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Edition #35 : May 1 to May 7

Community, Marketplace, NEAR NFT Week

We know that you can’t stay away from us so here We are Welcoming you back…. Amigos!!!

HELLO!! We know that you are very eager to know about this week’s updates. We promise you that you will be satisfied after knowing this week’s highlights. Since it is the start of the month, with some amazing updates of NEAR NFT week that we like to share with our beloved followers and obviously now family since this month has started with fantastic upgrades, new Giveaways, and New happenings throughout the blockchain marketplace and ecosystem.

Marketplace Edition (35.1)

Before you forget to check for updates on the NEAR ecosystem, we are here to present the weekly updates.

So, buckle up and get ready for our marketplace edition of NEAR NFT Week update.

This week on #NEARNFT space we have covered the highlighted news from marketplaces like- 

  • MintBase
  • Paras
  • Naksh
  • Endemic
  • Nativo

This week Mintbase explains its new features. This week mintbase updated their app and added new features in which users can update their profile pic and more.

Now you can Catch Mintbase & NEAR Protocol on Brave’s browser.[1]

Instead of owning customers’ content like Shopify & building from scratch,@gorillashops saw Mintbase already had 1,103 deployed stores. Stores are smart contracts w/permanent storage on @ArweaveTeam = perfect building block, so they used mintbase code & built their business on top.[2]

New Mintbase wallpapers are available now only on mintbase. Refresh the Desktop look using these wallpapers.[3]

The infrastructure for #DAOS on $NEAR is Mind-Blowing… Tune in to the Mintbase community call and learn how to make the most of these tools from the wonderful @chloethedev from Marma J Foundation, @starpause from AstroDAO & @sainthiago_ from cowabangers.[4]

Shoutout to the Mintbase stores that minted the highest number of unique #NFTS

  • Gambiarra Near +1153
  • Amplify Art +1003 Click here to READ BLOG
  • SaveTheClan +471

They are like minting machines.[5]

What’s new on Mintbase?: New blog is out on the latest improvement & new features on mintbase. Click here to READ BLOG.[6]

People can now see multiple tokens on a Single page Confused? It’s simple For example if they’re selling tickets:

  • Store = smart contract = Stadium
  • Thing = type of NFT = VIP section
  • Token = single NFT = individual seat[7]

This week Paras team came up with some new chapters and recaps of the last few weeks and amazing announcements and giveaways.

Winners of ExVerse x Paras have been announced. Paras thanks all participants for their enthusiasm. Congratulations to winners @raddaouimourad & @NearPriest.[8]

Attention to all Paras Artist! requesting all to check verification submission on Congratulations to Paras New verified Creators![9]

PARAS Staking Reward: Last April’s NEAR reward which ends on May 13, 2022, at 12:30 PM (GMT+7) will be updated to a new number of 4,468.632 NEAR. Stake your $PARAS to earn more now *The reward comes from a 2% marketplace fee.[10]

This week Naksh talked about Murals and Traditions and their collaboration.

Naksh merges traditional artforms with the power of blockchain. As they know that #NFTs are a new medium for artists to express themselves.[11]

Naksh had a busy April. Naksh’s made April highlights and collaborations:

Hosted 3 Twitter spaces Naksh survey.[12]

Naksh Congratulates their #NFT winners 

  • @NEAR_imo
  • @JimRun4
  • @freelancer [13]

The market has shown that the safest places to invest right now are fine art and #NFTs. Naksh is the perfect place for you to squirrel away some funds.[14]

An #NFT is basically a programmable smart contract that can do anything you can imagine.[15]

This week’s Endemic AMA was very amazing and announced something new for gaming.

Endemic artist open call: Endemic brings together artists, collectors, and buyers in one easy-to-use marketplace that helps people discover local artists from all over the world as well as find specific pieces. join @LeslieASpurlock and @EndemicHrvoje on May 3.[16]

 Endemic Artists Open call with Leslie Spurlock. Don’t miss amazing stories from @LeslieASpurlock and Endemic’s Art Director @EndemicHrvoje.[17]

Endemic Artist’s open call AMA has ended. They thank all who joined for their time and questions asked. For any help, Endemic is available on all the platforms.[18]

If you’re into games, Endemic sincerely advises you to try Zone of Avoidance, especially because Endemic got a little surprise. Stay tuned! @zoagame_.[19]

Nativo announced a huge Giveaway this week.

