as camphor. Sadashiva is shown with the brilliance of 10 million Suns.

CEO of Endemic NFT & President of StoneBlock Stipe Plejic going to be an official Blockdown Festival speaker.!! And announced the winner of the Endemic Mascot contest and also announced the guest of Endemic next AMA.

Set of RARE Bored Davids that will make their owners become curators of the SNAFU NFT Drops.

SNAFU Collective was the guest of Endemic AMA! @nftsnafu

The Bored David NFT Collection is composed of 25K unique generated NFTS

Stipe Plejic CEO of Endemic NFT & President of StoneBlock is going to be an official Blockdown Festival speaker.

Nativoannounced announced a huge Giveaway this week.


The prize Was $4 NEARS You have until April 27. The winner was going to be chosen randomly.

@Milly_R06 was the winner of the NATIVO GIVEAWAY

Tamago announced new trending Genres and shared their opinions on “Is it time to NFTify?” Tamango is now a member of The Future of Decentralized Streaming Music.

Trending Genres on Tamago 26/04/22 are, 

  • Techno
  • DElectronic
  • Hip Hop
  • Progressive

Apollo42 CEO and Founder Daniil had share their opinions on the topic “Is it time to NFTify?” on 26/04/22

Apollo42 became an official partner of “The Future of Retail” conference.

All our waitlist subscribers are invited to participate in the conference(The Future of Retail) for free.

Tamango is now a member of The Future of Decentralized Streaming Music, Tamago’s platform serves to “fairly balance & unblock the monetization flow back to content creators.”

Tamago had Arranged an Open Mic on Tuesday! Hosted by @CryptoMuse01 Come enjoy Tama Island & hear some amazing #web3 artists bump their tunes in the #metaverse!

  1. Tamago added new leadership for Open Mic
  2. Sign-up is open Wed – Fri every week!
  3. Submit Tamago tracks ONLY
  4. Most LIKES on their track win $100 in NEAR

SIGN UP today

New comedy announcement on Nifty Comedians.

KhalisnYC’s Comedy NFT, Collect By @Jason Forever8, NFT “Real Friends”

Valeria Nanetti’s Comedy NFT, Collected By @Jason Forever8, NFT Name “Third Graders”

@ChrisClarke203’s Comedy NFTs on is now SOLD OUT

Auction announced their amazing Twitter Spaces this week.

Hey AuctioNEAR, The Auction Friday’s on 29/04/22 Twitter Space is here.

The Auction got some exciting news to share & Introducing The Auction league with @DAORecords and @zeitwarp Tuned in to Learn more from @CransPaul @chloethedev @olehkalenykAbout our Partnership Collabs and more.

ANNOUNCEMENT!: UniqArt’s FIRST live concert will feature Punjabi superstar SINGGA in the Somnium Space VR World on 30th April!

Nearwhals Fellowship DAO launches collection on the marketplace (@Nearwhal) Check it out only on #UniqArt


(~200 $NEAR) Win NFTs of Punjabi Superstar SINGAA

Community Edition (34.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week as we cover updates from BeatDAO, C1, Marmaj, Muti, NEARNuts

C1 Foundation presents the show beat 01 by ELKHUSH. Check out this beat-making Session with EL KHUSH.

C1 guides us to keep an eye out for C1 Artists. they’re doing big things this week, month, and this year.C1 Foundation Discord Discussion

C1 Guild Onboarding a million Africans into the blockchain will not be a piece of cake but will be worth it because everyone will eat and learn to bake.

In case you missed the first mix seminar, Blake Harden’s producer analytics are Amazing Join C1 Sunday, May 1st with Grammy Certified Engineer Blake harden to learn his ways!

LIVE Q&A in the C1 Discord blake harden, Blake’s Mix Seminar will be recorded & streamed into the #metaverse AND into the Discord – he’ll be there to answer questions during the stream.

Beat Attack with udonT BEAT DAO coming up this Friday at 1 PM UTC on the NXM YouTube Channel.

Giveaway Alert for #SoundSplash of BEAT DAO.

The BEAT DAO FLIPPIN SAMPLES event is gonna end in less than 6 hours. Stay creative and stay tuned.

FLIPPIN SAMPLES is OFFICIALLY ended this was the last event of BEAT DAO for April. Voting for this is Currently Ongoing on the telegram channel.

Every producer has a distinct set of skills, and the winners of the just concluded “Flipping Samples” Show for April were picked with great care ON BEAT DAO

$marmaj-$stNEAR Farm on Ref Finance, Stake your $marmaj and $stNEAR and earn rewards in $REF, $PXT, and $marmaj

Want to learn more about the world of blockchain and Web3? Join Marmaj on May 29th at the Community Innovation Lab.

Muti releases the Article on music and blockchain- The Rise of the New Musician.

Open call for Online Streams in the Mutiverse.

Muti.collective is back tomorrow with new muti.on session live in the muti #metaverse: T’s will perform, Thursday 28th of April at 8 pm GMT

It’s time for a little #nft recap! Check out the beauties that our artists did and have a look at their mintbase store Paras collection on AstroDao!

THE HYPE BATTLE IS OVER! Here is the list of winners:

  • 1st – @eunique.near
  • 2nd – @jdrawsl.near
  • 3rd – @Violet Spades

Filipino space Of @NakshMarket a Marketplace in Near on 29th April.

Collaboration with @Kanju_Arts Dope Kidd to support the Filipino community and make it more Powerful and Much Stronger than Before.

3 WL spots to be given away for the upcoming mint of the NEAR’S New Natives.

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