Nativo has announced a huge giveaway. Community people participate in this giveaway and win 1 $NEAR, There will be 4 winners.[20]

Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway organized by Flat Art – NFT Collection | NEAR.[21]

Navito knows that as an artist you may have many doubts before starting an NFT project… Don’t miss Navito’s spaces NFT basics for artists.[22]

NATIVARS! The NATIVO GIVEAWAY is still open Earn 1 $NEAR just by participating.[23]

Apollo42 released its demo beautiful NFT profile on $NEAR, Real one Coming soon…[24]

Join the Apollo42 community…! Astronaut Discord Roles are now live![25]

Follow Apollo42 on Instagram @apollo42world for daily updates.[26]

Tamago announced Tama Island Open Mic contest. Tamango is now a member of The Future of Decentralized Streaming Music. Many more updates are on the way…[27]

Voting for Tama Island Open Mic has begun, Go Vote for your favorite Open Mic track. The winning track is announced Tuesday at @2 pm EST on Tama Island.[28]

LAST DAY to vote for Tama Island Open Mic, Go vote for your favorite Open Mic track!! All tracks will be played in the #metaverse tomorrow @ 2 PM EST.[29]

Tamago Thanking @GuitarGirlMag for the write-up article on Tamago’s #NEAR wallet integration! This update opens up the app as a community beyond just a streaming platform and marketplace.[30]

Join Tamago on Tama Island for their first Open Mic with Rewards… They will announce the winning track on the #metaverse stage![31]

New comedy announcement on Nifty Comedians.

Happy to announce that the NEARprotocol GENESIS COLLECTION SOLD OUT!!! Eric Neumann’s Comedy NFT “Minute Man” has been collected by @neentae To register for the waitlist for the next NiftyComedians x NEARProtocol collection, send an email to info@NiftyComedians with the subject line “NEAR”.[32]

Josh Carter’s Comedy NFT “Dating As A Comedian” has been collected by @Jason Forever8 Josh headlined Caroline’s Breakout Artist series and can be seen performing comedy in NYC. collect remaining Comedy NFTS before they also sold out.[33]

Get your Meta Quest VR for Laura Merli at the Joke Community NFT Comedy Club $JOKE.[34]

Nifty Comedians one more comedy has been SOLD!! @Anthony DeVito_’s Comedy NFT “Costco” has been collected by @xbrucethegoose. He has appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central, Just for Laughs Festival, and was the winner of Caroline’s March Madness.[35]

Tara cannistraci on Meta Quest VR at Joke Communtiy NFT club!!!

NFT Comedians comes withStandUpNY x NiftyComedians NFT partnership in the metaverse… Comedy shows Open mics Personalized access to comics Iconic StandUpNY NFTs.[36]

Auction new beta launch….

AuctionNEAR is excited to announce its public beta launch on May 6th. If interested in being one of the first people to access the first secondary marketplace on NEAR, check your wallet for the access to NFT airdrop. Airdropping Soon…[37]

AuctioNEAR Welcomes all on The Auction Twitter Spaces. Curious about the Beta Mainnet Launch? Hear what @chloethedev & @VickyPlashevska have to say about the Launch. They got @Ligaya1494 & @EV3RETH speaking about partnerships as well. Stay Tuned.[38]

Some new highlights from UniqArt’s 1st Metaverse Concert with Punjabi Superstar SINGAA, the starring singer and actor! Highlights: [39]

1st Punjabi artist in the Metaverse (@singga_official)

1500+ Attendees

Most popular parcel in Somnium Space![40]

The glance of Punjabs’ first-ever metaverse concert with @singga_official hosted in association with @uniqartnft Held on @SomniumSpace.[41]

UniqArt is now a truly decentralized platform for everyone! They have lifted the verification wall, so now all users with a NEAR wallet can mint an NFT on let’s Support Independent Artists![42]

UniqArt X NEARGoaDAO UniqArt is pleased to announce its partnership with one of the renowned NEAR DAOs in India – Goa DAO! Goa DAO connects the creators and artists in Goa with NEAR Protocol and the Web3 Ecosystem.[43]

UniqArt Calling all Creators/NFT Collections to! Seems like Mr. @semwalmusic is on a buying spree…[44]

UniqArt Limited NFT Collection Giveaway #1 – Singaa Fan Badge NFT![45]

A ticket to an event that’s not just a “ticket”. UniqArt is thrilled to be the Official #NFT Ticketing partner for Live At the Factory 2.0! The NFT holders not only get the chance to experience the event but also gets exclusive airdrops from the performing artists![46]

Community Edition (35.2)

There have been some amazing updates from the NFT community.

This week as we covered updates from BeatDAO, C1, Marmaj, Muti, and Filipino artist guild.

Chapter One Foundation is a community, that educates people on the future of the art and entertainment industry & generates revenue, 30% of this revenue feeds back into C1 in order to continue its mission – “artists helping artists”.[47]

Visit the C1 store to see Exciting Creations minted As #NFTs So far there are more than 80 NFTS minted already and still counting…[48]

Visit the C1 #NFT store on @mintbase to check out C1 amazing artists![49]

C1 artists are very hardworking, their #NFTS get purchased!! C1 sold “Loyal Rambo” by @_Dedeukwu AND “Glow in Pain & Outshine the Scars” #bookNFT by @Ozoihuj.[50]

Connect to @blakeblizzy’s seminar & see how he mixed @STSisGOLD Grammy Certified song Streaming into the C1 #cryptovoxels Gallery.[51]

Live question answer with @blakeblizzy on C1 Discord!![52]

Kicking off Sound Splash with DAOrecords this week! “Respect the Architects” will start them off, including C1’s very own @JCBBeats.[53]

A second edition for Rhymes N’ Flow happening again in May. All instructions for participating are given on Official Twitter.[54]

Beat Attack with @tjyoungymafia Only on the NXM YouTube Channel.[55]

 #web3 People welcome another muti member, CAMCAT! He is creating amazing footage of events, people, and things in general. Check out what he did for muti on the Official youtube channel.[56]

DAOS are so cool! Right!? Artists can not only govern and work with funds but also hold #NFTs! muti just got some from Paras and they are now sitting in with AstroDao. A guide on how to do so will follow soon by Marmaj.[57]

From the beginning until now here is a little recap of Muti’s birthday! Thanking everyone for the warm welcome, collaborations, and creativity that has been happening throughout the last year.[58]

latest muti sessions in collab with CudoDAO. Check them out, this time with Foggy, the groovy duo based in #lisbon. Follow on Youtube for more sessions, concerts & workshops.[59]

Have a look & a listen to Muti sessions with #portuguese artists. In collaboration with the wonderful humans from @CudoDAO.[60]

Muti is excited for the next event in the physical realm will happen on the 28th of May, in Montemor-o-Novo in #Portugal. Don’t miss it![61]

Next, muti #NFTdrops are incoming! Nilly Noon is bringing some #poetry and visuals from the countryside in #portugal. Have a look at the muti @mintbase store![62]

DAOrecords presents #Soundsplash with “RESPECT THE ARCHITECTS” Audio NFT drop.[63]

Come join NXM in the Metaverse as they celebrate the launch of #SoundSplash with “Respect The Architects” Audio NFT drop & more![64]

Ever been to a Metaverse party? Well here’s your chance to attend one and witness history being made AT THE SAME TIME Join SoundSplash.[65]

Check out the banger Sonic by @TheTune01 X @CransPaul on the official youtube channel.[66]

Check out Wiz Prince’s banging hot EP “Feelings” on Mintbase NXM Store.[67]

Believe it or not, NXM is on Tamago. All the great songs by NXM artists will end up on the Tamago account.[68]

Listen to “Phoenix” by @li9htbulb on NXM and be inspired to rise and grind![69]

NXM X Tamago This is what Web 3 music is about: incredible, groundbreaking collaborations for the good of all! Check out Tamago, NXM and NXM on Tamago.[70]

Filipino Want to share this Bounty To Filipino Near Community. Sticker Bounties For Everyone. Please Feel Free to Check the Details and their Twitter Accounts. @HypeDAO & @trisolarislabs.[71]

GIVEAWAY! Filipino Artist @quiapogi_art hit his 700 followers as he promises he will give away 2 Reverse Society PFP.[72]

Deadline for Filipino Artist Guild Art Challenge in 3 days.[73]

Congratulations To The 3 Winners of Whitelist Spots in Near Tribes please DM @JaxNear for Confirmation Of WL Spots. @MdsignCo @pelglz @collinzbounty.[74]

The deadline for the Filipino Artist week 9-10 art challenge was May 5th.[75]

As a Celebration of the Filipino Artist Guild 3rd Month as a Community In #NEAR and Creatives Dao, Filipino would Like To Say Thank You to Everyone For the Support and Love for their Community.[76]

 Week 9-10 Art Challenge is now up. Theme/Concept: THE PHILIPPINES STREET GAMES.[77]

THREAD: 23 entries of Filipino Remarkable Artist in Near Protocol. Theme/Concept: THE PHILIPPINES STREET GAMES.[78]

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